SS Cameronia Passenger List - 6 September 1913


Passenger List, Anchor Line TSS Cameronia, 1913, Glasgow to New York

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS Cameronia of the Anchor Line, Departing Saturday, 6 September 1913 from Glasgow to New York via Moville, Commanded by Captain Walter Baxter. The ship arrived in New York on 14 August 1913. GGA Image ID # 1fc6ec1356


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Walter Baxter
  2. Surgeon: D. A. McCurdy, F. R. C. S
  3. Purser: Thos. Tulloch
  4. Chief Steward: Charles Gordon
  5. Stewardess: Mrs. Craigie
  6. Stewardess: Miss Dunn
  7. Stewardess: Miss McGregor
  8. Stewardess: Mrs. Bowie
  9. Stewardess: Miss Britton


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mrs. Ida Adams
  2. Miss Murray Adams
  3. Miss Ellonine Adams
  4. Mrs. Christina Adamson
  5. Miss Annie C. Addison
  6. Miss Kate Alexander
  7. Miss Blanche Alexander
  8. Miss Annie Alexander
  9. Miss Jenny W. Allan
  10. Mr. James Allan
  11. Dr. Louis Ancker
  12. Mrs. Ancker
  13. Miss Annie Anderson
  14. Miss Emily Applegate
  15. Mr. Cameron V. Bailey
  16. Mrs. Bailey
  17. Miss Baird
  18. Miss. Gladys P. Barker
  19. Mrs. E. R. Barker
  20. Miss Ellen Barry
  21. Miss Ada Battersby
  22. Mr. Andrew Beatty
  23. Mr. Thomas Beatty
  24. Miss Bessie Belfield
  25. Mrs. Pellinger
  26. Mr. Saul Bercott
  27. Mr. Walter S. Blake
  28. Mr. W. B. Bolmer
  29. Mr. M. T. Bolmer
  30. Miss Katherine Boyce
  31. Miss Katherine Brook
  32. Mr. Thomas P. Brophy
  33. Mrs. Lawson Brown
  34. Master Lawson Brown
  35. Dr. Albert P. Brubaker
  36. Mrs. Brubaker
  37. Dr. Caldwell
  38. Miss Caldwell
  39. Mr. John A. Carlisle
  40. Miss Nora M. Caroe
  41. Miss Juliette E. Castles
  42. Mr. S. Cathcart
  43. Miss Cathcart
  44. Mr. Isaac Chambers
  45. Mrs. R. H. Clancy
  46. Miss Rena H. Clarke
  47. Miss Nan G. Clarke
  48. Mr. G. Davidson Coleman
  49. Mr. C. C. Connell
  50. Mrs. Connell
  51. Miss Bridget Connolly
  52. Rev. James Conway, D.D.
  53. Mrs. Conway
  54. Miss Josephine Cosby
  55. Mrs. William F. Crerand
  56. Miss Mary E. Crook
  57. Mr. John H. Davey
  58. Mrs. Davey
  59. Master Ernest Davey
  60. Mrs. William Deer
  61. Miss Margaret Deer
  62. Miss H. M. Dean
  63. Miss Sarah F. Demarest
  64. Mr. James M. Dewey
  65. Mrs. Dewey New York
  66. Miss M. H. Dickson
  67. Miss Eleanor Diggs
  68. Mr. Joseph Donald
  69. Mr. Martin J. Doyle
  70. Mrs. Doyle
  71. Miss Martha Drake
  72. Miss Agnes K. Duncan
  73. Miss Margaret C. Duncan
  74. Mrs. G. W. Eastman
  75. Mrs. Mary C. Elder
  76. Mr. Devereux Emmet
  77. Mrs. Emmet
  78. Mr. Devereux Emmet, Jr.
  79. Miss Sarah Lee Evans
  80. Mrs. D. Farquhar
  81. Dr. W. B. Featherstone
  82. Mrs. Featherstone
  83. Miss Ethel R. Fifield
  84. Mr. Richard M. Fleming
  85. Mr. Richard J. Fleming
  86. Mr. David Freeman
  87. Mrs. Mary D. Freeman
  88. Miss Elizabeth K. Fulton
  89. Mr. John Gallagher
  90. Mrs. Gallagher
  91. Mrs. Irene Gardner
  92. Miss Lois D. Gaskill
  93. Mr. Frank Gebbie
  94. Miss Gebbie
  95. Mrs. J. G. Geddes
  96. Master Ross C. Geddes
  97. Master Alexander L. Geddes
  98. Miss Margaret C. Geddes
  99. Rev. William M. Geer
  100. Miss Gertrude M. Geer
  101. Miss Cornelia F. Geer
  102. Mr. Harold Geoghegan
  103. Right Rev. R. A. Gibson
  104. Miss Lucy F. Gibson
  105. Miss Mary Gibson
  106. Mr. John M. Gilchrist
  107. Mrs. Gilchrist
  108. Miss Gilchrist
  109. Miss Adele Goldsmith
  110. Mr. David Graham
  111. Mrs. Graham
  112. Miss Susan Graham
  113. Mr. Malcolm Graham
  114. Mr. Haldane Graham
  115. Mr. Douglas Graham
  116. Rev. Donald M. Grant
  117. Mrs. Alice M. Graman
  118. Miss Nannie Grant
  119. Miss Mildred E. Green
  120. Mr. Gilbert H. Grosvenor
  121. Mrs. Grosvenor
  122. Master Melville B. Grosvenor
  123. Miss Gertrude H. Grosvenor
  124. Miss Mabel Grosvenor
  125. Dr. Gordon R. Hall
  126. Mrs. Margaret C. Hall
  127. Mr. George A. Hamlin
  128. Mrs. Hamlin
  129. Mr. Julian Hamlin
  130. Mr. James Hannan
  131. Miss Mabelle Harbeson
  132. Mrs. A. B. Harper
  133. Master A. B. Harper
  134. Miss Mary A. Harper
  135. Mr. Albert B. Hart
  136. Mrs. Hart
  137. Mr. A. B. Hart, Jr.
  138. Mr. Adrian P. Hart
  139. Mrs. Hastings H. Hart
  140. Rev. George H. Harvey
  141. Mrs. Harvey
  142. Master George Harvey
  143. Mr. Nicholas Healy
  144. Miss Nellie Henderson
  145. Mr. John Henderson
  146. Mr. Wm. F. Hendrickson
  147. Miss K. Hogan
  148. Miss Dora Howe
  149. Mr. Fred S. Hughes
  150. Mrs. Hughes
  151. Miss Helen Humphrey
  152. Capt. J. B. Dalzell Hunter
  153. Miss Hurst
