SS California Passenger List - 22 July 1938


Front Cover - 22 July 1938 Passenger List, TSS California, Anchor Line

Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List for the SS California of the Anchor Line, Departing Friday, 22 July 1938 from Glasgow to Boston and New York via Dublin, Commanded by Captain Robert W. Smart.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Robert W. Smart
  2. Chief Officer: James McGill Brown
  3. Chief Engineer: George B. Russell
  4. Surgeon: Andrew Thomson, M.B., Ch. B
  5. Purser: John H. Hughan
  6. Senior Assistant Purser: Andrew Porter
  7. Chief Steward: William Dickson


Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mr. John Barr
  2. Mr. Michael C. Broughal
  3. Miss Eleanor L. Broughal
  4. Mr. Robert M. Curts
  5. Mr. Henry R. Gabay
  6. Mrs. Gabay
  7. Mr. James J. Daly
  8. Mrs. Daly
  9. Mrs. Winifred McL. Gustin
  10. Mrs. Katherine Hinkler
  11. Mr. H. Louis Hoffman
  12. Mrs. Hoffman
  13. Mr. Wilbur Jones
  14. Mrs. Jones
  15. Mrs. Helen Koeneke
  16. Miss Kathryn M. Lawrence
  17. Miss Elizabeth M. Low
  18. Miss Sarah A. McCormick
  19. Mr. William D. McGregor
  20. Mrs. McGregor
  21. Miss Margaret McGregor
  22. Mr. J. R. McGregor
  23. Miss K. McCrosson
  24. Mr. James A. McLean
  25. Mrs. McLean
  26. Rev. Joseph Newth
  27. Mr. Sydney S. Petrie
  28. Mrs. Petrie
  29. Mr. Aidan Roark
  30. Mrs. Jean H. Rome
  31. Master William W. Rome
  32. Mr. John Ronald
  33. Mr. Alexander Rothenberg
  34. Mrs. W. Murray Seaton
  35. Miss Alice M. Shelmidine
  36. Mr. Clarence A. Southerland
  37. Mrs. Southerland
  38. Miss Anna A. Stewart
  39. Miss Edna L. Sweeney
  40. Mr. George R. Wadleigh


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Miss Catherine Aird
  2. Miss Eliz. Aitken
  3. Miss Eleanor Allan
  4. Miss Edyth M. Allan
  5. Mr. John Anderson
  6. Mr. Ferguson
  7. Mrs. Eliz. Ferguson
  8. Miss Mary Frazer
  9. Miss Margaret Frazer
  10. Mr. G. P. Frazer
  11. Mrs. Elizabeth Barr
  12. Mrs. Mary Baxter
  13. Miss Margaret Bell
  14. Mr. Thos. Beveridge
  15. Miss Jane Boyd
  16. Mrs. Alice Buchan
  17. Mr. J. Burns
  18. Mrs. E. Burns
  19. Mr. Jac. Galloway
  20. Miss Annie Geddes
  21. Mrs. Matilda H. Gillis
  22. Mrs. Margaret Gorry
  23. Miss Margaret Gorry
  24. Master Ian Gorry
  25. Mrs. Barbara B. Gray
  26. Mr. Robert Gray
  27. Miss Jessie Green
  28. Mr. John Cahill
  29. Mr. A. S. Calderwood
  30. Mrs. Marion Calderwood
  31. Mr. Joshua Chatwin
  32. Mrs. Jane Cinnamond
  33. Mrs. Collingwood
  34. Miss Mary Currie
  35. Miss Jessie Currie
  36. Miss Janet Cuthbert
  37. Miss Anna Davisson
  38. Mrs. Annie Donlan
  39. Miss Patricia Donlan
  40. Miss Margaret Doherty
  41. Miss Gertrude Drislane
  42. Mr. Wm. Duff
  43. Mrs. Mary Dwyer
  44. Rev. P. J. Enright
  45. Mr. David Halliday
  46. Mrs. Margaret Halliday
  47. Miss Margaret Halliday
  48. Master Robert Halliday
  49. Mr. H. Hart
  50. Mrs. Hart
  51. Miss Margaret Hart
  52. Master Ian Hart
  53. Mr. James Harvie
  54. Miss Ellen Hayes
  55. Mr. James Huey
  56. Miss Betty Huey
  57. Miss C. Hood Hunter
  58. Mr. W. Irwin
  59. Mrs. K. Irwin
  60. Miss V. Irwin
  61. Mrs. Elizabeth Kirk
  62. Mrs. Nora Kortlucke
  63. Miss Sheila Kortlucke
  64. Prof. Maurice Lacey
  65. Mrs. Lacey
  66. Mr. Victor Lenzen
  67. Mrs. Lenzen
  68. Sister Lucia
  69. Mr. Edward Lunn
  70. Mr. Pat Lynch
  71. Mrs. Eliz. Lynch
  72. Rev. Charles P. Lyons
  73. Mr. Edward Lyons
  74. Mr. Patrick Lyons
  75. Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons
  76. Miss Catherine Napier
  77. Mr. W. G. Obelitz
  78. Mrs. Obelitz
  79. Miss Helen Obelitz
  80. Miss Kath. O'Brien
  81. Miss Myriam Partridge
  82. Miss Kathleen McAleavey
  83. Mrs. Theresa McAleavey
  84. Miss Bridie McAleer
  85. Mr. Peter McConnell
  86. Mrs. Jean MacDonald
  87. Mrs. Jessie McDonald
  88. Miss Emily MacFee
  89. Miss Jean McIntyre
  90. Miss Mgt. McKellar
  91. Mr. Adam McLardy
  92. Mrs. Elizabeth McLardy
  93. Miss Annie S. McLeod
  94. Mr. Alex. McRae
  95. Miss Andr. McRae
  96. Miss Helen Main
  97. Mrs. Agnes Mathieson
  98. Mr. Herbert Medley
  99. Mrs. Edith Medley
  100. Mr. Allan Millar
  101. Mrs. Annie Millar
  102. Mrs. L. Duff Moor
  103. Mrs. Bella Moore
  104. Miss Anne Moore
  105. Miss Winifred Moran
  106. Mrs. Mtr. Motter
  107. Mrs. Joanna Mullen
  108. Miss Phyllis Rainer
  109. Mrs. F. O. Robertson
  110. Miss Olive Robertson
  111. Miss Nancy Russel
  112. Mrs. Priscilla Saylor
  113. Miss Priscilla A. Saylor
  114. Miss Marion Scobie
  115. Miss Margaret Skehill
  116. Miss Catherine Skehill
  117. Miss Anna Skehill
  118. Mr. Lawrence Skehill
  119. Mrs. Johanna Skehill
  120. Mrs. Emily Smashey
  121. Miss Elizabeth Smyth
  122. Mr. Frank Smyth
  123. Mr. William Stevenson
  124. Mrs. Mary Stevenson
  125. Mr. William Strang
  126. Mrs. Mary Strang
  127. Master William Strang
  128. Miss Vivian S. Strang
  129. Miss Helen Sughrue
  130. Mr. Thomas Sullivan
  131. Mrs. Margaret Sullivan
  132. Mrs. Swayer
  133. Mr. Robert Tennant
  134. Joseph L. Werner
  135. Mrs. Cora F. Thayer
  136. Miss Harriet White
  137. Mr. Alfred M. Thomson, Jr.
  138. Miss Jean Wilson
  139. Miss Louise Van Cleve
  140. Sister Xavier
  141. Father Charles Walsh
  142. Dr. Annie Werner
  143. Miss Nancy Young


