Ladies Riding-Habit Basque No. 3409 - 1890

Ladies Riding-Habit Basque No. 3409 - 1890

No. 3409. - This basque is shown again at figure No. 340 L in this publication.

In this instance the basque is illustrated made of lady’s-cloth and finished with machine-stitching. The pattern provides for two styles of front, either of which may be worn, with equally good taste.

One front is arranged to close to the throat, and with it the military collar is the accepted finish at the neck.

The other front is fashioned to roll in small lapels, which meet a rolling collar in notches; with this front a tucker, skirt-front or chemisette, and a band-bow or a Windsor or knot scarf may be worn.

The basque is prettily adjusted by double bust darts, under-arm and side-back gores, and a curving center seam that is continued to the edge.

Each side-back seam disappears a little below the waist-line at the top of a coat-plait which is stitched to position near its outer fold and marked at the top with a button.

The closing is made with buttons and buttonholes, and below it the fronts flare to form a notch or double points. The basque is arched well over the hips, and the back is in stylish postilion shape.

A loop is fastened underneath at each side seam just above the lower edge, and in it is made a button-hole which is passed over a button placed upon the riding skirt to hold it in place.

The coat sleeves are each left open at the outside seam for a short distance above the lower edge and decorated below the seam with two buttons; narrow extensions are allowed on the back edges of the under sleeve-portion and lapped under the upper sleeve-portion.

A round cuff is outlined on each wrist by two rows of machine-stitching.

The basque is designed to accompany the riding skirt and trousers included in pattern No. 3410.

Flannel, lady’s-cloth. serge, cheviot, tricot, tweed and all goods used for riding-habits will make up suitably by the mode, and machine-stitching, a binding of silk braid or any other simple finish may be adopted. The garment may be well padded with wadding, if desired.

We have pattern No. 3409 in thirteen sizes for ladies from twenty-eight to forty-six inches, bust measure.

For a lady of medium size, it will require three yards of material twenty-two inches wide, or a yard and seven-eighths thirty-six inches wide, or a yard and a-half forty-four inches wide, or a yard and a-fourth, fifty-four inches wide.

Price of pattern, 1s. 3d. or 30 cents.

"Ladies Riding-Habit Basque [No. 3409]," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 81-82 (For Illustrations see Page 83).

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