Cadbury's Cocoa Vintage Ad © 1905

Cadbury's Cocoa Vintage Advertisement © 1905. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 25 March 1905.

Cadbury's Chocolate.

Messrs. Cadbury's chocolates have so securely established themselves in popular favor that they need no recommendation by us. We have received from this well-known firm specimen of their Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Pastilles, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Wafers, and also of their Cocoa Essence.

Of the former preparations we can safely say that their purity and careful manufacture render them not only very delectable sweetmeats, but also valuable food-materials.

The cocoa is also excellent, and has the advantage that being practically unsweetened, it can be taken with exactly that amount of sugar which suits each palate.

It forms a wholesome and pleasant beverage, suitable to those whose digestion cannot tolerate tea or coffee; and, unlike these drinks, it contains an appreciable amount of nourishment as well as liquid and stimulant.


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