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SS Transylvania Passenger List - 30 January 1926


Front Cover, SS Transylvania Passenger List 30 January 1926

Souvenir List of Cruise Passengers from the SS Transylvania of the Anchor Line, Departing Saturday, 30 January 1926 from New York to Europe and the Mediterranean, Commanded by Captain D. W. Bone. Clark's Twenty-Second Cruise From New York to Europe and the Mediterranean Returning to New York on Friday, 2 April 1926. GGA Image ID # 1e3a51353f



Map Showing Route of Cruise on the SS Transylvania, 30 January 1926.

Map Showing Route of Cruise on the SS Transylvania, 30 January 1926. GGA Image ID # 1da5c117e7


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: D. W. Bone, Commander
  • Chief Engineer: J. P. McGown
  • Chief Officer: F. Henderson
  • Surgeon: Dr. W. C. Borrie
  • Purser: R. S. Willoughby
  • Chief Steward: Thomas Nixon


Cruise Manager and Directors

  • Cruise Manager: A. P. Albina
  • Chief Director in Charge of Shore Trips: John A. Bitzer
  • Special Director in Charge of Sunday Services, Lectures, and Travelers' Club: Bishop H. H. Fout
  • Clark's Office Manager on Ship: C. J. Royek
  • Director: H. A. Struve
  • Director: John D. Whiting
  • Director: Giuseppe Piccioni
  • Director: John L. Wiley
  • Director: Vincent Meconzzi
  • Hostess and Social Directress: Mrs. Anna Van Gerow


