SS Columbia Passenger List - 17 August 1912


Passenger List, Anchor Line SS Columbia, 1912 Glasgow to New York

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS Columbia of the Anchor Line, Departing Saturday, 17 August 1912 from Glasgow to New York via Moville, Commanded by Captain John Black. The ship arrived in New York on 25 August 1912. GGA Image ID # 172ff2589c


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: John Black
  2. Surgeon: David Moffatt
  3. Purser: A. C. McCall
  4. Chief Steward: T. White
  5. Stewardess: Mrs. Wright
  6. Stewardess: Mrs. McMenamie


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. H. L. Allen
  2. Mr. W. K. Baillie
  3. Mr. George M. Barr
  4. Mr. Hy Barry
  5. Miss Margt. Bell
  6. Mrs. Bell
  7. Mr. Byron W. Benson
  8. Miss L. Bond
  9. Mr. Robert Boyd
  10. Mrs. Wm. M. Brewster
  11. Miss Dorothy Brewster
  12. Mr. Brown
  13. Mrs. Brown
  14. Miss M. E. Cameron
  15. Mr. F. M. Campbell
  16. Mr. Charles M. Clarkson
  17. Mrs. Clarkson
  18. Mrs. Nellie D. Clement
  19. Miss Grace K. Crumb
  20. Miss Frances Crumb
  21. Miss Nina G. Crumb
  22. Mr. W. Morgan Davies
  23. Mrs. Alice Davis
  24. Mr. H. E. Davison
  25. Mrs. H. E. Davison
  26. Miss Ethel Davison
  27. Mrs. V. E. Dessart
  28. Mr. John Lewthwaite Dewar
  29. Mrs. Dewar
  30. Mr. James M. Dewey
  31. Mrs. Dewey
  32. Miss Agnes Dougal
  33. Miss A. Sarah Drake
  34. Mrs. H. C. Elliot
  35. Miss H. Elliott
  36. Miss Pearl Embree
  37. Mr. A. Ferrie
  38. Mrs. Ferrie
  39. Miss Grace Fraser
  40. Miss Bertha S. Fulton
  41. Miss Elizabeth A. Gatter
  42. Miss G. Gatter
  43. Mr. Gilmore
  44. Mrs. May Louise Goodall
  45. Mr. John Grant
  46. Mr. Thos E. Greene
  47. Mrs. Greene
  48. Master Jas. V. Greene
  49. Miss Hallie Groce
  50. Miss Olive Hartwig
  51. Miss Cherry Head
  52. Mrs. Caroline Henwood
  53. Miss Marian Henwood
  54. Miss May Hifley
  55. Miss Mamie Howren
  56. Miss Frances A. Jay
  57. Miss Marie L. Jones
  58. Miss Bertha Jones
  59. Miss Dorothy Kelsey
  60. Miss Vera Kelsey
  61. Mr. Herbert Kirkwood
  62. Miss Helen Knapp
  63. Mr. E. H. Landon
  64. Mrs. Landon
  65. Miss Ruth Landon
  66. Miss Lucy Landon
  67. Miss Daisy Leake
  68. Mr. John Milner Lester
  69. Mrs. Florence Lester
  70. Miss Myrtle D. Lester
  71. Master Geoffrey M. Lester
  72. Miss Caroline E. Lester
  73. Miss Lutie Long
  74. Mr. Fredric A. Lucas
  75. Mrs. Lucas
  76. Mr. Wm. F. McGowan
  77. Mrs. H. L. McGregor
  78. Mr. F. McLaren
  79. Mr. Abraham McNamara
  80. Miss Jessie A. McWilliams
  81. Mr. H. S. Mallalieu
  82. Miss Caroline Margues
  83. Miss Foy Marshall
  84. Miss Edith F. Matheny
  85. Mr. Archibald J. Meston
  86. Rev. J. C. Mimms
  87. Mr. David A. Mitchell
  88. Mrs. Mitchell
  89. Miss Matie Mitchell
  90. M R. Moffatt
  91. Miss C. Montgomerie
  92. Mrs. Susan Moodie
  93. Miss Effie S. Moodie
  94. Master George Moodie
  95. Miss Mamie Moore
  96. Mrs. Mortland
  97. Miss Elizabeth Mortland
  98. Miss Mabel Mortland
  99. Master Edward Mortland
  100. Miss Carolyn B. Mountain
  101. Mr. Alexander S. Paton
  102. Miss Jessie Patterson
  103. Miss Ruth Petersen
  104. Miss Pearl Petersen
  105. Miss Azalete Pidcocke
  106. Miss B. Poison
  107. Dr. J. L. Porteous
  108. Mr. Wm. H. Porter
  109. Mr. Robert Kerr Porter
  110. Mrs. F. Putney
  111. Mrs. A. C. Regan
  112. Mr. John M. Reid
  113. Mr. William Ritchie
  114. Mrs. Ritchie
  115. Miss Dorothy Ritchie
  116. Master Morrison Ritchie
  117. Miss Arviila Robertson
  118. Miss Clara Robinson
  119. Mrs, W. E. Robinson
  120. Miss Helen Robinson
  121. Miss Margaret M. Robinson
  122. Mr. Irving L. Roe
  123. Miss Olive C. Ross
  124. Mr. W. J. Roulston
  125. Mr. Julius Schuh
  126. Miss Mamie Sherard
  127. Miss Louise Sherman
  128. Mr. Alex. Smith
  129. Mrs. Smith
  130. Miss J. C. Smith
  131. Master W. L. Smith and Nurse
  132. Mr. David Smith
  133. Miss Louise Smith
  134. Mr. T. Guthrie Speers
  135. Mr. E. Stevenson
  136. Mrs. Rosa M. Swearengen
  137. Master Jas. D. Swearengen
  138. Miss Ida May Swearengen
  139. Miss Sarah B. Swearengen
  140. Miss Blanche Talbot
  141. Miss L. Tate
  142. Mr. Winfield J. Taylor
  143. Mr. Miles G. Thompson
  144. Mr. James B. Thomson
  145. Mrs. M. L. Thomson
  146. Master J. M. Thomson
  147. Master James Thomson
  148. Miss Grace Townley
  149. Miss Emma C. Tucker
  150. Miss Ella Warner
  151. Mr. George A. Wigman
  152. Mrs. Wigman
  153. Miss Mollie T. Wilson
  154. Miss Marion Wilson
  155. Mr. Randolph C. Wilson
  156. Mr. R. Wimmers
  157. Miss Earl Winn
  158. Dr. T. F. Wolfe
  159. Miss Mary F. Wolfe
  160. Rev. S. B. Wylie
  161. Mrs. S. B. Wylie
  162. Mr. Hugh Wylie
  163. Miss Jeannette Wylie
  164. Miss Ella Yakey
  165. Mr. John Young
  166. Mrs. Young
  167. Mr. William R. Young


