Ladies’ Riding Skirt and Trousers No. 3410

Ladies’ Riding Skirt and Trousers No. 3410.

No. 3410.—This skirt and trousers are again illustrated at figures Nos. 340 L and 342 L in this magazine.

The garments represented here are made of lady’s-cloth. The trousers are smoothly fitted at the top by darts and by seams at the center of the back and frost, and slight fulness is arranged at the knee of the right trousers front.

They have the customary seams at the inside and outside of the legs; the outside ends a short distance from the top, and above them extensions are cut upon the backs and pass under the fronts.

The top is finished with fitted under-facings, and the side openings are closed with button-holes and buttons.

In shaping of the garment, the position of the wearer in the saddle is carefully considered, the right leg being longer than the left to permit a comfortable adjustment when in the saddle.

The customary straps to slip under the foot are adjusted underneath, but they may be omitted if undesirable.

The skirt is skillfully planned to produce a comfortable and graceful effect whether the wearer is mounted or walking.

The pattern provides for two lengths, the shorter of which is indicated by perforations. The two sections forming the skirt are united by seams at the sides, and three darts of graduated length are taken in the top.

In perfecting the outlines of the saddle side, two cross-darts are taken in the front and two in the back, the darts beginning at the right-side seam and extending respectively a short distance back and in front of this seam.

In the back is a longer dart, which is diagonal and extends from a little back of the crosswise darts to within a short distance of the end of the lengthwise dart nearest the right-side edge of the back.

These darts produce a smooth, easy adjustment, and the skirt is longer at this side than at the left to allow for the amount taken up on the saddle; consequently the lower outline is uniform when the wearer is in the saddle.

The lower edge is finished with a hem. The left side seam terminates at placket length from the top, and above it extra width for an underlap allowed upon the back-breadth forms the facing for a pocket that is composed of two sections seamed together at their rounding edges.

The placket opening is closed with button-holes and buttons and two hooks and eyes. The top of the skirt is provided with a fitted, yoke-like under-facing and bound with silk braid, the binding being carried along the top of the pocket, and enough extra length being allowed at the end to tie to a short piece of braid that is fastened considerably in front of the placket opening.

A piece of stout elastic is secured beneath the front-breadth at a point indicated in the pattern, and its free end is fastened in a loop into which the left foot is slipped to hold the skirt securely in place.

A tiny loop of braid is fastened at the back end of the lower cross-dart in the right side of the back; and when the wearer is not in the saddle this loop is passed over a button sewed near the top, to lift the skirt to walking length. Other buttons are sewed to the top of the skirt for the attachment of the basque.

Costume Options

The length of the skirt is a matter of personal taste and comfort. Smooth-faced cloth, tricot, serge, cheviot, etc., are among the most stylish materials for riding-habits, and the edges may be bound with silk or mohair braid or a line of machine-stitching may provide the finish.

The straps attached to the lower part of the trousers are only worn with shoes, as when boots are worn, the trousers are pushed inside them. The upper part of the trousers may be made of chamois.

The skirt and trousers may be easily made up by the pattern, and are especially designed to accompany habit basque No. 3409, which is shown elsewhere in this Delineator and costs 1s. 3d. or 30 cents. They may, however, be worn with a Norfolk jacket during the Summer.

Pattern Information

We have pattern No. 3410 in nine sizes for ladies from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure.

For a lady of medium size, it will require four yards and five-eighths of material fifty-four inches wide, with half a yard of Silesia thirty-six inches wide for the yokes, etc., and five-eighths of a yard of elastic for the skirt strap.

Price of pattern, 1s. 6d. or 35 cents.

Ladies’ Riding Skirt and Trousers [No. 3410]," in The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts – Midsummer Number, New York: Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, August 1890, P. 83-84 (For Illustrations see Page 85).

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