Cruise Member Passengers

  1. Mrs. Essie C. Abell
  2. Mrs. Ella W. Acer
  3. Mrs. Benjamin Foster Adams
  4. Dr. Walter Barnett Adams
  5. Mrs. Walter Barnett Adams
  6. Mrs. Harry Ainsworth
  7. Mr. Charles Albert
  8. Mrs. Charles Albert
  9. Rev. Wilfred G. Aldridge
  10. Mr. L. W. Alexander
  11. Mrs. L. W. Alexander
  12. Mr. Lewis B. Alger
  13. Mrs. Lewis B. Alger
  14. Miss Alice Lindsay Allan
  15. Mrs. Sarah J. Allerton
  16. Mrs. Elizabeth Alsheimer
  17. Miss Alice H. Alsheimer
  18. Miss Alma M. Alsheimer
  19. Mrs. Maria Andrews
  20. Miss Emily Anthony
  21. Mrs. W. L. Armstrong
  22. Miss Mary Arnold
  23. Dr. Walter H. Ashley
  24. Miss Kate Wood Ashley
  25. Mrs. John B. Atkinson
  26. Miss Anna N. Atkinson
  27. Mr. William E. Austin
  28. Mrs. William E. Austin
  29. Mr. Edward Matthew Ayers
  30. Mrs. Edward Matthew Ayers
  31. Mrs. Mary F. Bacon
  32. Mrs. Marie L. Bailey
  33. Miss Charlotte Thomazine Bailey
  34. Mr. R. Guy Baldwin
  35. Mrs. R. Guy Baldwin
  36. Mrs. Matthew G. Balfour
  37. Miss Alice Marie Balfour
  38. Mr. Adam Ballantyne
  39. Mrs. Adam Ballantyne
  40. Mrs. F. H. Barclay
  41. Mr. Frank Barnaby
  42. Miss Grace Barnum
  43. Mrs. Eugene R. Barrett
  44. Miss H. Barry
  45. Miss Elizabeth H. Bassett
  46. Mr. R. L. Bates
  47. Mrs. R. L. Bates
  48. Mrs. Elizabeth Temple Bayley
  49. Mrs. Hattie N. Tuttle Beach
  50. Mr. C. A. Beach
  51. Mrs. C. A. Beach
  52. Miss Lela M. Beach
  53. Mr. George D. Beaston
  54. Mrs. George D. Beaston
  55. Mr. J. de Beer
  56. Mrs. J. de Beer
  57. Dr. J. Wallace Beil
  58. Mrs. J. Wallace Beil
  59. Mr. James Bell
  60. Mr. Daniel Bell
  61. Miss Stella Bigelow
  62. Mrs. Arthur Binney
  63. Miss Marion Binney
  64. Mr. John Lancaster Binnie
  65. Miss Mary T. Black
  66. Miss Elizabeth N. Blodgett
  67. Miss Miriam Blumenstiel
  68. Miss Marie F. Boothroyd
  69. Mr. Milo M. Bowman
  70. Mrs. Milo M. Bowman
  71. Mrs. Jeannette L. Boynton
  72. Mr. George W. Bramwell
  73. Rev. G. E. Brenneman, B.D.
  74. Mr. Frank Brewer
  75. Mrs. Frank Brewer
  76. Mrs. Henry D. Briggs
  77. Mrs. Dudley Digges Britt
  78. Mr. C. M. Brodie
  79. Mr. George W. Brown
  80. Miss Brown
  81. Mrs. H. Spurgeon Brown
  82. Dr. Florence Brush
  83. Mr. George J. Buhr
  84. Mr. Charles H. Bunn
  85. Mrs. Charles H. Bunn
  86. Mr. William F. Buohl
  87. Mrs. William F. Buohl
  88. Miss Aileen Burke
  89. Mrs. Sofia W. Burnett
  90. Mr. Paul H. Burnett
  91. Mrs. Alfred T. Burr
  92. Mr. Benj. P. Burton
  93. Miss Ida Bush
  94. Miss Ada Bush
  95. Mrs. Frank A. Butler
  96. Miss Helen Lee Butler
  97. Mrs. Blanche L. Butler
  98. Miss Mary R. Cady
  99. Mrs. Retta B. Campbell
  100. Mr. L. J. Carney
  101. Mrs. L. J. Carney
  102. Mr. John Carney
  103. Mrs. Mary K. Carpenter
  104. Mr. Moses L. Carr
  105. Mrs. Moses L. Carr
  106. Mr. William J. Carter
  107. Mrs. Bertha Mahler Cary
  108. Miss Mary Caswell
  109. Mrs. Helen M. Chapin
  110. Mrs. Ella H. Charles
  111. Mr. Gus A. Christen
  112. Mrs. Gus A. Christen
  113. Mrs. Robert Fairchild Clark
  114. Mrs. Albert Wallace Clarke
  115. Miss Charlotte Clarke
  116. Mr. William F. Clarke
  117. Mrs. William F. Clarke
  118. Mr. W. J. Clendenin
  119. Mrs. W. J. Clendenin
  120. Mr. John H. Cline
  121. Mrs. John H. Cline
  122. Mr. J. W. Cockrum
  123. Mrs. J. W. Cockrum
  124. Miss Dorothy D. Cockrum
  125. Mr. E. R. Conant
  126. Mrs. E. R. Conant
  127. Miss Charlotte Conant
  128. Miss Carolyn H. Conkling
  129. Mr. J. Arthur Connell
  130. Mrs. J. Arthur Connell
  131. Mr. R. E. Connell
  132. Mr. Albert R. Cook
  133. Mr. Samuel McH. Cook
  134. Mr. Arthur M. Coon
  135. Mr. Arthur W. Corning
  136. Mrs. Arthur W. Corning
  137. Mr. Pennington Corson, Jr.
  138. Miss Mollie Cox
  139. Mr. P. E. Crane
  140. Mrs. P. E. Crane
  141. Mr. Walton Crane
  142. Mr. Edmond I. Crockett
  143. Mrs. Laura W. Cropper
