Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912

Front Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure. Published by The James Kempster Printing Company, New York on behalf of Henderson Brothers General Agents, New York and Chicago. GGA Image ID # 115115f3ab


A beautiful brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. The Anchor Line produced this booklet after their Newest steamship - The Cameronia was built in 1911.


Steamship Columbia of the Anchor Line

Steamship Columbia of the Anchor Line. GGA Image ID # 11516b6571


When the traveler embarks on an ANCHOR LINE Steamship at New York the pleasure of the trip begins. The vessel leaves the pier amid the farewells of friends gathered to wish the passengers boo voyage. Then the beautiful panorama of New York Harbor and Bay unfolds itself—a scene not soon to be forgotten by even the seasoned voyagers—and once outside of Sandy Hook the steamship is headed straight for the Land of Romance.


Sailing Day Anchor Line Wharf. Pier No. 64. North River. Foot of West Twenty-Fourth Street, New York

Sailing Day Anchor Line Wharf. Pier No. 64. North River. Foot of West Twenty-Fourth Street, New York, Adjoining the Uptown Terminals of the Delaware & Lackawanna. Erie, Lehigh Valley. Baltimore & Ohio. Philadelphia & Reading and New Jersey Central Railroads. GGA Image ID # 115172a7b8


Londonderry and Glasgow are two gateways through which the traveler from the New World steps into the lands of "Fairy Tales come True." He is then within a short distance of historic and romantic scenes he wishes to visit, and a series of brief, delightful tours will take him from these convenient centers to all points of interest in Ireland and Scotland.

He can then pass on to England and any part of Europe with comfort and celerity, for the ports of the ANCHOR LINE are closely linked with all others the tourist may wish to visit.


Scene of New York Harbor

Scene of New York Harbor. GGA Image ID # 1151f0596b


The ANCHOR LINE Steamships are carefully arranged with a view to making the journey to the British Isles a journey to be re membered with much pleasure. The great need of the ocean steamship is plenty of space for promenading. This the ANCHOR LINE provides its passengers.

There is a long bridge-deck and also a main-deck promenade, 320 feet in length (about eight times around being a mile), with a waterproof shelter at either end and a windbreak at the forward end.

This, with plenty of space for sheltered deck-seats, is a feature especially pleasing to lady passengers. In addition to which there is ample accommodation for indoor lounging.

On succeeding pages numerous points of interest in Ireland, Scotland and England are set forth with appropriate text and illustration. Whole pages could be written about each one of these scenes, but nothing more is here attempted than to sketch outlines and point directions.

The best supplement to the pictures and descriptions will be the pleasurable experiences of the travelers who enter upon these tours. For convenience of reference, systematic schedules of convenient tours, with the cost of each, are presented in the concluding pages of this pamphlet.

It would be an error to assume that such tours are expensive. Needless to say, distances in the British Islands are not relatively so great as in the United States.

The various points of interest are more easily accessible; they are grouped more closely together. In fact, it may be said that almost every region, in whatever direction one travels, has its own wealth of picturesque, historic or romantic interest.

Hotel and other expenses will be found comparatively moderate. Indeed, it would probably be impossible to select any other itineraries which would yield such a variety and multiplicity of interests for a similar expenditure.


Promenade Deck on an Anchor Line Steamship

Promenade Deck on an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 11520f4ba2


This book is issued with the hope that, by giving reliable information as to the probable cost of a trip to Europe, and particularly England, Scotland, and Ireland, many persons who are deterred from going by the idea that it takes a "mint of money" to do so, will hereby become satisfied that, besides being most instructive, it is also, by securing the "perfect rest" of a sea voyage, more healthful, and can be done quite as economically as a few months' sojourn at any of the fashionable summer resorts in America.


TSS California and Caledonia of the Anchor Line

TSS California and Caledonia of the Anchor Line. GGA Image ID # 1152776304


The Twin-Screw Steamships CAMERONIA, CALEDONIA, COLUMBIA and CALIFORNIA, forming the regular weekly service of the ANCHOR LINE, are the largest, finest and fastest sailing between New York and Glasgow via Moville (Londonderry).

