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Anderson, SC USA

SS Furnessia Passenger List - 12 July 1900

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List for the SS Furnessia of the Anchor Line, Departing Thursday, 12 July 1900 from Glasgow to New York

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List for the SS Furnessia of the Anchor Line, Departing Thursday, 12 July 1900 from Glasgow to New York, Commanded by Captain Hugh Young. GGA Image ID # 15b8fd0df9


  1. Captain: Hugh Young, Commander
  2. Surgeon: F. H. Adamson
  3. Purser: David Bruce
  4. Chief Steward: Samuel Hiendry
  5. Matron: Miss Brodie
  6. Matron: Miss McCorquodale


  1. Mr. John Aitken
  2. Mr. Robert Anderson
  3. Miss Christina Armour
  4. Mr. A. Arthur
  5. Mr. Ira De Bawn
  6. Mrs. De Bawn
  7. Miss Annetta De Bawn
  8. Mrs. William A. Beattie
  9. Miss Mary Bingham
  10. Mr. Arthur Bornstein
  11. Miss Mary Bright
  12. Mr. George Burns
  13. Mrs. Ellen Cameron
  14. Mr. Patrick Carr
  15. Miss Agnes Cooke
  16. Mrs. J. E. Collis
  17. Miss Margaret Craig
  18. Mr. R. Craigie
  19. Mr. D. Dallas
  20. Mrs. Dallas
  21. Miss J. Dickie
  22. Mr. Ronald Ferris
  23. Mr. Robert H. Fisher
  24. Miss Jane Fleming
  25. Miss Christina Fleming
  26. Master Adam Fleming
  27. Miss Jemima nett
  28. Mr. Charles Foulke
  29. Mr. Abraham D. George
  30. Mr. W. J. Gilchrist
  31. Mrs. Gilchrist
  32. Miss Lizzie Glen
  33. Mr. Isaac Goldsmith
  34. Mr. Robert Gordon
  35. Mrs. C. Gordon
  36. Mr. T. C. Graham
  37. Miss Ellen Grant
  38. Mrs. Janet Hall
  39. Miss Janet Hall
  40. Mr. Wm. Hamilton
  41. Mr. F: Haines
  42. Mr. Malcolm Heddle
  43. Mrs. Annie Holburn
  44. Mrs. Annie M. Inglis And Infant
  45. Miss Rose B. Jolly
  46. Mr. James G. Kirkwood
  47. Mr. John Leckey
  48. Mr. John Leonard
  49. Mr. Terence Leonard
  50. Mr. A. K. Lodge
  51. Mr. Nicol Love
  52. Mrs. Margaret McAllister
  53. Mr. Michael McAllister
  54. Mr. John McAllister
  55. Mr. John McBurnie
  56. Mr. E. McCaffrey
  57. Mr. James McCormack
  58. Mr. Peter McCormick
  59. Mrs. Mary McDermott
  60. Mr. Thomas McDermott
  61. Mr. James McFarlane
  62. Mrs. A. McFarlane
  63. Mr. Wm. McFarland
  64. Miss Annie McGoldrick
  65. Mr. John McGovern
  66. Miss Janet McIsaac
  67. Mrs. J. Mackenzie
  68. Mr. Wm. McMullan
  69. Mr. J. McQuillan
  70. Miss Lizzie McQuillan
  71. Mrs. H. C. Mack
  72. Mr. James B. Magee
  73. Mrs. Mair
  74. Miss Mair
  75. Mr. Morris Malloch
  76. Miss Jane Millar
  77. Mrs. Thomas Milne
  78. Miss Lizzie Milne
  79. Miss Eleanor Milne
  80. Mr. George Morrison
  81. Mr. Joseph Murray
  82. Mr. Oscar Nemitz
  83. Mr. James O'Neill
  84. Mr. Richard Osborne
  85. Mrs. Parker
  86. Mr. William Parker
  87. Mr. James Paterson
  88. Mr. Robert Patrick
  89. Mr. Robert Pringle
  90. Mrs. Rachel Pringle
  91. Mrs. Martha Pringle
  92. Mrs. Ralston
  93. Mr. Harvey C. Reynolds
  94. Mr. Samuel Reynolds
  95. Mr. John T. Rutherford
  96. Mr. Gilbert Shaw
  97. Mr. William Simpson
  98. Mrs. Simpson
  99. Mr. John Spalding
  100. Miss Bessie Spencer
  101. Mr. Joseph Small
  102. Mrs. Sarah E. Stevenson
  103. Master Robert Taylor
  104. Master Thomas Taylor
  105. Mr. George Thorns
  106. Mrs. Margery Watson
  107. Miss Margery Watson
  108. Mrs. William Watson
  109. Mr. William Watson
  110. Mr. Matthew F. Watson
  111. Mr. Andrew T. Walker
  112. Mr. Robert J. Walker
  113. Mr. Leon Westmoreland
  114. Mrs. John Westwater
  115. Mr. Charles Williams
  116. Mrs. Alice Wilmot
  117. Miss B. Wilmot
  118. Miss Mary Wilson
  119. Mr. Allan H. Wright
  120. Mrs. Robert Young
  121. Mrs. Younger And Infant


Drafts on the European Offices of Messrs. Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers) Limited, Payable on Demand, for Any Amount, Can Be Obtained, Free of Charge, at the Principal Agencies of the Anchor Line Throughout America. Similar Drafts on New York Can Be Had at Any of the European Offices of Messrs Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers) Limited.


Back Cover of a Second Class SS Furnessia Passenger List of the Anchor Line from 12 July 1900.

Back Cover of a Second Class SS Furnessia Passenger List of the Anchor Line from 12 July 1900. GGA Image ID # 15b928f853

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