  154. Mr. A. Ibrahim
  155. Mr. Robert Innis
  156. Mr. Albert John Innis
  157. Sister Mary Isabel
  158. Miss Lillie James
  159. Mr. Lewis H. Johnson
  160. Mrs. Johnson
  161. Mrs. Louie Jourdain
  162. Mr. Henry P. Journeay
  163. Mrs. Journeay
  164. Mr. William F. Kennedy
  165. Mrs. Kennedy
  166. Mrs. J. W. Kinnear
  167. Miss Jeannette Kinnear
  168. Miss Esther Kinnear
  169. Miss Jean M. Kirk
  170. Miss Hazel M. Kirk
  171. Miss Harriet M. Klussman
  172. Miss Kraft
  173. Mrs. Helen M. Kristensen
  174. Mr. R. A. Lambert
  175. Mr. George Lang
  176. Mrs. Lang
  177. Miss Barbara Lang
  178. Mrs. Susan M. Langbein
  179. Mr. Edward Law
  180. Mr. J. L. Lawson
  181. Miss E. L. Ledwich
  182. Mr. G. E. Lippincott
  183. Mr. Robert Logan
  184. Miss Minnie F. Logan
  185. Miss Beatrice L. Logan
  186. Miss Maisie Logie
  187. Mr. Samuel H. Longley
  188. Miss Mary E. Longley
  189. Mr. M. Luttges
  190. Mrs. Luttges
  191. Mr. Elias A. Lyon
  192. Mrs. Lyon
  193. Mr. Andrew McAllister
  194. Miss Annie E. McAlister
  195. Mrs. Camille McBan
  196. Mrs. Claude E. McCabe
  197. Mr. J. G. McCallum
  198. Mr. H. McCarney
  199. Mrs. McCarney
  200. Dr. John A. McCorkle
  201. Mr. Whitford L. McDowell
  202. Miss Madeline C. McDuff
  203. Mr. William McEwan
  204. Mr. A. G. McGregor
  205. Miss McGuire
  206. Miss Bessie B. McIntyre
  207. Miss M. McKinney
  208. Mrs. Alma MacManus
  209. Rev. F. A. McMillen
  210. Mrs. McMillen
  211. Rev. Peter McMillan
  212. Mrs. McMillan
  213. Mr. George F. Macharniss
  214. Miss Edith Magrath
  215. Miss Margaret Magrath
  216. Miss Mary E. Mallette
  217. Mrs. Nellie C. Marsh
  218. Mr. Wm. N. C. Marsh
  219. Mr. Frank R. Martin
  220. Mr. William L. Mason
  221. Miss Clara M. Matthews
  222. Miss Henrietta Matthews
  223. Mr. William J. Michael
  224. Miss Kathleen Mills
  225. Miss Isabella M. Moffat
  226. Dr. Daniel M. Molloy
  227. Miss F. Molloy
  228. Mr. John Morrison, Jr.
  229. Dr. Elizabeth M. Mosher
  230. Dr. J. B. Murphy
  231. Mr. John L. Murray
  232. Mrs. Murray
  233. Miss Cassie Murray
  234. Miss Dora L. Newman
  235. Mr. Thomas J. O'Donohoe
  236. Mr. Charles W. Ostrom
  237. Mrs. Ostrom
  238. Miss Anna M. Ostrom
  239. Master Warren Ostrom
  240. Rev. John M. Page
  241. Miss Joe Paterson
  242. Mr. Anders Pedersen
  243. Miss Gladys E. Perry
  244. Mrs. Charles J. Phillips
  245. Mr. F. H. Pickard
  246. Mrs. Pickard
  247. Master John L. Pickard
  248. Miss Plant
  249. Miss Margaret Pond
  250. Mr. Andrew Purvis
  251. Mr. Carl Rath
  252. Mrs. Rath
  253. Miss Evelyn I. Reed
  254. Mrs. H. C. Reid
  255. Miss Edna Reid
  256. Master Huxley Reid
  257. Miss Mary E. Reilly
  258. Mr. Alfred A. Ritchie
  259. Mrs. Ritchie
  260. Miss Bartow Robertson
  261. Mr. Andrew Robertson
  262. Mrs. Robertson
  263. Miss Isabel M. Robertson
  264. Master Alastair M. Robertson
  265. Miss Catherine M. Robertson
  266. Mr. James K. Robinson
  267. Mrs. Robinson
  268. Miss Annie E. Robinson
  269. Miss Kathleen Robinson
  270. Mrs. W. A. Ross
  271. Miss Olive M. Ross
  272. Miss Jennie D. Ross
  273. Mrs. Margaret Rowley
  274. Mrs. Rowley Russell
  275. Mr. J. Sarver
  276. Miss Henrietta Seavey
  277. Miss Leta M. Scholze
  278. Mr. Samuel A. Sharp
  279. Miss Katherine W. Sharp
  280. Mr. John T. Sheehan
  281. Mr. A. Shenudah
  282. Miss Bessie A. Smith
  283. Mr. Randolph Smith
  284. Mr. Nicholas M. Smith
  285. Mrs. Smith
  286. Mr. Alexander Pyott Spence
  287. Mrs. Pyott Spence
  288. Master Harold Spence
  289. Mrs. Elvira C. Stanley
  290. Miss Helen M. Stanley
  291. Mrs. Anastasia Steuart
  292. Mr. James Stewart
  293. Mrs. Mary R. McD. Stickney
  294. Miss Jean B. Stuart
  295. Miss Florence J. Sutherland
  296. Miss Berenice Swift
  297. Mr. Walter H. Taylor
  298. Mrs. Taylor
  299. Mr. Ernest J. M. Thomson
  300. Miss Margaret A. Timmons
  301. Mrs. George Turnbull
  302. Miss Agnes Turnbull
  303. Miss Wafer
  304. Miss Wafer
  305. Miss Wafer
  306. Miss Wafer
  307. Mr. John Wagner, Jr.
  308. Miss Nell O. Waldo
  309. Mr. John E. Walsh
  310. Mrs. John R. Walsh
  311. Miss Mary Walsh
  312. Miss Libbie Walsh
  313. Miss Aida Watrous
  314. Mr. Forbes Watson
  315. Mrs. Watson
  316. Miss Isabel L. Watson
  317. Miss R. Anna Webb
  318. Mrs. D. D. Webster
  319. Mr. Alexander F. Wemple
  320. Mrs. West
  321. Miss Ella L. West
  322. Miss Mary West
  323. Miss Daisy Whyte
  324. Miss Mary J. Wilhoite
  325. Mr. T. Wilson
  326. Miss M. Winston
  327. Mr. John Young
  328. Mrs. Young
  329. Miss Sarah R. Young
  330. Miss Alice Young
  331. Mrs. Jane Young