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Columbia Passenger List, 17 August 1912.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Columbia Passenger List, 17 August 1912. GGA Image ID # 1da592e383


Information for Passengers


Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times:

  • Breakfast from 8 to 10:
  • Luncheon at 1 p.m.;
  • Dinner at 6:30.
  • Supper, if required, will be served before 10 o'clock.

The Bar will be closed at 11 p.m. and the Smoke Room at 11-30 p.m.

Seats at Table.—The Chief Steward has the arrangement of the seats at table.

Forms, Stamps, Etc.—Music Room Steward is provided with Telegraph Forms, Stamps, etc. Telegrams and Letters for despatch to be handed to this Official (fully prepaid) one hour before leaving Moville. This Official will also provide Railway Time 'Fables for use of Passengers.

Divine Service may be held (once) on Sunday.

Dogs.—Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has been previously procure d from the Foard of Agriculture, London. Forms of license can only be obtained hv direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board. Dogs may be taken on certain dates and by special agreement only.

Baggage.—All enquiries regarding baggage should be made to the Second Steward and Trunks, Wraps, etc., will be received, stored and shipped by the Company for the return voyage. The Second Steward will provide Passengers with Initial Labels for Boxes, so as to facilitate examination of baggage on landing.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of $1.00 for the voyage. Printed receipt to be obtained by Passengers for this hire.

Valuables.—The Company is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables. The Purser will be glad to place such in his safe, if Passengers so desire. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by Insurance.

Receipts.—Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

Glasgow to New York Passengers.—Passengers joining Steamers for New York at Londonderry, must be at our Office there not later than 3 o'clock Afternoon on day Steamers leave Glasgow.

Customs.—Tobacco, cigars, etc., wines, spirits and perfumery are liable to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and the smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs authorities when required. Reprints of copyright books and music will be confiscated.

Surgeon.—Each Steamer carries an experienced Surgeon, who is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating Saloon Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.


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