Women's Activewear 1880s-1930s

Women's Activewear 1880s-1930s (Golfing Costume from 1900)

Activewear during the five decades covered by our collection has evolved from riding garments to dancing in frocks. Materials used in the creation of activewear decreased considerably during that time, making the more sporting outfits practical for their intended purpose.

Ladies and Misses Riding Garments 1890

Ladies and Teens Riding Garments - 1890

Proper equestrienne attire - progressive fashion has decreed that the stylish feminine rider shall no longer be encumbered with long, flowing skirts that interfere so materially with her comfort and ease of motion.


Ladies Riding-Habit Basque No. 3409 - 1890

Ladies Riding-Habit Basque No. 3409 - 1890

In this instance the basque is illustrated made of lady’s-cloth and finished with machine-stitching. The pattern provides for two styles of front, either of which may be worn, with equally good taste.


Ladies’ Riding Skirt and Trousers No. 3410.

Ladies’ Riding Skirt and Trousers No. 3410

The garments are here represented made of lady’s-cloth. The trousers are smoothly fitted at the top by darts and by seams at the center of the back and frost, and slight fulness is arranged at the knee of the right trousers front.


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