These Steamships are fitted with Bilge Keels to ensure steadiness at sea, are equipped with Marconi Wireless Telegraph, and are modern and up-to-date in every respect.

CALEDONIA'S fastest passage between Moville and New York is 6 days 20 hours; COLUMBIA'S, 6 days 22 hours between New York and Moville; CALIFORNIA'S, 7 days 12 hours, Moville to New York. CAMERONIA is equally as fast as CALEDONIA.

CAMERONIA, CALEDONIA and COLUMBIA land passengers at Glasgow and New York regularly on Sunday and the CALIFORNIA on Monday.


Railroads terminating here afford every facility for travelers desiring to visit the Giant's Causeway, Portrush, Belfast, Dublin or any city or town in the North or West of Ireland to reach their destination quickly.

Representatives of the Line meet the steamers at Moville and render passengers every assistance, and furnish them with any information necessary regarding hotels, departure of trains, etc.


First Cabin Dining Room on an Anchor Line Steamship

First Cabin Dining Room on an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 1152deb8c8


Passenger accommodations are distributed through six decks. First-cabin accommodations are situated amidships with staterooms for 300 passengers on the main and bridge decks. Staterooms on the bridge deck for one, two and three passengers are a special feature.

These are luxuriously equipped with roomy couches, mahogany fold-up washstands, wardrobes, electric lights, etc. Occupants have complete control of ventilator, and there are large square windows with adjustable colored-glass screens.


Music Saloon on an Anchor Line Steamship

Music Saloon on an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 1152f7a603


The capacious and handsome main saloon, with tables for four, six and eight persons; the library with its well-selected books, the cosy corners in the drawing and music rooms, the grand stairways, smoking room, the illuminated decks making most enjoyable promenades— indeed, all the accommodations are such as to appeal to people of refinement and add to the comfort and enjoyment of passengers from the moment they board until they leave the steamers with the gratification resulting from a delightful voyage.


THE NEW TWIN-SCREW STEAMSHIP "CAMERONIA" is the largest and finest-equipped steamship ever built for this service; accommodates 240 first-class passengers on the main, bridge and promenade decks, in rooms fitted in the most modern and sumptuous fashion. (Note 1)

ANCHOR LINE STEAMSHIPS NEW YORK AND GLASGOW SERVICE Steamers of this service are intended to sail every Saturday from New York, Glasgow and Moville , Londonderry).


First Cabin passengers are furnished with a liberal table, including all the delicacies of the season, and everything necessary on the voyage. Wines and liquors of finest quality can be had on board at moderate prices.


Charming First Cabin Stateroom on an Anchor Line Steamship

Charming First Cabin Stateroom on an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 11531488b5


The Dining Saloons, Music Hall, Ladies' Boudoir and Gents' Smoking Rooms are all located on the Upper and Promenade Decks, and, by means of electric bells, are in communication with the Steward's department.

Every steamer carries a duly qualified Surgeon and experienced Stewardesses, and is provided with a select Library, including all the latest Guide Books of European travel.

Staterooms are located on the Main and Upper Decks, are large, well lighted, perfectly ventilated and elegantly furnished, accommodating two, three and four passengers each. All Staterooms are provided with electric bells connected with Steward's department.


Elegant Smoking Room on an Anchor Line Steamship

Elegant Smoking Room on an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 11533a4520


Berths can be secured in advance by payment of a deposit of $25 each (balance of passage money payable two weeks previous to sailing day of steamer).

Steamer Chairs can be hired for the ocean trip on payment of $1 when taking your ticket, or at the Company's Pier before sailing.

Convenient Hotels to the Anchor Line Piers in Glasgow are the St. Enoch, Caledonian, and North British Railway Hotels, and in New York, The Chelsea, on Twenty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, where satisfactory accommodations can be obtained at reasonable rates.

Return Accommodation. Passengers can have berths secured for the return voyage by purchase of a prepaid ticket to cover the reservation before leaving New York.

Rates of Passage. $70 to $125, according to steamer and accommodations. Children, one year and under ten years, half fare. Infants, $10.

