TROCO Oleomargarine

In just what ways can a butter substitute be used ? It depends upon the product. Troco, which is made of the fat obtained from cocoanuts, churned in the purest of milk and slightly salted, may be used in any way desired.

For the table a little more salt may be worked in and it may be colored yellow at home by means of a little vegetable coloring. For cookery, however, Troco must be used in less quantity than butter.

In the making of muffins, quick breads and yeast breads, use half as much Troco as will be needed of butter. In the making of pastries, short bread and cookies, use half the amount, and in cake two-thirds.

TROCO Is Made by A Butter Expert

No man in the United States knows more about milk and butter than A. E. Hoffman. He has spent his life studying these products.

After thirty years of practical experience in the dairy field as instructor in class-rooms of leading dairy schools this expert now is giving his whole time to the making of TROCO—the remarkable nut-and-milk butter which meets every requirement for table use and cooking—and means cost saving.

He was brought into the TROCO organization to perfect its exclusive processes for putting the real butter flavor into vegetable fats, and to personally supervise the churning of this perfectly flavored product of coconut oil, milk and peanut oil.

Until the founder of the TROCO Company discovered a way to impart the genuine creamery butter flavor to this delicious combination of pure nourishing fats, there was nothing to help meet the growing food need for good butter.

Now that this problem has been solved, the only remaining point is to produce TROCO in sufficiently large quantities to meet the nation-wide demand.

The ingredients used in TROCO are tested daily in a chemical laboratory which is part of the ideal TROCO plant. TROCO never varies in quality, flavor or keeping capacity. It is the one absolutely uniform spread for bread and is ideal for fine cooking.

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