Trinidad Passenger Lists 1937

Passenger Lists from 1937 available from the GG Archives from Trinidad. Organized by Date of Departure, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route, and the Ship's Captain.

The lovely Island of Trinidad, which is situated about 10 degrees north of the Equator between the 61st and 62nd degrees West Longitude in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, is only separated from the Venezuelan Coast of America by the Gulf of Paria and the narrow channels of the Bocas It is the second largest of the British West Indies and being about 55 miles long and 40 miles broad with an area of 1,974 square miles may well be compared in point of size to the English county of Lancashire.

Commercially, Trinidad is the most prosperous of the British West Indian Islands. Four Banks operate in Port of Spain, and several of these have opened branches in the principal districts of Trinidad Communication with the outer world is carried on utilizing the telegraph. Wireless Education is widely diffused at the three colleges. Scholarships annually compete to enable holders to qualify for professions in the universities of Great Britain. The accompanying arts and crafts have followed in the wake of Trinidad's progress and development. Under the Board of Industrial Training, many skilled workers have been turned out.


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS City of New York of the American South African Line, Departing 21 July 1937 from Beira to New York

1937-07-21 SS City of New York Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: American South African Line
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 21 July 1937
  • Route: Beira to New York via Lindi, Dar-Es-Salaam, Zanzibar, Tanga, Mombasa, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Capetown, and the Island of Trinidad
  • Commander: Captain C. W. Schmidt, Lt. Cmdr. USNR


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