Anchor Line Fleet

  • Caledonia: 17,046
  • Britannia: 8,464
  • Transylvania: 16,923
  • Castalia: 6,601
  • California: 16,792
  • Elysia: 6,757
  • Tuscania: 16,991
  • Circassia: 11,200
  • Cameronia: 16,297
  • Cilicia: 11,200
  • Tenders: Paladin, Seamore Alert



  • Glasgow - Boston - New York
  • Liverpool - Marseilles - Egypt
  • India


Information for Passengers

Meals.—Breakfast, 8:00 am to 10:00 am; Luncheon, 1:00 pm; Dinner, 7:00 pm
When two sittings are necessary, meals will be served as follows :-

  • Breakfast, 8:00 am to 10:00 am;
  • Lunch, First sitting, 12:30 pm; Second sitting, 1.30 pm
  • Dinner, First sitting, 6:15 pm; Second sitting, 7.30 pm

Children's Meals— Breakfast, 9:00 am; Dinner, noon; Tea, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Passengers may reserve seats at table for the voyage on application to the Chief Steward.

Boat Muster and Fire Stations for Passengers.—A muster of Passengers will be held as soon as possible after leaving port, and in the interests of discipline all Passengers are requested to attend.

Litabalts must not be removed from staterooms, except in cases of extreme danger and for official Boat Muster.

Divine Service will be held, weather permitting, on Sunday morning. Requisites are provided for the celebration of Mass. Episcopalian and Anglican clergy may, on applying to the Purser, have the use of plate and linen for the purpose of holding Communion.

Additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.—Passengers should obtain official receipt on the Company's form.

Baggage.—Enquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage-Master.

To facilitate examination and identification of baggage on landing, all packages should have an official label affixed. These labels are supplied on board on application to Bedroom Steward.

Wardrobe Trunks.—The attention of Passengers is called to the fact that the steamer has a Baggage Room where trunks may be stored during the voyage. It is not always possible to have large wardrobe trunks placed in an accessible position in passenger staterooms.

Storage.—The Company will undertake to store steamer trunks belonging to Passengers at owner's risk until they are required for returning. Trunks should have owner's name printed on them, and they will not be re-shipped without instructions being sent to Baggage Master, Anchor Line, Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow. A description of the articles should be given, also name of steamer from which they were landed and date. No charge for storage is made if the owners return by the Company's vessels. If trunks are forwarded by rail this is done at owner's risk and expense.