All Saloon Passengers have equal privileges, the difference in fare being due to the difference in location of rooms and number of persons berthed in them.

For Plans of Cabins, Passage Tickets, or Further Information, Apply to Any of the Offices or Agencies of the Line.


Do not take more baggage than is absolutely necessary it will only cost you extra if your travels take you to the Continent. Have your name plainly marked on every piece of baggage.

Anchor Line Drafts for any amount can be obtained at any Agency of the line or offices of the Company.



Steamers sail regularly from Leghorn, Naples and Palermo for New York direct, and from New York to Naples, Leghorn and other Mediterranean Ports.

First Cabin. The steamships "Italia," " Perugia " and "Calabria," employed in this service, accommodate a limited number of passengers. Staterooms are located on the bridge deck, well lighted and ventilated and very comfortable; electric light, baths and every convenience. Each steamer carries a Surgeon. Bill of fare is liberal and varied. Rates of Passage. New York to Naples, single, $60 to $75.


Passenger steamers of the ANCHOR LINE leave Liverpool regularly for Bombay and Calcutta, calling en route at Port Said and Suez. Every comfort for an Indian voyage provided.


Women Passengers Enjoying the View On the Deck of an Anchor Line Steamship

Women Passengers Enjoying the View On the Deck of an Anchor Line Steamship. GGA Image ID # 11538ff8fb


The vessels employed in this service have been specially built for the Indian passenger trade. Staterooms are on upper decks, large and airy; each vessel carries a Surgeon and a Stewardess. Passengers for Bombay and Calcutta can be booked through from New York by our Glasgow service and join steamer for India at Liverpool, or arrangements can be made for passengers to travel from Liverpool Overland by any of the established routes via Marseilles.


The steamers in Indian service take passengers for Port Said and Suez, where close connection can be made for Cairo, Alexandria and ports on the Syrian coast.

THROUGH RATES OF PASSAGE VERY MODERATE and special rates are quoted for Missionaries going to India. Circulars giving full information will be furnished on request to any Agent of the Line.


The following Specimen Tours cover most of the principal cities of Scotland, Ireland and England, and have been arranged for the information and guidance of passengers traveling by steamers of the ANCHOR LINE. Any of the routes can be reversed, if so desired, and tickets for any one or combination of the tours can be procured by applying to any of the offices or agencies of the ANCHOR LINE.


  • No. 1: To Portrush (for Giant's Causeway), Antrim, Belfast, and Royal Mail Steamer to Glasgow - $ 7.50
  • No. 2. To Bundoran, Enniskillen, Lough Erne, Clones, Armagh, Belfast, Portrush (for Giant's Causeway), and back - $ 12.50
  • No. 3. To Portrush (for Giant's Causeway), Belfast, Dundalk, Dublin, Killarney, Kenmore, Glengariff, Bantry Bay, jaunting car across the mountains of Kerry to Drimoleague, Cork, Queenstown; return to Dublin (North Wall), Holyhead, Chester, Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington (for Stratford, $1 extra London, Edinburgh, Glasgow - $ 50.00
  • No. 4. To Portrush 'for Giant's Causeway', Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Melrose, Carlisle, London, and back to Glasgow - $ 41.90
  • No. 5. To Enniskillen, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin, Holyhead, Chester, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow - $ 28.50


