Algiers, Algeria Passenger Lists 1907-1938


Scene of Algiers Harbor. The Cunarder Magazine, February 1925.

Scene of Algiers Harbor. The Cunarder Magazine, February 1925. GGA Image ID # 17586da7da


Passenger Lists available from the GG Archives from the Port of Algiers, Algeria. Organized by Date of Departure, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route, and the Ship's Captain.


Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria. Algiers is situated on the west side of a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. The modern part of the city is built on the level ground by the seashore; the old part, the ancient city of the days, climbs the steep hill behind the modern town and is crowned by the casbah or citadel, 122 meters (400 ft) above the sea. The casbah and the two quays form a triangle.


1907-05-04 Cruise SS Meteor

1907-05-04 Cruise SS Meteor Passenger List

Steamship Line: Hamburg Amerika Linie / Hamburg American Line (HAPAG)

Class of Passengers: Cruise Passengers (Class not Stated)

Date of Departure: 4 May 1907

Route: Genoa to Hamburg via Villafranca, Ajaccio, Algiers, Gibraltar, Tangier, Lisbon, and Dover

Commander: Captain Schwamberger


Front Cover, First and Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Berlin of the North German Lloyd, Departing 20 January 1912 from New York to Genoa via Gibraltar, Algiers, and Naples.

1912-01-20 SS Berlin Passenger List

Steamship Line: North German Lloyd / Norddeutscher Lloyd

Class of Passengers: First and Second Cabin

Date of Departure: 20 January 1912

Route: New York to Genoa via Gibraltar, Algiers, and Naples

Commander: Captain A. Harrassowitz


1914-04-16 TSS Canada

1914-04-16 TSS Canada Passenger List

Steamship Line: Fabre Line

Class of Passengers: First Class

Date of Departure: 16 April 1914

Route: Special Winter Voyage from New York to the Mediterranean calling at Algiers, Naples, Villefranche and Marseilles

Commander: Captain Victor Bouleuc


30 January 1926 Cruise Passenger Manifest - SS Transylvania

1926-01-30 SS Transylvania Passenger List

Steamship Line: Anchor Steamship Line

Class of Passengers: Cruise

Date of Departure: 30 January 1926

Route: New York to Funchal (Madeira); Lisbon; Cadiz, Spain; Gibraltar; Algiers; Tunis, Carthage; Phaleron Bay (Athens); Constantinople; Haifa; Alexandria; Naples; Villefranche (Nice); Monte Carlo; Cherbourg; and return to New York.

Commander: Captain D. W. Bone


Passenger Manifest, White Star Line RMS Laurentic - 1930-02-27

1930-02-27 SS Laurentic Passenger List

Steamship Line: White Star Line

Class of Passengers: Tourist Third Cabin

Date of Departure: 27 February 1930

Route: Mediterranean Cruise from New York to Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, Monaco, Naples, Athens, Constantinople, Haifa, Alexandria, Syracuse, Naples, Monaco, Gibraltar, Cherbourg, and Southampton.

Commander: Captain E. L. Trant, R.D. (Cmdr. R.N.R., Retd.)


1937-05-22 SS Roma

1937-05-22 SS Roma Passenger List

Steamship Line: Italia Line

Class of Passengers: Tourist

Date of Departure: 22 May 1937

Route: New York to Madeira, Casablanca, Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, and Genoa

Commander: Captain Attilio Frugone

Note: Annotated by the original owner (passenger)

Includes Color Map with preprinted Transatlantic Route. Original owner (passenger on voyage) wrote in hometowns of some of the fellow Passengers. In English.

Front Cover 1938-07-14 SS Vulcania

1938-07-14 SS Vulcania Passenger List

Steamship Line: Italia Line

Class of Passengers: First Class

Date of Departure: 14 July 1938

Route: Trieste to New York via Dubrovnik, Patra, Naples, Palermo, Algiers, Gibraltar, Lisbon, and Azores

Commander: Captain William Lazzari


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