Kiosk.—Passengers can obtain confectionery, fruit, toys, souvenirs, novels, postage stamps, etc., in the Kiosk.

Barber's Shop.—There is a fully equipped barber's shop on board for the convenience of Passengers.

Clothes Pressing.—Application should be made to the Barber, from whom rates and other particulars can be obtained.

Ladies' Hairdresser and Manicurist.—There is a well-appointed Ladies' Hairdresser and Manicurist's shop on board. For convenience appointments may be arranged.

Changes in Accommodation.—The Purser alone is authorized to make changes in accommodation and may only do so on payment of any difference in fare which may be required according to Company's tariffs.

Information.—If Passengers are in doubt on any point appertaining to their ocean voyage, or railroad journey, they are advised to consult the Purser.

Landing Cards.—Passengers must obtain from the Purser a Landing Card. The hours at which these cards are obtainable will be posted on notice board. It should be noted that before leaving the vessel the holder must present this landing card to an Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

The Anchor Line News, containing the latest news by wireless and closing prices on the various Stock Exchanges, is published on board and distributed free to Passengers at breakfast time during the voyage.

Library.—Library books may be obtained on application to the Librarian. The books are issued free of charge.

Deck Chairs, Rugs and Cushions are available for hire and may be obtained on application to the Deck Steward.

Port-Holes.—Passengers are requested not to open the ports. The Stewards will do this whenever practicable.

Dogs and Cats.—Passengers are notified that Dogs and Cats should be handed over to the livestock attendant on board and are not allowed in Staterooms, Public Rooms, or on Passenger Decks.

Dogs and Cats cannot be landed in Great Britain and Ireland unless a licence has been procured from the Ministry of Agriculture, London. Forms of licence and particulars of quarantine period can be obtained by direct application to the Department before the animal is taken on board. Dogs and Cats can only be carried by special arrangement being made with the Company prior to embarkation.

Postage Stamps are on sale at Writing Rooms and Kiosks. A notice will be displayed stating the latest time for posting mail matter on board.

British stamps must be used for correspondence posted on the High Seas. Rates:—Letters to United Kingdom and United States of America, lid. for the first ounce and ld. for each additional ounce. Postcards, lid. each.

Redirection of Mail.—Passengers who expect letters or parcels to be delivered to the ship after they have disembarked should leave their full names and addresses at the Bureau in order that their mail may be forwarded to them.

Railway and Steamer Time Tables may be consulted on application to the Purser.

Recovery of U.S. Head Tax—Temporary Visitors. A Certificate of Exemption will be issued by the U.S. Immigration Inspector to all Passengers who can satisfy him that their stay in the United States Will Not Exceed Sixty Days. On presentation of these Certificates to the Purser on board steamer prior to disembarkation Passengers who have paid Head Tax will receive refunds.

Passengers should note that, unless these Certifi- cates of Exemption are obtained, no refund of Head Tax can be made, even though Passengers eventually leave the United States less than sixty days after their arrival.

The decision of the United States Immigration Inspector with regard to the assessment of Head Tax and issuance of Certificates of Exemption is final.

Return Bookings.—The Purser and his staff will at all times be pleased to assist Passengers to arrange their return passages.

Smoking.—Passengers are requested to be careful when smoking on deck to see that cigarettes and cigars are extinguished before being thrown away. Children are not allowed in the Smoking Room.

The Surgeon is authorized to make the following charges for his services :—

  • Cabin Class.-5/- for the first visit and 2/6 per visit thereafter
  • Tourist Class.-2/6 per visit

In the case of sea-sickness or the consequences thereof, no charge will be made. Prescribed medicines are provided by the Company free of charge.

Nurse—A trained and qualified hospital Nurse is carried. Her services, under the direction of the Surgeon, are at the disposal of Passengers.

Valuables.—Money or valuables should not be exposed in staterooms. For the convenience of Passengers the Company has provided a safe in the Purser's Office in which money, jewels, ornaments, documents, or other valuables may be deposited by Passengers. A receipt for any articles so deposited will be issued by the Purser, but the Company does not, having regard to the ticket conditions and to the provisions of Section 502 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, and of Section 4281 of the revised Statutes of the United States, accept any responsibility for the safe custody of any such articles.

Passengers are warned that they should not on any account part with money or valuables to any persons representing themselves as members of the ship's staff.

The Purser deals with these at his office only. Money Exchange.—Faeilities are available on Steamers for Passengers to change sterling and American currency at favourable rates.

Intimation will be made on the notice boards when transactions may be effected.

In their own interests Passengers should obtain an Exchange Voucher on the Company's Printed Form for each transaction.

Cheques.—Passengers are respectfully informed that the Purser is not authorized to accept private cheques.

Complaints of incivility, carelessness or inattention on the part of any of the ship's staff should be immediately reported to the Purser or Chief Steward, and failing satisfaction to the Captain.


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