  144. Mr. Francis M. Cropper
  145. Mrs. Stevenson Crothers
  146. Mrs. Charles B. Crowell
  147. Mrs. Raimeta S. Crowell
  148. Miss Helen Cunningham
  149. Mr. Eugene J. Curtis
  150. Mrs. Eugene J. Curtis
  151. Miss Martha L. Curtis
  152. Mr. Sanford L. Cutler
  153. Mrs. Sanford L. Cutler
  154. Mrs. E. Danziger
  155. Miss A. Danziger
  156. Miss May C. Davidson
  157. Mrs. Chas. C. Davis
  158. Miss Catherine Dee
  159. Mr. Henri J. Desrochers
  160. Mrs. Henri J. Desrochers
  161. Mr. C F. Detchon
  162. Miss Helen M. Dewey
  163. Mr. John T. Dorgan
  164. Mrs. John T. Dorgan
  165. Mrs. C C. Douglass
  166. Mrs. Wm. H. Downs
  167. Miss Anne Josephine Dudley
  168. Mrs. George E. Duffy
  169. Miss Gladys Irene Duffy
  170. Mr. Stephen S. East
  171. Mrs. Stephen S. East
  172. Mr. J. Presper Eckert
  173. Mrs. J. Presper Eckert
  174. Mr. J. Presper Eckert, Jr.
  175. Rev. Walter E. Edmonds
  176. Miss Martha Brown Edmondson
  177. Miss Ruth Edwards
  178. Mr. Elmer W. Ehler
  179. Mrs. Elmer W. Ehler
  180. Miss Freda Ehrenstein
  181. Prof. Henry W. Elson, Litt.D.
  182. Mrs. Henry W. Elson
  183. Mr. Fred A. Erixon
  184. Mr. James Esden
  185. Mrs. James Esden
  186. James W. Esden, Jr.
  187. Mrs. Charles R. Evans
  188. Mr. Thomas M. Eynon
  189. Mrs. Thomas M. Eynon
  190. Rev. Robert C. Falconer
  191. Mr. Julius Fischer
  192. Miss Ella C. Fitzgerald
  193. Mr. H. Fligelman
  194. Mrs. H. Fligelman
  195. Miss Ida Foedish
  196. Miss Harriet A. Foley
  197. Mr. William J. Foltz
  198. Rev. Charles P. Foreman, D.D.
  199. Mr. George H. Force
  200. Mrs. George H. Force
  201. Miss Frieda Force
  202. Mrs. Margaret D. Fort
  203. Mr. Sumner S. Foster
  204. Mrs. Sumner S. Foster
  205. Bishop Henry H. Fout
  206. Mrs. Henry H. Fout
  207. Miss Lois Virginia Fout
  208. Rev. Julius Edward Fout
  209. Miss Minnie Franke
  210. Mrs. Maude Frankland
  211. Miss Laura M. Fratus
  212. Miss Miriam Friedman
  213. Mr. F. M. Fuller
  214. Mrs. F. M. Fuller
  215. Miss Jane T. Fulton
  216. Miss Ethel B. Fulton
  217. Miss Mary C. Gahan
  218. Mrs. Laura E. Gamble
  219. Mrs. Leila Troland Gardner
  220. Mr. George H. Garrey
  221. Mr. Robert W. Geddes
  222. Mrs. Robert W. Geddes
  223. Mrs. Mark P. Geirrine
  224. Mr. G. H. Geitner
  225. Mrs. G. H. Geitner
  226. Miss M. E. Geitner
  227. Mrs. Lillian V. Gensler
  228. Mrs. Alice B. Gilcreas
  229. Rev. H. I. Glass
  230. Mrs. H. I. Glass
  231. Mr. Louis Goerner
  232. Mrs. Bella Goetter
  233. Mrs. Mary L. Gordon
  234. Miss C. Lilian Gordon
  235. Mr. Ellsworth Grant
  236. Mrs. Ellsworth Grant
  237. Miss Nora May Greene
  238. Dr. F. G. Grant
  239. Mrs. F. G. Grant
  240. Mrs. Charles E. Greenough
  241. Miss Martha B. Greenough
  242. Mr. Charles B. Gudebrod
  243. Mrs. Charles B. Gudebrod
  244. Mrs. F. H. Gumberts
  245. Miss Eloise Gundrum
  246. Miss Helen Gunnison
  247. Miss Marion Gunnison
  248. Mrs. F. M. Hagan
  249. Mrs. Eugene Hale
  250. Mr. Harry R. Haley
  251. Mrs. Harry R. Haley
  252. Mr. Elisha Hammonds
  253. Mrs. Elisha Hammonds
  254. Mr. Rufus Haney
  255. Mr. Harry T. Harder
  256. Mr. Edward Hartman
  257. Miss Virginia Harvey
  258. Mrs. Willis S. Harwood
  259. Mr. R. H. Hauck
  260. Mrs. R. H. Hauck
  261. Miss Mary J. Healey
  262. Mrs. May McChesney Hedden
  263. Rev. J. Hefferman
  264. Mrs. J. W. Heim
  265. Mrs. Helson
  266. Mr. E. A. Herig
  267. Mrs. E. A. Herig
  268. Mr. Raymond E. Hess
  269. Mr. Leroy W. Hill
  270. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hires
  271. Dr. Gustave A. Hockwalt
  272. Mrs. Gustave A. Hockwalt
  273. Miss Aida Hockwalt
  274. Dr. Adelaide Doolittle Hoeffel
  275. Miss Gertrude E. Hollywood
  276. Mrs. Grace Hammond Holmes
  277. Dr. Harriet A. Hook
  278. Mrs. Chas. B. Houston
  279. Dr. Joseph W. Howard
  280. Mrs. Joseph W. Howard
  281. Mr. James W. Howie