  • No. 6. To Ayr (Land of Burns), and return to Glasgow - $ 2.50
  • No. 7. To Balloch, Loch Lomond, Loch Katrine, Trossachs, Callander, Stirling, and back to Glasgow - $ 5.00
  • No. 8. To Oban via Kyles of Bute, Ardrishaig, Crinan Canal, Loch Awe and Dalmally; Oban to Ballachulish (for Glencoe), and Banavis to Inverness via Caledonian Canal; to Elgin, Fochabers, Keith, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and return - $ 15.00
  • No. 9. To Inverness, as in Tour 8, then to Forres, Killicrankie, Pitlochry, Dunkeld, Perth, Edinburgh, and return to Glasgow - $ 16.00
  • No. 10. To Balloch Pier by rail, steamer to Tarbet, coach to Dalmally via Glencoe and Inverary, rail to Oban, steamer from Oban to Ardrishaig via Crinan Canal, thence by steamers to Dunoon and Helensburgh, and rail thence to Glasgow - $ 10.00
  • No. 11. To Stirling, Edinburgh, Melrose, Carlisle, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, London, Oxford, Warwick, Birmingham, Chester, Liverpool and Glasgow - $ 34.50
  • No. 12. To Melrose, Edinburgh, Stirling, Trossachs, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond, Balloch Pier, and return to Glasgow - $ 12.25
  • No. 13. To Balloch Pier, Loch Lomond, Loch Katrine, The Trossachs, Stirling, Edinburgh, Melrose, Carlisle, Kenilworth, Birmingham, London, and return to Glasgow - $ 33.00
  • No.14. Balloch Pier, Loch Lomond, Loch Katrine, The Trossachs, Stirling, Edinburgh, Melrose, Appleby, Penrith, coach to Pooley Bridge, steamer on Ullswater to Patterdale, coach to Ambleside, steamer on Windermere to Lakeside, rail to Furness Abbey, Barrow, Ulverstone, Grange, Carnforth, Clapham (for the caves), Skipton, Leeds, Sheffield, London, and return via Liverpool - $ 36 00
  • No. 15. To London by London & North Western Railway via Edinburgh, Chester, Kenilworth and Leamington $ 14.16 Third Class - $ 8.06
  • No. 16. To London by Great Northern Railway via Edinburgh, Melrose (for Abbotsford, five-mile drive), Durham, York, Peterboro', Ely and Cambridge - $ 14.95 Third Class - $ 8.25
  • No. 17. To London by Midland Railway via Kilmarnock, Dumfries, Carlisle, Hellifield, Manchester, Matlock, Derby, Leicester and Bedford - $ 14.70 Third Class - $ 9.25
  • No. 18. To London, Birmingham, Carnforth, Grange-over-Sands, Lakeside (boat on Windermere Lake to Ambleside), coach to Patterdale (boat on Ullswater to Pooley Bridge), coach to Penrith, rail to Appleby, Melrose, Edinburgh and Glasgow - $ 34.00
  • No. 19. London to Isle of Wight and return. First Class, rail and steamer- $ 6.00


Passengers from an Anchor Line Steamship Stop to Tour the Giant's Causeway.

Passengers from an Anchor Line Steamship Stop to Tour the Giant's Causeway. GGA Image ID # 1153a8a78d



This accommodation is commodious and comfortable. Special care has been taken to secure every possible comfort and convenience for passengers. Well-appointed dining room, music room, smoking room and spacious decks are provided exclusively for this class.

Staterooms accommodating two, three and four persons are situated on the main deck, near amidships and comfortable in every way. Passengers are provided with all necessaries for the voyage, including a liberal and varied bill of fare.

Meals are served in special dining room by attentive stewards, and experienced matrons look after the comfort of women and children. A part of promenade deck is reserved for use of second-cabin passengers on each steamer.

Berths. A deposit of $10 is required to secure berths, and the balance of passage must be paid a week prior to sailing. It is desirable to secure berths as far ahead as possible to obtain good location. If so desired, berths for the return trip can be secured and arranged for.


Note 1: The Cameronia was commanded by Captain D. W. Bone and carried a crew of 250 men. She was a twin-screw steamship, with two masts and two funnels, and was of 10,963 gross tonnage. She was launched at Glasgow on May 27, 1911.

The Cameronia was the fastest steamship in the Anchor Line service between New York and Glasgow. Since the beginning of World War I, she had several narrow escapes from being torpedoed, and in March 1915, she was chased by two submarines across the Irish Sea right up to the entrance of the Mersey. At the time, she had a cargo of munitions for Liverpool on board, valued at $5,000,000.

The British transport Cameronia, with troops, was torpedoed by an enemy submarine in the Eastern Mediterranean on April 15, 1917. One hundred and forty men are missing and are presumed to have been drowned.


Back Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure.

Back Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure. GGA Image ID # 115452e96a


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