Ladies' Outerwear 1880s-1930s

Over the years, the plaited Eton and bolero jackets have proven to be fashionable outdoor garments. For early Autumn and late Spring uses they are worn with a very thin, light lining if any at all is used. For Winter coats heavier linings are a necessity.

Ladies Outdoor Garment 351 L - 1890

Ladies Outdoor Garment 351 L - 1890

The jacket is stylishly adjusted by under-arm and side-back gores, and a well-curved center seam which ends a little below the waist-line at the top of coat-laps that are rounded at their lower corners.


Women's Outdoor Toilette and Long Coat

Ladies Outdoor Dress and Long Coat 140 T & 141 T - 1900

The double-breasted jacket is a particularly smart design; it shows graceful adjustment and is closed in double-breasted style with buttonholes and buttons and turned back above the closing to form lapels that are silk faced.


Stylish Eton Jacket

Ladies Very Stylish Eton Jacket 139 T - 1900

This illustrates a Very Stylish Ladies' Eton Jacket - a classic, short jacket originally, typically black in color, worn at Eton College. This vintage design dates from 1900.


Ladies and Teens Short & Long Coats No. 7410 & 7383 - 1904

Ladies and Teens Short & Long Coats No. 7410 & 7383 - 1904

Silver braid and buttons on velour give modish decoration for this zibeline coat; the skirt is of kersey. This useful garment is developed in rainproof flecked gray Cheviot, with machine-stitching, producing a tailored finish.


Ladies Coats and Wraps 7418 & 7427 - 1904

Ladies Coats and Wraps 7418 & 7427 - 1904

Mole-gray broadcloth was used to show the good style of jacket No. 7418 and skirt No. 7376 in combination, passementerie lending contrast. This all-black street toilette is a reproduction of cape wrap No. 7427 in panne zibeline, and circular skirt no. 7375, in broadcloth.


Ladies Attractive Coat and Skirt 4497 4487 - 1900

Ladies Attractive Coat and Skirt 4497 4487 - 1900

The coat, which is a double-breasted mode and is in this instance worn open, shows the long shoulder effect that is such a marked feature of military styles. It is pictured developed in sealskin, with chinchilla for the high, flare, gored collar and for facing the revers which the fronts are turned back to form.


Ladies' Afternoon Toilette

Ladies Afternoon Two-Piece Outfit 208 T - 1900

This two-piece outfit is of fashionable cut and appropriate for formal or general wear, according to the material employed. Black velvet was used for the coat, in combination with chinchilla, and the skirt is developed in a fashionable shade of light cloth, with a decoration of black braid.


Toilettes for Rainy Days

Ladies Two-Piece Costumes for Rainy Days 198 T and 199 T - 1900

Costumes of this style are now called hygienic because of their shortened skirt, and they are as suitable for golfing, touring, and ice skating, as for stormy weather and general wear. The one here illustrated is made of striped suiting with stitching for the finish.


Handsome Calling Toilettes

Ladies Attractive Calling Outfits 184 T and 185 T - 1900

The Eton modes still hold sway and are ensured popularity for the coming season. The one forming a part of this attractive outfit is shown made of cloth in one of the pastel tones of gray, with appliqués of luxurious lace and bands of darker fabric outlined with gilt braid for garniture.


Modish Outdoor Toilettes

Ladies Stylish Outdoor Outfits 192 T & 193 T - 1900

The extreme good style expressed in the outfit pictured at this figure will gain for it many admirers. It is shown developed from a lustrous-faced Venetian cloth in a rich royal-blue shade and white Lousine, silver-gray chinchilla affording the decoration; large blue-and-gold buttons are a practical as well as an ornamental feature.


Fashionable Street Toilettes

Ladies Fashionable Street Outfits 194 T and 195 T - 1900

Unusual style and grace characterize the beautiful street outfit here portrayed. Black velvet, light-gray cloth, and black silk were associated in the present development of the mode, with bands of gray Astrakhan for trimming.


What Enchanting, Irresistible Spectacles These new Coats and Wraps Are

Paris Couturiers Introduce New Wrap Silhouette - 1919

Jacob Rapoport reports Paris couturiers have introduced new wrap silhouette. Mr. Rapoport returned from Paris recently bringing with him a most exciting aggregation of French model wraps, all offering different versions of the modern silhouette.


Revival of Interest in White Fox

The Resurgence of Fur Coats and Capes Seen 1922

The appearance of a brilliant woman at the Plaza at the tea hour in an otter coat with a four-inch edge of seal skin following its odd square cut lines, worn above a smart tailor of black broadcloth, gave this idea an added significance.


Rising Prestige of Knitted Outerwear March 1922

Rising Prestige of Knitted Outerwear March 1922

The promotion of knitted outerwear to the point reached this year seems astonishing given the long early struggle to get beyond the mere a, b, c, when sweaters were clumsy changes made by the schoolgirl from her middy blouse when she played hockey or basketball.


Midsummer Outerwear 1922

Supple Silhouette of Fall Outerwear 1922

The most radical changes in coats apart from belt questions are shown at the hemline and shoulders. Smoothly fitted shoulders merge into the 1830 lines, which are accented by trimmings.


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