  282. Mrs. James W. Howie
  283. Mr. C. W. Hudson
  284. Mrs. C. W. Hudson
  285. Mr. W. P. Hudson
  286. Mrs. John B. Hull
  287. Miss Louise Hull
  288. Mr. W. B. Hunt
  289. Mrs. W. B. Hunt
  290. Dr. A. S. Hunter
  291. Mrs. A. S. Hunter
  292. Mrs. Louise Ayres Hyde
  293. Miss Henrietta Isidor
  294. Miss Florence Aten Ives
  295. Miss Florence Aten Ives, 2nd
  296. Dr. George Wallace Jarman
  297. Mrs. George Wallace Jarman
  298. Mrs. Cortez H. Jennings
  299. Mrs. B. W. Jennings
  300. Miss Ada Cleveland Jepson
  301. Miss Jennie Scott Jepson
  302. Mrs. Lucy G. Johnson
  303. Mr. Aubrey D. Johnston
  304. Mrs. Aubrey D. Johnston
  305. Mr. C. H. Jones
  306. Mrs. C. H. Jones
  307. Rev. Wm. P. Jordan
  308. Mrs. A. Florence Joyce
  309. Mr. Louis H. Kaichen
  310. Miss Eva Karsh
  311. Mrs. Margaret Kasenberg
  312. Miss Elsie Keim
  313. Mr. Alexander J. Kelley
  314. Mrs. Alexander J. Kelley
  315. Miss Rachael Kelly
  316. Miss Mabel Kelly
  317. Mr. Nathan E. Kendall
  318. Mrs. Nathan E. Kendall
  319. Mrs. Harry Laurance Kenyon
  320. Miss Doris Kenyon
  321. Miss Helen Kenyon
  322. Mrs. John Wise Kepple
  323. Mr. Samuel I. Kessler
  324. Miss May Ketcham
  325. Miss May Kielman
  326. Mr. Burton E. Kile
  327. Mrs. Burton E. Kile
  328. Mr. Maynard C. Kimball
  329. Mrs. Maynard C. Kimball
  330. Mrs. Charles R. Kimmey
  331. Mr. Frank T. King
  332. Mrs. Frank T. King
  333. Miss Florence L. King
  334. Mr. Wm. H. Kinsey
  335. Mrs. Wm. H. Kinsey
  336. Mrs. A. L. Knights
  337. Mr. Henry Koehler
  338. Mrs. Henry Koehler
  339. Miss Ruth Koehler
  340. Mrs. C. H. Koster (to Haifa)
  341. Mrs. Benjamin Kuykendall
  342. Mr. John Shippen Lang
  343. Mr. J. E. Lathrop
  344. Mrs. J. E. Lathrop
  345. Miss Cora J. Lathrop
  346. Mr. P. J. Laubach
  347. Mrs. P. J. Laubach
  348. Mr. Henry E. Lawrence
  349. Mrs. Henry E. Lawrence
  350. Mrs. Emmitt Lee
  351. Mr. Harry J. Levy
  352. Mr. Geert A. Lindemulder
  353. Mrs. Geert A. Lindemulder
  354. Dr. Augustus W. Long
  355. Mrs. Augustus W. Long
  356. Miss Catherine M. Long
  357. Mr. Augustus W. Long, Jr.
  358. Mr. Knowlton P. Long
  359. Mr. John P. Longfellow
  360. Mrs. A. L. Lubbe
  361. Miss Evelyn Lubbe
  362. Mr. R. W. Lumbley
  363. Mrs. R. W. Lumbley
  364. Miss Margaret Lyon
  365. Miss Mary F. Lyons
  366. Mrs. Grace Mackay
  367. Mrs. H. T. Maddox
  368. Mr. Robert John Mahony
  369. Mrs. Robert John Mahony
  370. Mrs. Josephine Malcolm
  371. Miss Elizabeth Malcolm
  372. Mrs. Annie E. Mance
  373. Mr. Matthias L. March
  374. Mrs. Matthias L. March
  375. Mr. John Henry Martin
  376. Mr. David R. Mathias
  377. Mrs. David R. Mathias
  378. Miss Marietta Matthews
  379. Mrs. Alta Mae Mattison
  380. Mrs. Francis D. Maxwell
  381. Miss Frances H. Maxwell
  382. Miss P. L. Mayer
  383. Mrs. Carolyne A. Meacham
  384. Mr. John W. Mecray
  385. Mrs. John W. Mecray
  386. Mr. Harry S. Medinets
  387. Mrs. Harry S. Medinets
  388. Mr. Ziba A. Mersereau
  389. Mrs. Ziba A. Mersereau
  390. Mr. W. H. Metzner
  391. Mrs. W. H. Metzner
  392. Mr. F. C. Meyers
  393. Rev. Edgar W. Miles
  394. Mrs. Edgar W. Miles
  395. Mrs. William Miller
  396. Miss Eleanor Hope Miller
  397. Mr. Joseph B. H. Miller
  398. Mr. Harry Miller
  399. Mr. Jacob H. Miller
  400. Miss Katherine Miller
  401. Miss Anna Miller
  402. Rev. Dr. A. Lawrence Miller
  403. Mrs. A. Lawrence Miller
  404. Miss Rose B. Miller
  405. Mr. William J. Minick
  406. Mrs. William J. Minick
  407. Mrs. Hattie Mintz
  408. Miss Flora Mizell
  409. Miss Rosalie Monka
  410. Mrs. W. W. Montgomery
  411. Miss Margaret Montgomery
  412. Mr. Nathaniel Moore
  413. Miss Alice H. Moore
  414. Thomas O. Moore, Ph.G.
  415. Mr. Alex L. Moreau
  416. Mrs. Alex L. Moreau
  417. Miss Caroline M. Morgan
  418. Mrs. Rufus Morris
  419. Mr. Martin Powers Morrissey
  420. Mrs. E. P. Morrow
  421. Mrs. Florence Mueller
