Allenburys' Foods for Children

No attempt to provide a correct system for the progressive feeding of infants was ever successfully carried out until the Allenburys’ series of Infants’ Foods were introduced.

So successful have the Allenburys’ Foods Nos. 1, 2, and 3 proved, that whenever a child is denied the privilege of the mother’s milk, they are indispensable.

Gratifying evidence of their remarkable value in the feeding of infants from birth is constantly coming to hand. The practical results from the continually extending use of the Allenburys’ Foods, prove beyond doubt that children thrive exceptionally well on them. Such children are healthy and well grown; the flesh is firm, without excess of fat and the formation of bone is solid.

Allenburys’ Foods - A Good Start in Life - 1908 Ad

Allenburys’ Foods – Next to Human Milk, the Best Substitute.

  • Milk Food No. 1: From birth to 3 months
  • Milk Food No. 2: From 3 to 6 months
  • Malted Food No. 3: From 6 months upwards

Allenburys' Foods - A Good Start In Life © 1908 Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.

Allenburys' Foods - A Good Start In Life © 1908 Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.

Mothers should early realize how essential good health is for the success of their children in life. A poorly nourished baby generally means an undersized child wants stamina and vigor. If unable to nurse your baby, you must give the substitute that most closely resembles human milk.

No farinaceous or starchy food or unmodified cow's milk is permissible to a child under 6 or 7 months. The "Allenburys" Milk Foods are prepared to remove the difference between cow's milk and human milk, which are as easy to digest as the child's natural food.

The "Allenburys" Foods are suitable for the delicate and robust. Form the best means of rearing a child by hand when used as directed. The No. 1 Milk Food may be given alternately with the mother's milk without fear of upsetting the child or causing a digestive disturbance. The dreaded process of weaning is thus made easy and comfortable for the mother and child.

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