Swans Down

Possibly you have never used Swans Down Cake Flour and do not know what a delicate, fluffy lightness it gives even the simplest cake. Or, if you do use it, you may save it for your very finest cakes, thinking it must be expensive.

In either case you will be glad to learn that enough Swans Down Cake Flour for the average cake recipe—2 cups—actually costs only 3 1/2 c more than the same amount of bread flour. Vet Swans Down practically guarantees a perfect cake, and makes even the least expensive, hurry-up cupcake so dainty m texture that it’s really delicious.

That is why so many women consider Swans Down Cake Flour fairly indispensable for all kinds of cake and pastry. With it they can transform simple one and two egg cakes into such delicacies they often find it unnecessary to use more elaborate recipes. If you want really good cake, the most economical way to make it is with Swans Down Cake Flour.








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