SS California Passenger List - 17 May 1879


Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the SS California of the Anchor Line, Departing 17 May 1879 from London.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the SS California of the Anchor Line, Departing 17 May 1879 from London for New York, Commanded by Captain James Donaldson. GGA Image ID # 15985655d5


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: James Donaldson, Commander
  • Chief Officer: J. Swayne
  • Second Officer: W., Hardie
  • Third Officer: C. Porionet
  • Chief Engineer: A. Tasker
  • Surgeon: P. R. Piews
  • Purser: G. Scott
  • Chief Steward: J. Salter
  • Stewardess: Mrs. Forsyth


Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss H. J. Barkenstein, Hartford, CT
  2. Mr. Elijah Boyden, Boston
  3. Mrs. Boyden, Boston
  4. Mr. R. H. Brimley, London
  5. Mr. R. N. Brooke, Virginia
  6. Mr. A. Copp, New York
  7. Mrs. Copp, New York
  8. Miss Copp, New York
  9. Miss Olive Copp, New York
  10. Mr. R. L. Crowder, Chicago
  11. Mrs. Crowder and Infant, Chicago
  12. Miss E. L. Crowder, Chicago
  13. Mrs. Curzon, London
  14. Mr. R. H. Davis, London
  15. Mrs. Davis, London
  16. Mr. Alfred Douthwaite, London
  17. Mr. D. M. Ford, Bristol
  18. Mr. Alexander Forrest, London
  19. Mrs. Gleason, London
  20. Miss E. Gorringe, London
  21. Master F. Gorringe, London
  22. Mr. H. W. Griffin, London
  23. Mr. Griswold, London
  24. Mr. William Hamilton, London
  25. Mrs. Hamilton, London
  26. Mr. T. Hayselden, San Francisco
  27. Mrs. Hayselden, San Francisco
  28. Mr. T. Henderson, London
  29. Mrs. Hubbard, New York
  30. Miss Hubbard, New York
  31. Mr. David Langridge, London
  32. Mr. J. Miller, London
  33. Miss Nunns and Niece, London
  34. Mr. Thomas O'Connor, London
  35. Mrs. Emily Philips and Two Children, Elmira, NY
  36. Mr. L. W. Powell, London
  37. Miss E. P. Prout, New York
  38. Mr. George A. Rudd, US
  39. Mrs. Rudd, US
  40. Mrs. Smith, London
  41. Miss Smith, London
  42. Mr. C. F. Stevens, London
  43. Mr. James Stewart, London
  44. Mr. A. Taylor, London
  45. Mr. W. Taylor, London
  46. Mrs. Taylor, London
  47. Miss Taylor, London
  48. Mrs. Ugland and Infant, Charlton, Kent
  49. Mr. O. Watson, London
  50. Mrs. Watson, London
  51. Miss Watson, London
  52. Mr. G. Wicks, London


Information for Passengers

Notice: To obviate the risk of Collision, lessen the dangers of Navigation, and ensure finer weather, the owners of the "Anchor" Line have adopted Lieutenant Maury's System of separate Steam Lane Routes for the Outward and Homeward Passages of their Atlantic Steamers, whereby the most Southerly Route practicable will be regularly maintained throughout all seasons of the year.

Berths are not considered Reserved unless Deposit is paid or Return Ticket exchanged, which should be done as early as possible.


Atlantic Steamers of the Anchor Line

  • Alsatia
  • Anchoria
  • Anglia
  • Australia
  • Bolivia
  • Caledonia
  • California
  • Castalia
  • Circassia
  • Devonia
  • Elysia
  • Ethiopia
  • Italia
  • India
  • Trinacria
  • Utopia
  • Victoria


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