  422. Mr. Louis Muench
  423. Mrs. Louis Muench
  424. Miss Emma Lou Muench
  425. Miss Cecelia Mulqueen
  426. Miss Anna Murphy
  427. Miss Grace K. Murphy
  428. Rev. Andrew Mutch
  429. Mrs. Andrew Mutch
  430. Miss Julia D. MacFarland
  431. Mr. John R. MacMurray
  432. Mrs. John R. MacMurray
  433. Mr. David MacTaggart
  434. Mrs. David MacTaggart
  435. Mr. W. O. McCluskey
  436. Miss Marguerite McConnell
  437. Mrs. Guy S. McCurdy
  438. Mrs. J. P. McGown
  439. Miss Aline McKenzie
  440. Mr. J. F. McKissick
  441. Mrs. J. F. McKissick
  442. Mrs. Elizabeth D. McLean
  443. Dr. Frank L. Nathanson
  444. Mrs. Mary M. Neale
  445. Mr. Seymour B. Neff
  446. Mrs. Marie Newton
  447. Judge John H. O'Connell
  448. Mrs. John H. O'Connell
  449. Mr. Charles Oestreich
  450. Mrs. Charles Oestreich
  451. Mrs. E. D. O'Flynn
  452. Mr. John C. O'Keefe
  453. Mrs. John C. O'Keefe
  454. Miss Helen O'Keefe
  455. Miss Genevieve M. Oursle
  456. Miss Suzanne Overstreet
  457. Mr. Edwin Owen
  458. Mrs. Edwin Owen
  459. Mrs. Alvin Palmatier
  460. Mrs. M. Minerva Palmatier
  461. Mrs. G. H. Parker
  462. Mr. F. L. Patterson
  463. Mrs. F. L. Patterson
  464. Mr. John G. Paxton
  465. Mrs. John G. Paxton
  466. Rev. W. L. Perkins, D.D.
  467. Mrs. W. L. Perkins
  468. Mr. John Peters
  469. Mrs. John Peters
  470. Mr. Renus Petry
  471. Mrs. Renus Petry
  472. Dr. Thomas Shannon Philp
  473. Miss Anna L. Phillips
  474. Mrs. Delia I. Pilling
  475. Mr. James M. Pitkin
  476. Mrs. James M. Pitkin
  477. Mr. Frank J. Pitner
  478. Mrs. Frank J. Pitner
  479. Mr. Edgar L. Pond
  480. Mrs. Edgar L. Pond
  481. Mr. J. H. Porte
  482. Mrs. Herbert Porter
  483. Mrs. Anna Porterfield
  484. Mrs. John J. Potts
  485. Miss Alma Summer Potts
  486. Mr. Humbert B. Powell
  487. Mrs. Humbert B. Powell
  488. Miss Edith W. Powell
  489. Mr. Humbert B. Powell, Jr.
  490. Mr. O. M. Powers
  491. Rev. Walter Scott Priest, D.D.
  492. Mrs. Walter Scott Priest
  493. Miss Kathryn M. Prindiville
  494. Mrs. Franklin Putnam
  495. Mr. G. J. Railsback
  496. Miss Rosamond Raley
  497. Mr. Meldon M. Randall
  498. Mrs. Meldon M. Randall
  499. Miss Ruth M. Randall
  500. Miss Grace Russell Raymond
  501. Mrs. Howard D. Raymond
  502. Mr. W. H. Raymond
  503. Mrs. W. H. Raymond
  504. Miss Betty Raymond
  505. Mr. Charles Read
  506. Mr. Thomas F. Reddy
  507. Mr. Robert A. Reed
  508. Mrs. Howard Percy Reibling
  509. Mr. H. L. Renner
  510. Mrs. H. L. Renner
  511. Mr. William G. Richter
  512. Mrs. John L. Riddle
  513. Miss Ann Elise Roane
  514. Mrs. Penrose Robinson
  515. Mr. Ralph S. Robinson
  516. Mr. Henry B. Rohland
  517. Mrs. F. Rose
  518. Mr. Lee Rosenbaum
  519. Miss Carrie Mong Roush
  520. Mr. Henry Rousseau
  521. Mrs. Henry Rousseau
  522. Miss Hannah Rowe
  523. Mrs. O. M. Royster
  524. Dr. John P. Ruf
  525. Mrs. John P. Ruf
  526. Mrs. Josephine Ayres Runkle
  527. Mr. L. Ruvel
  528. Mrs. L. Ruvel
  529. Miss Kate A. Ryan
  530. Mrs. J. P. Ryon
  531. Miss Helen C. Ryon
  532. Mrs. Mary A. J. Sables
  533. Miss Helen V. Salsbury
  534. Mr. John Y. Sawyer
  535. Mrs. Ella M. Sawyer
  536. Miss Mary Cuyler Scanlon
  537. Miss Matilda Schiedel
  538. Mr. A. F. Schleicher
  539. Mr. Antoine Schnerr
  540. Mrs. Antoine Schnerr
  541. Senator Charles E. Schoff
  542. Mrs. Charles E. Schoff
  543. Mr. Robert Schrumpf
  544. Mrs. Robert Schrumpf
  545. Miss Zona L. Scott
  546. Miss May Scott
  547. Mrs. Joseph I. Scull
  548. Major Albert J. Senhauser
  549. Mrs. Albert J. Senhauser
  550. Mr. Lester Allen Sharp
  551. Miss Harriett W. Sharp
  552. Mrs. Fred Van V. Shaw
  553. Mr. Frank E. Shearman
  554. Mrs. Frank E. Shearman
  555. Mr. William E. Sheffield
  556. Mrs. Carlos D. Shelden
  557. Mrs. Brooks E. Shell
  558. Mr. Paul J. Shepherd
  559. Mrs. Paul J. Shepherd
  560. Mrs. Leonard F. Sherman
  561. Miss Mary Sherman
