Hebe Food Products

For economy use Hebe in meat, egg, and fish dishes.

COOKING with Hebe offers a wonderful opportunity to economize and at the same time you have rich and attractive meals. The less expensive cuts of meat, also fish and eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways. Prepared with HEBE they are additionally nutritious, and delicious in flavor, and the cost of living reduced.

Consult your cookbook and order HEBE from your grocer today. Keep several cans on hand all the time. It stays sweet indefinitely until the can is opened and for some time after the can is opened if kept in a cool place.

You will find it a balanced food—pure skimmed milk evaporated to double strength enriched with cocoanut fat. In the hermetically sealed can HEBE retains its purity and wholesomeness guarded so carefully in its manufacture.

Write for HEBE Book of Recipes, showing how HEBE can be used in cooking of all kinds.

Home Economy Dept., 2905 Consumers Bldg., Chicago.



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