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SS Furnessia Passenger List - 8 June 1895

Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Furnessia of the Anchor Steamship Line, Departing Saturday, 8 June 1895 from New York to Glasgow

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Furnessia of the Anchor Steamship Line, Departing Saturday, 8 June 1895 from New York to Glasgow via Moville, Commanded by Captain James Harris. GGA Image ID # 1e41ed27bc


  • Commander: Captain James Harris
  • Surgeon: James Massie
  • Purser: David Bruce
  • Chief Steward: Samuel Hendry
  • Matron: Miss Brodie
  • Matron: Miss MacFarlane



  1. Mrs. Jennie Anderson
  2. Miss Clara A. Anderson
  3. Master Win. Anderson
  4. Master Fred Anderson
  5. Mr. Thomas Anglin
  6. Mr. H. H. Atkinson
  7. Mr. T. H. Brown
  8. Mr. Robert Brown
  9. Mrs. Jeanie Butterworth And Infant
  10. Master James Butterworth
  11. Miss Sárah Butterworth
  12. Mr. David H. Boyd
  13. Mr. John Boyd
  14. Mrs. Boyd Miss Bellingham
  15. Miss E'SÍe Bellingham
  16. Miss Ann Benson
  17. Miss Margaret Burt
  18. Mr. David W Boyd
  19. Mrs. Boyd
  20. Master Harry Boyd
  21. Master Chester Boyd
  22. Master James A. Boyd
  23. Miss Jennie K. Beckwith
  24. Mr. Thos. Brown
  25. Mr. E. W. Brawley
  26. Mr. H. Bingham
  27. Mr. Murray Broden
  28. Mrs C. Butler
  29. Mr. P. Boden
  30. Mrs. Boden
  31. Miss Ena Breen
  32. Miss Margaret Burns
  33. Miss Elizabeth Bennett
  34. Mr. F. Barraclough
  35. Mr. Thomas Brown
  36. Mr. Charles F. Cade
  37. Miss Cairneras
  38. Miss Minnie H. Coulson
  39. Mrs. Mary Cummings
  40. Master Thomas Cummings
  41. Rev. S. T. Cochen
  42. Miss L. Cather
  43. Miss Frauds Comvay
  44. Miss Nellie Cerrón
  45. Miss Agnes Clark
  46. Miss Eliz. Clark
  47. Mr. Win. Campbell
  48. Mrs. Campbell
  49. Miss Jane Campbdl
  50. Miss Magie A. Corrigan
  51. Mr. Collier Cobb
  52. Mr. Maurice Cohn
  53. Mr. David Cohn
  54. Mrs. Catharine Calhoun
  55. Miss Agnes Calhoun
  56. Miss Euphemia Donaldson
  57. Miss Annie Devinny
  58. Mrs. Jeanie Doak
  59. Miss Margaret E. Doak
  60. Miss Annie Doak
  61. Mr. Henry Drysdale
  62. Miss Matilda Deveney
  63. Miss Agues Deveney
  64. Mrs. Susan Dunn
  65. Mrs. Enz. Dailing
  66. Mr. David Davidson
  67. Mr. C. O. Edinson
  68. Mrs. W. H. Evans
  69. Mr. Charles Emery
  70. Miss Annie Foy
  71. Mr. John Fitzpatrick
  72. Mr. Martin Fredrich
  73. Mrs. Martha Fernie
  74. Mr. C. W. Freiz
  75. Mrs. E. J. Finn
  76. Miss Bridget Gallagher
  77. Miss Agnes Gibson
  78. Miss Maggie Gibson
  79. Mr. Thos. E. Goodchild
  80. Miss M. J Greer
  81. Mr. W. W. Grant
  82. Mrs. H. L Gamble
  83. Miss Maggie Glass
  84. Mrs. A Goode And Infant
  85. Master Chester Goode
  86. Mr. William Gardner
  87. Mrs. Mamie Higgins
  88. Master Chas. H. Higgins
  89. Miss Fannie E. Higgins
  90. Mrs Jessie Hamilton
  91. Mr. John Haldane
  92. Miss Jane Higgins
  93. Mrs. M. J. Hoyt
  94. Mr C. Hanson
  95. Mrs. T. J. Hicks
  96. Miss Katharine Hamill
  97. Miss Mary Hair
  98. Miss Barbara Hanlon
  99. Mr. John Jepsiu
  100. Mrs. Jepsiu
  101. Mr. Ole Johnson
  102. Mr. J. Edward Jordan
  103. Miss Mary Jordan
  104. Miss Margaret Kemether
  105. Miss Bessie Kirkpatrick
  106. Mr. S. Kinura
  107. Miss Mary Kerr
  108. Mr. Kirk
  109. Mrs. Kirk
  110. Mr. Wm. Kirk, Jr
  111. Mr. Joseph Kay
  112. Miss Lizzie Kennedy
  113. Mr. Jas. Lavell
  114. Mrs. Lavell
  115. Miss Minnie Lindsay
  116. Mr. Wm. H. Leathan
  117. Mr. Thos. Murray
  118. Mr. Jas. Marshall
  119. Mrs. Marshall
  120. Miss Lizzie Marshall
  121. Miss Mary Marshall
  122. Miss Catharine Mott
  123. Mrs. Johanna Murphy
  124. Master John Murphy
  125. Mr. Thos. McCartney