  562. Mrs. Nathaniel Alden Sherman
  563. Rev. E. H. Shuey
  564. Mr. Joseph A. Simonton
  565. Mrs. Joseph A. Simonton
  566. Mr. John W. Simpson
  567. Mr. George E. Sims
  568. Mrs. George E. Sims
  569. Mrs. B. W. Sisson
  570. Miss Mildred Sisson
  571. Mr. Aaron H. Skall
  572. Mrs. Aaron H. Skall
  573. Prof. John R. Slater
  574. Mrs. Wm. Smart
  575. Mrs. Ada Bradford Smith
  576. Rev. Amzi D. Smith, am
  577. Dr. Charles Lee Smith
  578. Mrs. Charles Lee Smith
  579. Major Herbert S. Smith
  580. Mrs. Olive M. L. Smith
  581. Mrs. S. Y. Smith
  582. Miss Eleanor Smith
  583. Mr. James W. Smith
  584. Mrs. James W. Smith
  585. Mrs. Ella M. Snook
  586. Mr. Edward Grant Snyder
  587. Mrs. Edward Grant Snyder
  588. Mrs. N. M. Speidel
  589. Mr. E. Speirs
  590. Mrs. James Spencer
  591. Rev. Henry Spurdle
  592. Mr. Franklin Squires
  593. Miss Emma A. Stapel
  594. Mrs. Annie H. Steelman
  595. Dr. Louis C. Stein
  596. Miss Emma B. Stephan
  597. Mr. Valentine Stephan
  598. Mr. Joseph E. Stevenson
  599. Dr. Carrie B. Taylor Stewart
  600. Miss Cornelia I. Stinson
  601. Miss Grace J. Stockholm
  602. Miss Josephine E. Stone
  603. Mr. Joseph A. Storms
  604. Mrs. Joseph A. Storms
  605. Mr. Edward A. Studley
  606. Mrs. Edward A. Studley
  607. Mr. Chester H. Sturtevant
  608. Mrs. Chester H. Sturtevant
  609. Miss Eleanor M. Sturtevant
  610. Miss Frankie Elizabeth Sullivan
  611. Mrs. J. Ford Sutton
  612. Miss Mary Lee Taggart
  613. Mr. Edward Tannewitz
  614. Mrs. Edward Tannewitz
  615. Miss Josephine W. Tannewitz
  616. Mr. Carl E. Tannewitz
  617. Mr. C. S. Tappaan
  618. Mrs. C. S. Tappaan
  619. Mr. Job Taylor
  620. Mrs. Job Taylor
  621. Mrs. Harrison Taylor
  622. Mrs. Fannie L. Ten Eyck
  623. Mrs. Zella R. Thayer
  624. Mrs. William Thieckens
  625. Mrs. Hattie Linsley Thompson
  626. Mr. John W. Thompson
  627. Mrs. John W. Thompson
  628. Miss Louise Tilghman
  629. Miss Dora E. Toadvin
  630. Mrs. Theodore S. Todd
  631. Miss Ellen L. Todd
  632. Miss Virginia Brown Tompkins
  633. Miss Ellen Carr Tompkins
  634. Mr. Roland M. Traver
  635. Mrs. T. E. Tucker
  636. Miss Caroline A. Turner
  637. Miss Eunice Nina Vaden
  638. Mr. H. L. Vail
  639. Mrs. H. L. Vail
  640. Mr. Joseph G. Valiant
  641. Mrs. Joseph G. Valiant
  642. Mr. Frederick Van Alstyne
  643. Mrs. Frederick Van Alstyne
  644. Miss Joyce Van Alstyne
  645. Mr. N. Wyckoff Vanderhoef
  646. Mrs. N. Wyckoff Vanderhoef
  647. Miss Emily B. Walker
  648. Mrs. Annette T. Walker
  649. Mr. C. R. Walleck
  650. Mrs. C. R. Walleck
  651. Mr. William H. Walters
  652. Mr. Stanton Warburton
  653. Mrs. Stanton Warburton
  654. Mr. Henry H. Ward
  655. Miss Helen A. Wares
  656. Mr. Worcester R. Warner
  657. Mrs. Worcester R. Warner
  658. Miss Helen B. Warner
  659. Mr. Edgar N. Waterbury
  660. Mrs. Edgar N. Waterbury
  661. Mrs. Donald M. Waters
  662. Miss Mary E. Waters
  663. Mr. George C. Weimer
  664. Mrs. George C. Weimer
  665. Miss Frances E. Weimer
  666. Mr. Sidney Weinberg
  667. Mrs. Sidney Weinberg
  668. Miss Cordelia Weir
  669. Mr. Abraham Welanko
  670. Mrs. Abraham Welanko
  671. Miss Mary C. Welles
  672. Mrs. Emma R. Welton
  673. Mrs. Ida G. West
  674. Mr. William Westhome
  675. Miss Rose Westhome
  676. Miss Anna M. Wetterau
  677. Mrs. Mary L. Whedon
  678. Mrs. Eugene Wheeler
  679. Mrs. Catherine M. White
  680. Miss Rose B. Wieser
  681. Mr. M. H. Wilbur
  682. Mrs. M. H. Wilbur
  683. Dr. Franklin T. Wilcox
  684. Mrs. Franklin T. Wilcox
  685. Mr. Lewis Willenbecker
  686. Mrs. Lewis Willenbecker
  687. Mrs. Charles Redding Williams
  688. Mrs. Clarence E. Williams
  689. Miss Helen S. Williams
  690. Miss Mary Wilson
  691. Miss Nora E. Wolfgang
  692. Miss Florence J. Woolf
  693. Mrs. J. D. Wright
  694. Miss Hester Wright
  695. Miss Clara Wright
  696. Miss Mary T. Wright
  697. Rev. Paul H. Yourd


