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Ladies Skirts 1880s-1930s

Skirts, while generally conservative, have some of the most exciting features. They range from two to four yards in width, the latter being used only in the more extreme models.

They are made in flared, pleated and gathered effects. The gathered skirt is susceptible of many variations in a trimming way and therefore is particularly interesting. Many of the skirts of this type are made with a heading, giving the shortened waistline.

Ladies Divided Skirt No. 3376

Ladies Divided Skirt No. 3376 - 1890

This skirt is illustrated made of Surah and trimmed with lace and tucks. (Open in the Back.) It is preferred by many to the ordinary skirt, particularly for wear during stormy weather and for tricycling and other outdoor sports.

Ladies Skirts 7396 7423 - 1904

Ladies Skirts 7396 7423 - 1904

Ladies’ skirt, in "1830” style, in an extended or medium sweep or dip length: consisting of a circular outside skirt, with plaits at the topstitched in tuck effect or falling free, or with gathers; with or without a panel effect, and a five-gored flare foundation skirt.

Ladies Skirts 7375 7376 - 1904

Ladies Skirts 7375 7376 - 1904

This everyday makeup of dotted gun-metal velveteen emphasizes the effectiveness of combining shirt-waist No. 7381 and skirt No. 7376. Broken-plaid cheviot is illustrated in this reproduction of shirt-waist No. 7380 and skirt No. 7376, the decoration consisting of braid and pipings.

Ladies Skirts 7426 7369 - 1904

Ladies Skirts 7426 7369 - 1904

A smart skirt introducing several pleasing features is portrayed in café au lait Eolienne decorated with machine-stitching. An excellent mode for a skirt to be worn with separate waists or as part of a suit in brown panne zibeline without ornamentation.

Sports and Semi-Sports Skirts February 1922

Sports and Semi-Sports Skirts - 1922

Designers of skirts are in their element, offering the decorative possibilities of the gathered and straight-line skirt, now that the pleatless is accepted, are a stimulus to the creative imagination, as the skirts, now being shown, fashioned of homespun, creponge, Roshanara, and other fashionable fabrics, demonstrate.

As Sports Wear Looms Today

Spring Skirts Stress Novelty Fabrics - January 1922

Collections of Spring skirts prove beyond a doubt that more thought has gone into the designing and fabric ends of skirts than ever before. There is something almost bewildering in the spectacle of the skirt world with its vivid colorings, new fabrics with strange names and endless versatility.

The Summer Skirt in Its Manifold Variations 1922

The Summer Skirt in Its Manifold Variations 1922

The designer of skirts has learned the secret of "follow-up" and is coming forth with fabrics for Summer skirts inspired by favored Spring versions. In the wake of the wool homespun comes a lightweight silk homespun with its suggestion of the rough surface of the original. It comes in many shades and lends itself entirely to the current fringed wrap-around mode.


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