  126. Mrs. McCartney
  127. Miss Lillian McCartney
  128. Mrs Jas. Macdonald
  129. Mrs. Lizzie Moore
  130. Mrs Harry McManus And Infant
  131. Miss Annie McManus
  132. Miss Katie McGee
  133. Miss Matilda McCaque
  134. Miss Hannah McCloskey
  135. Miss Mary W. Murray
  136. Mr. Anthony Mosgrave
  137. Mrs. Mary J. Moran And Infant
  138. Mr. John McGovern
  139. Miss Annie McKay
  140. Miss Matilda M. McHugh
  141. Miss Euphemia McLachlan
  142. Mr. John McGuire
  143. Miss Maggie McGuire
  144. Mr. John McDermaid
  145. Mrs. McDermaid
  146. Master Robert McDermaid
  147. Miss Mabel McDennaid
  148. Master H. McDermaid
  149. Mrs. Margaret McLean
  150. Miss Annie McLean
  151. Miss Maggie McLean
  152. Miss Madina McLean
  153. Miss Maria Mathers
  154. Mrs. Agnes McCullagh
  155. Miss Sophia Martin
  156. Mrs. John McEwen And Infant
  157. Miss Sarah Mills
  158. Mrs. A. McKay
  159. Mrs. C. V. Machón
  160. Miss Jeanie Murray
  161. Miss Katie McIntyre
  162. Miss Agnes McKay
  163. Mr. Thomas McCann
  164. Mr. H. C. McGowan
  165. Mrs. John Munroe
  166. Miss Lizzie McDonald
  167. Miss Annie Munroe
  168. Mr. Charles Martin
  169. Mr. David Nicolson
  170. Mrs. Nicolson And Infant
  171. Mr. Geo. R. Orme
  172. Mrs. Orme
  173. Master Edw. Orme
  174. Master George Orme
  175. Mrs. Robert Officer
  176. Master Robert Officer, Jr
  177. Miss Mary Officer
  178. Mr. Geo. Pritchard
  179. Mrs. Martha Palm And Infant
  180. Mrs. Mary Phaier
  181. Master James Phaier
  182. Master Martin Phaier
  183. Miss Lizzie Prentice
  184. Mr. Wm. Powell
  185. Mrs. Powell
  186. Master Percy Powell
  187. Mr. Francis Potter
  188. Mrs. Potter
  189. Miss Lucy Post
  190. Mrs. Agnes Patterson
  191. Mrs. Agnes Patterson (sic)
  192. Miss Nellie Porter
  193. Miss Jane Porler
  194. Mr. Frank Roberts
  195. Mr. John Richards
  196. Mrs. Richards
  197. Mrs. Wm. Reid
  198. Miss Katie Reid
  199. Miss Annie Reid
  200. Miss A. Robinson
  201. Miss Bridget Scolian
  202. Mr. Frank Spurin
  203. Mr. John Steele
  204. Miss M. Strain
  205. Mrs. Sloan Miss Sloan
  206. Miss Hessie Strahan
  207. Mr. John Scott
  208. Miss M. Shearer
  209. Mrs. Mary Storrie
  210. Miss Maggie Storrie
  211. Mr. George Shaw
  212. Mr. J. Small
  213. Miss Jeauie Storrie
  214. Mr. Jas. Shedden
  215. Mrs. Shedden
  216. Master John Shedden
  217. Master Duncan Shedden
  218. Master James Shedden
  219. Mrs. Thomas Sloss
  220. Master Andrew Sloss
  221. Miss Jane Sloss
  222. Master John Sloss
  223. Mr. B. W. Snyder
  224. Mrs. Snyder
  225. Miss Maggie Sprouls
  226. Miss Maggie Thompson
  227. Mr Win. Tucker
  228. Mrs. Tucker
  229. Miss Maud Tucker
  230. Master Winfred Tucker
  231. Miss Charlotte Thornberry
  232. Mrs. Matilda Town
  233. Miss Lizzie Thomson
  234. Miss Minnie Trimmins
  235. Miss Annie Thay
  236. Miss Emilie Thornberry
  237. Mr. Daniel Turner
  238. Mr. W. H. Tilson
  239. Mr. David Waugh
  240. Mrs. W. A. Wilkinson And Infant
  241. Miss Harvey Walker
  242. Miss Mary A. Wilson
  243. Mr. Edward Walker
  244. Mrs. Walker
  245. Mr. Edward Walker
  246. Mr. Leslie Weil
  247. Mrs. Geo. Watson And Infant And two children
  248. Miss. Willson
  249. Miss Mary Work
  250. Mr. Geo. H. Wilson
  251. Mr. Alex. Yule


Rates of Passage, New York-Glasgow-Londonderry, 1895.

Rates of Passage, New York-Glasgow-Londonderry, 1895. First Cabin Rates for the SS City of Rome, SS Furnessia, and for All Other Steamers of the Service. Second Cabin Rates and Steerage Rates Including Bedding and Eating Utensils. Back Cover of a Anchor Steamship Line SS Furnessia Second Cabin Passenger List from 8 June 1895. GGA Image ID # 1e41325176


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