Ladies Casual and Loungewear 1880s-1930s

They are different dresses. There are distinctive styles, more advanced, and they conform to the actual wants of the wearers. House or porch dresses are the dresses you want because they are real values. The designs are smart— pleasing alike in their striking simplicity and the soft, graceful individuality of their lines. Roomy armholes and full, modish hips give comfort.


Effective Indoor Toilettes

Ladies Effective Indoor Outfits 196 T & 197 T - 1900

A decided innovation in blouses is shown at this figure, the shoulders being lengthened to fit the plain top of the two-seam sleeve, which bells stylishly over the hand. Black and white is a combination that is always in favor and is shown in the blouse forming part of this attractive outfit. Black peau de soie and white silk mull were here selected, and a pretty arrangement of white lace appliqué produces a luxurious effect.


Fancy House Gowns

Ladies Fancy House Gowns 206 T & 207 T - 1900

A Grecian gown that is both simple and graceful is shown at this figure developed in white albatross with black velvet ribbon in Greek-key design for garniture. The luxurious fabrics and elegant shaping of this handsome tea-gown combine to make the mode one of surpassing attractiveness.


Flowered Red Silk Wrapper with Tucked Flopunce and Bertha; Fichu of Silk Mull.

Gowns and Negligees for House Wear 1901

The proper dress for the appropriate occasion means much time, trouble, and expense saved, and, fortunately, this fact is being better understood every year by women who take pride in being well turned out and who at the same time have a little conscience as to the amount of money they spend upon clothes.


Women's Fashions for Morning and House Wear

Ladies' Morning Dress and Blouse 156 T & 157 T - 1900

Figured vailing was selected for the development of the wrapper with dark-blue satin for the sailor collar and cuff facings and a blue satin ribbon of a similar shade for the scarfs. The wrapper has a Watteau that falls out gracefully into the train and is carefully adjusted at the sides.


Comfortable Lounging-Robe and Dressing-Sach

Ladies Lounging Robe and Dressing Sack November 1900

The natural and graceful adjustment of the Kimono styles is apparent in this simply constructed wrapper. Its development included Dark-blue silk, flowered in white, combined with light and dark silk.


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