Information for Passengers



Breakfast, 7.30 a. m. Lunch, 12 noon. Dinner, 6:00 pm


Breakfast, 8.30 a. m. Lunch, 1:00 pm Dinner, 7.15 p. m.

There is no preference between the First and Second Sittings, the service being exactly similar and the food cooked especially for each sitting. The breakfast hour is usually put forward an hour when the ship is arriving in port.

A shore program will be placed at each passenger's plate at dinner the night before arriving in each port.


The time of Departure is 12.01 a. m., Saturday, January 30th, 1926.—Passengers are expected to embark between 2 and 10:00 pm the previous evening. A supper will be served from 7 to 10:00 pm Friday.

Table-Seat Tickets will be found on board Friday, January 29th, from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, in the Forward Lounge in envelopes arranged in alphabetical order. One of our directors will be in charge to distribute them—and you will find him on the starboard side of the room.

After that time (10:00 pm) the Chief Steward will have any remaining envelopes.

Mailing Letters on Board.—The Purser will accept letters for shore mailing, but on account of the difficulty in making change when paying postage, it was found more satisfactory to the passengers on our former Cruises, to mail their own letters and post-cards ashore, and this is recommended.

Cablegrams and Telegrams should be left at the Purser's Office at least half an hour before arrival in ports.

Divine Service.—In the Forward Saloon on Sundays at 10.15 a. m. when the ship is not in port. Bishop H. H. Fout will arrange with the several ministers on board for the Sunday Services. Collections are prohibited.

An Altar is provided hy the Cunard-Anchor Line for passengers of the Roman Catholic faith and every facility is extended to both Catholics and Protestants for their Sunday Services.

Baggage in the Baggage Room is accessible from 9:00 am to 12 noon, and from 2 to 5 p. m., daily. Questions regarding baggage should be referred to the Ship's Baggage Master.

Ship's Physician.—No charge will be made for medical attendance or medicine, except for the treatment of ailments which existed prior to departure from New York or contracted ashore during the Cruise, when the Physician, by the company's regulations, is permitted to render a bill subject to the approval of the Commander.

Barber's Shop, Hairdressing and Manicuring.—There is a barber shop on board, with modern equipment, and with two male barbers in attendance; hairdressing and manicuring service. The barber has a general store.

Tailor and Valet Service.—Pressing, cleaning and small repairs to garments will be done at reasonable rates.

The day before arriving at Naples, Villefranche or Cherbourg, you can obtain from the Baggage Master specially printed baggage labels reading To be Stored in Cherbourg.

Forward by the ship any baggage which you do not want to take across Europe with you.

It is desirable that valuables or money should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt for same will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Two string orchestras will accompany the Cruise and will play during lunch and dinner, also for dances on the Promenade Deck, etc.

Bar Hours.—The Smoking Room will remain open until midnight, providing that no annoyance is caused to other passengers.

Deck Games.—A complete set of deck games is provided.

Take about $l5 silver and $10 in U. S. $1 bills, as American money is used on the ship and small change is often very scarce. Most passengers fee their table and room stewards weekly.


The lectures will be brief, lasting about forty minutes, and a little "local talent" will then come in very nicely for a song or two, recitations, etc., which make an evening on board pass very pleasantly.

The assistance and co-operation of the passengers will be invited in furnishing music, entertainments, etc., on several occasions during the voyage. It is hoped there will be many volunteers.

Bring your music, and be prepared with recitations, monologues, sleight-of-hand performances, or any "stunts" with which you are accustomed to entertain your friends. We wish to make social entertainments a prominent feature.

Mrs. Anna Van Gerow will manage the card parties, dances and general entertainments.

All meetings will be held in the Forward Main Lounge, except when otherwise mentioned.

Bishop H. H. Fout will introduce the lecturers, direct the Travelers' Club meetings, and arrange the Sunday Services.


30th, Sat., 3.00 pm—All of the young ladies and gentlemen are invited to meet the Chaperones in the Forward Lounge, starboard side, to be introduced to one another.

30th, Sat., 3.30 pm—Mr. Clark's Directors and Chaperones will meet the ladies who are traveling alone, in the Forward Lounge, starboard side.
Afternoon tea at 4:00 pm

30th, Sat., 9.00 pm—Progressive Bridge Party, with prizes, in the Forward Lounge and port side Garden Lounge.


1st, Mon., 3.30p.m.—Meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution in the Aft Lounge on "B" Deck to form the "Transylvania" Cruise D. A. R. Association. Tea will be served at 4:00 pm

1st, Mon., 9.00 pm—Lecture in Aft Dining Saloon: "Madeira and Algiers," by Rev. Robert C. Falconer.

2nd, Tues., 3.30 pm —First Meeting of the Camera Club, in the Aft Lounge.

2nd, Tues., 4.00 pm —Masonic Meeting in Aft Smoking Room, to organize the "Transylvania Masonic Association."

2nd, Tues., 9.00 pm —Dance on Deck.

2nd, Tues., 9.00 pm —A talk on "Around the World," by Major Herbert S. Smith, U.S. Army, Retired.

3rd, Wed., 3.45:00 pm —Second reception of ladies traveling alone, in Forward Lounge; tea at 4 o'clock.

