New York Service - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - 1921

Front Brochure Cover, RMSP New York Service - First and Second Class - 1921.

Front Brochure Cover, RMSP New York Service - First and Second Class - 1921. GGA Image ID # 11e52707c2


Great Royal Mail Steam Packet Company brochure from 1921 includes many extraordinary photographs, including of the first and second-class interiors of the ocean liners plying from Europe to New York. Translated from the French.

On this page, the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company proposes to present many interior views and to give a brief description of each one. She hopes to succeed in providing an idea of the comfortable layout of her three new ships.

The magnificent "Orduna" and "Orbita" three-propeller ships and the "Oropesa" two-propeller steamer provide direct regular service between Hamburg, Southampton, Cherbourg, and New York every fourteen days.

(For departure dates, consult the exclusive list that can be purchased in all the offices and agencies of the Company).

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

Among the peculiarities of these vessels, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Wireless Telegraphy
  • Underwater Signaling Device
  • Watertight compartments
  • Additional Electric Light Fixture In Case of Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Combined Signaling Arrangements
  • Morse and Semaphoric
  • Bowling pins
  • Lifesaving Canoes in Ample Enough To Receive Passengers and Crew Members
  • Incombustible partitions
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Gymnasium
  • Games Room For Children
  • Hairdresser
  • Dark Room For Photography
  • Electric Lift
  • Sale Shop For Fancy Items


R.M.S.P. Orduna, Orbita, and Oropesa.

R.M.S.P. Orduna, Orbita, and Oropesa. GGA Image ID # 11e552ba2d


"Orduna" and "Orbita" were built in Belfast at Harland & Wolff Ltd. "Oropesa" in Birkenhead by Cammell Laird & Co., Ltd.

The first two are 15,500 tons (25,000 tons displacement) with a length of 569 feet and a depth of 67 feet. "Oropesa" is 14,000 tons.

These ships, very solidly built, have a double bottom over their entire length and have not less than ten watertight compartments and seven steel decks.


First Class Dining Room.

First Class Dining Room. GGA Image ID # 11e5895ec8


The First-Class Dining Room, on the main deck, runs the full width of the ship. Each liner has a room for children. The First-Class Smoker, located on the Boardwalk, is oak paneled in "Jacobean" style and dominated by a central dome - an artistic and genuine fireplace makes the charm.

The smoking room is undoubtedly the most popular place for passengers on a transatlantic. This is where gentlemen, tobacco lovers or not, are most comfortable. The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company in furnishing this lounge has been particularly careful to lits customers.


First Class Smoking Room.

First Class Smoking Room. GGA Image ID # 11e59835c5


The smoking room is a convenient living room of exceptional dimensions with many comfortable corners. It is adjacent to the Grand Salon first class. This beautiful room is framed and paneled with satinwood panels, and furnished with armchairs and sofas; its atmosphere exudes luxury and comfort.

One of the distinguishing features of the Royal Mail Steam Packet's liners is their remarkable performance in heavy weather. Particular attention has been paid to the ventilation of cabins and fans bring fresh air to all parts of the ship.

SERVICE and KITCHEN are first class. The Company's worldwide reputation in these two crucial departments is due to the particular care taken in the selection of experienced "chefs," assistants and chambermaids whose politeness is the quality first.


First Class Lounge.

First Class Lounge. GGA Image ID # 11e5a11176


The cuisine follows the good traditions of the Service, and all the sacrifices are made in the markets passed on both sides of the Atlantic to make it better.

Second Class Amenities

The cabins can accommodate two hundred passengers and the dining room, like that of the first classes, extends over the entire width of the ship. The amenities of this class, without the luxury of first-class cabins, are of the same style with excellent berths and clean and attractive furnishings.


First Class Smoking Room.

First Class Smoking Room. GGA Image ID # 11e5e72d3c


Third Class

The facilities consist of a Dining Room (accommodating 148 people) and a Meeting Room. Comfortably furnished cabins are located in some parts of the ship where passengers will be very comfortable.


