Premo Eclipse Gas Range

One reason for the economy of the Premo Eclipse Gas Range is that it is built scientifically to insure perfect cookery.

On this range the heat regulation and heat diffusion take all uncertainty out of cooking. The heat can be set at exactly the degree desired, down to the tiniest point of flame. And the big U-shaped burner in the oven gives a heat diffusion absolutely even. If the recipe is right, the Premo Eclipse always turns out a perfect dish.

And this scientific design makes the Premo Eclipse most economical in fuel-consumption. The clean, sparkling beauty of white enamel splashers, oven doors and drip pans, the smooth, rounded corners add to the attractiveness and efficiency of the kitchen.

Forty years ago, the first Eclipse Stoves were manufactured. The men who made them worked with an ideal before them — to help housewives cook more convenien dy and more economically.

One of these pioneer stove builders was W. J.Tappan. And during the forty years since The Eclipse Stove Company was established, members of the Tappan family have had an all-important influence on the constant development and perfecting of these cooking devices.

The name Tappan has accordingly now been adopted by this company as its own. And in the future the products of The Tappan Stove Company will be identified by the T mark.

One of these products is the Tappan-Eclipse Gas Range. It is the same, except in name, as the former Premo Eclipse Gas Range which has won genuine favor with such features as graceful rounded comers, and Cast-Iron Oven Bottom with extra boiling lid.


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