Berlin Trade Exhibition

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 1896 Berliner Cewerbe-Aussstellung

Brochure Contents are printed using a old German Script which cannot be deciphered by those unfamiliar with the script.

  • First 16 Pages contain mostly text with 5 photographs of interior views of steamships of the North German Line Fleet.
    • Der Norddeutscher Lloyd (History of Norddeutscher Lloyd)
    • Das Ausftellungsfchiff Des Norddeutscher Lloyd
  • Part II contains 9 Graphs of Passenger, Freight, Miles and other information.
  • Large Foldout Chart giving the schematics of a typical steamship of that era.

Brochure Information

  • Date of Publication: 1896
  • Published By: Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen
  • Total Number of Printed Pages: 28
  • Number of Photographs: 5
  • Number of Graphs: 9
  • Number of Illustrations: 1
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