Information for Passengers


Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times: Breakfast from 8 to 10: Luncheon at 1 p.m., and Dinner at 6:30. Supper, if required, will be served before 10 o'clock.

The Bar will be closed at 11 p.m. and the Smoke Room at 11:30 p.m.

The Chief Steward has the arrangement of the seats at the table.

Music Room Steward is provided with Telegraph Forms, Stamps, etc.

Telegrams and Letters for dispatch are to be handed to this Official (fully prepaid) one hour before leaving Moville. This Official will also provide Railway Time Tables for the use of Passengers.

Divine Service may be held (once) on Sunday,

Dogs: Passengers are notified that dogs can only be landed in Great Britain if a license has been previously procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. License forms can only be obtained by direct application to the department before the dog is taken on board. Dogs may be taken on specific dates and by special agreement only.

Baggage: All inquiries regarding baggage should be made to the Second Steward.

Trunks, Wraps, etc., will be received, stored, and shipped by the Company for the return voyage. The Second Steward will provide Passengers with Initial Labels for Boxes to facilitate baggage examination on landing.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at $1.00 for the voyage—printed receipt to be obtained by Passengers for this hire.

Valuables: The Company is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables. The Purser will be glad to place such in his safe if Passengers so desire. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by Insurance.

Official Receipts: Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

Londonderry Passengers: Passengers joining Steamers for New York at Londonderry must be at our Office by 3 o'clock Afternoon on the day Steamers leave Glasgow.

Customs: Tobacco, cigars, etc. wines, spirits, and perfumery are liable to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom. The smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs authorities when required. Reprints of copyrighted books and music will be confiscated.

Surgeon.—Each Steamer carries an experienced Surgeon, who is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating Saloon Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board, no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided for free.


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Cameronia Saloon Passenger List, 6 September 1913.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), SS Cameronia Saloon Passenger List, 6 September 1913. GGA Image ID # 1fc6892f8b


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