3rd, Wed., 9.00 pm —Lecture in Aft Dining Saloon: "Lisbon, Madrid, Cordova, Cadiz, Seville, Granada, the Alhambra and Gibraltar," by Rev. Charles P. Foreman.

4th, Thurs., 3.30 pm —Club Women's Meeting in Aft Lounge on "B" Deck. All members of Women's Clubs are welcome. Afternoon tea at 4:00 pm

4th, Thurs., 9.00 pm —A "Boom Your State" Gathering in Aft Dining Saloon. Two-minute speeches from a representative of each State in the U. S. and Province in Canada.

4th, Thurs., 9.15:00 pm —Dance on Deck.

5th, Fri, 3.00 pm —Gymkana Games on Deck, with prizes.

5th, Fri, 8.45:00 pm —Lecture: "Egypt and the Nile," in Aft Dining Saloon, by Henry W. Elson.

5th, Fri, 9.30 pm —Dance on Deck.

8th, Mon., 3.00 pm —First Meeting of Travelers' Club in the Aft Dining Saloon. Subject: "Impressions of Madeira."


8th, Mon., 8.15:00 pm—Lecture: "Jerusalem and the Holy Land," by Bishop H. H. Fout.

12th, Fri., 9.00 pm—Celebration of Lincoln's Birthday.

13th, Sat., 3.00 pm—Travelers' Club. Topic: "Spain."

15th, Mon., 9.00 pm—Lecture "Athens, the Acropolis and Mars Hill," by Henry W. Elson.

16th, Tues., 10.00 am—Travelers' Club. Topic: "Algiers."

18th, Thurs., 3.30 pm—Meeting of Daughters of American Revolution in Aft Lounge.

18th, Thurs., 9.15:00 pm—Fancy Dress Ball on Promenade Deck.

20th, Sat., 10.00 am—Travelers' Club. Topic: "Athens."

20th, Sat., 8.45:00 pm—Lecture: "Constantinople," by Rev. A. Lawrence Miller.

22nd, Mon., 9.00 pm—Celebration of Washington's Birthday.

24th, Wed., 10.00 am—Travelers' Club. Topic: Constantinople."

24th, Wed., 9.30 pm—Dance on Deck.


13th, Sat., 8.45:00 pm—Travelers'Club. Topic: "The Holy Land and Egypt."

15th, Mon., 8.45:00 pm —Lecture: "Naples and Rome," by Bishop H. H. Fout.

15th, Mon., 9.30 pm—Masquerade Ball on Promenade Deck.

Villefranche to Cherb'rg—Bridge and Travelers' Club Meetings.

Regular Sunday Services will be held on board at 10.15 a. m., conducted by eminent divines, when the ship is not in port. No collections are allowed on the ship, except the customary collection for the Band after leaving Alexandria.

All Side Trip Lists close January 15th, except Madrid, Cordova, Granada, Seville Extension, Damascus, Jordan, Galilee, Nile and the Side Trips from Naples and Villefranche Across Europe.

Those who registered to continue on the ship to Villefranche cannot change and leave Cruise at Rome (except by going up to Rome with Section l or 2, for which they are booked, for a two-days' stay, as they are billed for Rome hotels from March 16 to 18, or 18 to 20; and this being the busy season, we have been obliged to make iron-clad contracts.

All passengers who do not go beyond Naples on the ship will stay four days at Naples and be in Rome from March 20 to 23 at our expense. It is impossible for us to give satisfaction and allow passengers to make constant changes, although we are always anxious to meet their wishes in every respect.

All hotels are billed from New York and changes are impossible. The $10 Amalfi motor trip will be repeated March 19, for Rome Section l, including Naples Cathedral and Aquarium, and a visit to Pompeii.

Clark's Office on Board is located on "C" Deck, starboard side, next to Barber Shop. Office hours, 10:00 am to 12 noon, and 2 to 4:00 pm, when the ship is not in port. Every courtesy and attention to all inquirers.

Mrs. Anna Van Gerow will be in the Forward Lounge, port side, from 10.30 to 11:30 am daily, when the ship is not in port, where ladies may consult her in respect to matters pertaining to the Cruise, and she will gladly call upon ladies who are ill and confined to their rooms, if they will send her a note by their stewardess.

HOMEWARD OCEAN TICKETS (of passengers holding "open" tickets) should be presented at the Purser's Office as soon as you decide upon your date homeward, so he can write to London and endorse the room or berth number on your ticket before you leave the ship.

Please decide as early as possible, so as to secure good accommodation. If undecided, keep your "open" ticket until you can decide, but do not leave it until the last minute. After the Cruise you can present your open ticket at any Cunard Office, Naples, Paris, London, etc., and secure accommodation.

No Collections or Subscriptions can be made on the ship, except the usual collection for the Band after leaving Alexandria.

Laundry.—There is a fine laundry on the ship.


Cruise Itinerary 1926

Cruise Itinerary 1926. GGA Image ID # 1da5fdd81e


Clark's Cruises: Round the World, South America, Mediterranean, Norway.

Clark's Cruises: Round the World, South America, Mediterranean, Norway. GGA Image ID # 1da61378d0


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