First Class Interconnecting Cabin.

First Class Interconnecting Cabin. GGA Image ID # 11e6091961


General Information and Regulations

All tickets are issued per the conditions and regulations printed therein, as well as in the information booklets of the Company. By accepting the ticket, the passenger agrees to all these conditions and provisions. The berths must be reserved as soon as possible to obtain the best locations, the cabins being allocated strictly according to the order of the requests.

Exclusive Use of a Cabin

A supplement equal to half the passage is due for any unoccupied berth. Supplements, if any, must be paid in full for each berth. Berths are not considered definitively reserved if the regulatory deposit is not paid in advance.


First Class Single Bed Cabin.

First Class Single Bed Cabin. GGA Image ID # 11e776a727


The balance of the passage must be paid at least 15 days before the date set for departure. The Company reserves the right to substitute any other vessel or vessels, change the date of departure or cancel their departure at any time without notice.

In either of these cases, passengers will not be able to make a claim against the Company for this reason, except for the reimbursement of the amount paid to reserve the cabins.


Information Bureau.

Information Bureau. GGA Image ID # 11e78b49ba



The servants accompanying the passengers pay the regular price unless they are accommodated in cabins specially reserved for their use. In this case, special rates are applied.


From 1 to 10 years old (in first and second classes) they pay half a place on the condition that two occupy the same berth. For children under one-year-old, special prices on request.

Table Seating

They can be booked in advance either at the offices of the Company or by addressing the day of departure to the second Maître d'Hôtel.


First and second class passengers have a 20 cubic foot franchise for their personal luggage. The excess is calculated at 4 / - per cubic foot. For transportation prices for bicycles, dogs, birds, motorcycles, etc. see the special brochure.


Second Class Lounge.

Second Class Lounge. GGA Image ID # 11e7af70bb


Trunks intended to be placed under berths must not be more than 40 centimeters high, 60 cms. in width and 91 cms. in length. Deck chairs and blankets can be rented for the trip at fixed prices.

Baggage Insurance

It is strongly recommended. The Company offers special facilities for luggage insurance. For information contact the offices of the Company.

PASSENGERS NOT LEAVING by the vessel on which they have taken place are likely to lose the regulatory deposit. However, this deposit is not lost in the case of force majeure and if sufficient notice has been given for the transfer on another liner and allowed to re-let the cabin. Items of a dangerous nature must not be carried by passengers

Passage tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE.


Second Class Dining Room.

Second Class Dining Room. GGA Image ID # 11e7b89234


Direct Tickets

They are subject to the regulations of the Company and those of the other lines of correspondence. Passengers must bear their living expenses while waiting for correspondence.

Correspondence with another ship or train is not guaranteed. All costs of disembarkation and boarding and all surcharges in addition to the amount collected are the responsibility of the passengers.

Letters of Credit

These letters, for limited sums and payable in Designated Agencies of the Company, are issued free of charge at the principal offices. The request must be made at least two days before the date set for departure. Amounts under £25 are payable on sight sums greater than £25 at one day of sight.



Gymnasium. GGA Image ID # 11e7cb60d7



Each liner has a Physician who is entitled to claim a fee. These fees are 7/6 per visit for first-class passengers and 2/6 for second class passengers. The accounts must be established by the doctor before the end of the trip. The prescribed medications are provided free of charge by the Company.

Strikes, Etc.

In the event of strikes, lockouts, disturbances or work stoppages, for any reason whatsoever, the Company accepts no responsibility for any loss or delay caused to passengers if it was unable to sail the ship on the scheduled date or on any other time.


Route Map of RMSP New York Service in 1921.

Route Map of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company New York Service in 1921. GGA Image ID # 11e7e54bb1


NY Saloon Booklet No. 1, Atlantic House, Moorgate St. London. R.M.S.P New York Service, First & Second Classes, 1921. Translated from the French.

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