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Passenger Lists by Port City

The Deutschland departs from Cuxhaven for New York

Organized by Port of Call, the listings for Digitized Passenger Lists of the GG Archives typically include the date, vessel, route and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed. Our larger collections are listed below with additional links to our smaller collections by port of call.

Ports of Call

Larger Collections of Passenger Lists (A-Z)

Smaller Collections of Passenger Lists (A-Z)


Painting Entitled "Ports"

The sea, the sky, the sun . . . from Gibraltar to Istanbul, from Arabia to Tangiers, heat, rock, dust. Red-brown land as old as time and the sea, even older. Around the unwinking blue eye: people. People carving cities, cultures, civilizations out of eternity. Temporality attacking the timeless . . . men die, stones do not. Now there are many cities and most of us have forgotten why they are there.

Americans especially lack a historical sense. It is only lately that we have turned from the future to gaze at the past. In contrast, the Mediterranean is heavy with history. Three thousand years of historical process, a process initiated in these same countries we were privileged to visit, have gone into making us as we are. Democracy and philosophy from Greece, Roman law, Italian art, Judaism and Christianity — we have inherited all this from the Mediterranean...

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