Lamport & Holt Line Tourist Third Cabin to South America - 1927

1927 Brochure Cover for Tourist Third Cabin to South America from Lamport & Holt Line.

1927 Brochure Cover for Tourist Third Cabin to South America from Lamport & Holt Line. GGA Image ID # 121be075ec

Lamport & Holt Tour Brochure for a two-month cruise to South America onboard the SS Vandyck stopping at Barbados, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Trinidad. Passengers would travel in their Tourist Third Cabin.

Tourist 3rd Cabin To South America

A 58-DAY TOUR By the Luxurious Oil Burning Steamer VANDYCK. Leaving New York June 25th, 1927 and Returning August 22nd, 1927

  • $450.00 Including Round Trip Transportation Conducted Sightseeing and Hotel Accommodations
  • $250.00 Transportation Only




To meet the demand for a Tourist Third Cabin Tour to South America, the entire third-class accommodation of the Lamport & Holt liner "VANDYCK," leaving New York June 25th, has been set aside exclusively for teachers, students, businessmen and women, and professional people.

This tour affords the opportunity of being with friendly fellow travelers from many universities and colleges, and one may fraternize with collegians from various States, make acquaintance with contemporaries in education and compare notes on these United States as well as on the various South American republics.

The Lamport & Holt Line Steamer SS Vandyck Leaving New York.

The Lamport & Holt Line Steamer SS Vandyck Leaving New York. GGA Image ID # 121c147248

The cabins are roomy, comfortable, clean, and well ventilated, and are all carpeted, and consist of two and four-berthed rooms. There are ample bathing facilities, a swimming pool on deck, well-planned and balanced meals served by efficient stewards.

There is lots of deck space with plenty of deck chairs; deck sports; tea dancing and formal and fancy dress balls; music by a special college orchestra; tea always served at 4 o'clock.

Pleasant evenings under the Southern Cross, and the festive crossing of the Equator, when all pay homage to Neptune and his court.

From June until September is the Winter season in the Southern Continent, the climate in most places being ideal, with a range of temperature resembling that of Northern California at its best; the nights are delightfully cool. Because of these climatic conditions, we are now planning to visit South America.

Group of Passengers on the Deck.

Group of Passengers on the Deck. GGA Image ID # 121c6df6da

The social season will be at its height, and the cities visited will be seen at their best. We will thus enjoy truer impressions of the customs and mode of life of these neighboring Republics of ours than could be obtained at any other season of the year.

People in Latin America, to whom the ordinary type of American traveler has long been familiar, will meet a new class of tourist this season. Hosts of college students, school teachers, professional men, and women, will be seen in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, not only engaged in sightseeing but making a first-hand study of international politics and economic conditions.

Beach Scene at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beach Scene at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. GGA Image ID # 121c9662d7

The first South American port at which steamers call on the voyage from New York is Rio de Janeiro, famed for its scenic wonders. Every traveler who enters the harbor of "Rio" gazes spellbound at the marvelous view—a range of towering mountains forming a superb background for a city that seems Oriental in its features of picturesqueness.

Weeks could be spent in this alluring city, which includes among its attractions luxurious hotels, broad avenues, splendid parks, museums and libraries, enterprising newspapers, an efficient electric-car service, and plenty of taxis.

Passengers Having a Great Time.

Passengers Having a Great Time. GGA Image ID # 121c9b7cc9

The next stop on the South American voyage is Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, reached in about three days from Rio de Janeiro. It has twenty parks and thirty-one playgrounds and is said to be the most progressive city in South America. One of Montevideo's attractive features is a fabulous stretch of seaside parks.

From Montevideo to Buenos Aires is a trip of over 100 miles, and as this is mostly across the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, some idea can be gained of the enormous width of this river where its waters enter the sea.

Buenos Aires is the second largest Latin city in the world, having a population of 1,700,000. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities, and within its limits, many languages can be heard. There is a large American colony, and in the stores and other public places, English signs are numerous.

As in other South American cities, electric car lines intersect the city in all directions and taxis are plentiful. "B. A.," in short, has nearly everything that New York has, and some things that New York has not. The opera house is much more elegant than New York's, and here the stars of the New York Metropolitan and La Scala, Milan, appear annually.

Neptune Ceremony - One of the Onboard Activities.

Neptune Ceremony - One of the Onboard Activities. GGA Image ID # 121cbb4d1c

The fare includes a round trip on a steamer, with stateroom berth and meals; charges for landing and embarkation at the various ports visited; hotel accommodations with meals in all cities where stop-over is made; private automobile drives, rail travel, and the service of local interpreters and guides.

It does not cover personal items, such as laundry, fees to stewards on the steamer, beverages ordered by passengers which are not ordinarily served by steamship company without additional charge, passports and visas, and transportation of extra baggage. Land transportation will be furnished for one suitcase and an overnight bag; a steamer trunk may be taken for the ocean voyage.

A deposit of $50 will secure a definite reservation; final payment is due 30 days before sailing.

Passengers Enjoying a Quiet Afternoon.

Passengers Enjoying a Quiet Afternoon. GGA Image ID # 121cf96c07

Itinerary of Tour

June 25th.—Leaving New York we pass the Statue of Liberty, and out to sea. There will be parties on board, deck games, swimming in the pool, concerts, dancing, and religious services on Sunday. The crossing of the Equator is made a festive occasion, and we enjoy the visit of Father Neptune and his court.

July 1st.—At Barbados: We shall see more of this island on the north-bound trip.

July 4th.—Independence Day will be fittingly celebrated.

July 10th-20th.—At Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city in the world; its splendid avenues and parks produce a succession of pictures so charming that they will make an imperishable memory. An automobile drive will be taken about the city. Visits will be made to the Botanical Gardens, the National Library, the National School of Fine Arts, the Zoological Gardens, and the National Museum and Aquarium.

A long delightful drive will be enjoyed to Tijuca, by the scenic route along the mountainside, with halts for several magnificent views, then around the base of Gavea, past splendid ocean beaches, and by the Beira Mar.

Other trips will be made by inclined railway to the summit of Corcovado, with its panorama of beauty unsurpassed; by elevated railway to the top of the Sugar Loaf (Pao de Assucar). The height of this peak, rising perpendicularly at the entrance of the bay, is 400 meters.

A visit will be made to Petropolis, the picturesque summer capitol, with automobile drive to the Cremerie and other points of interest, and luncheon at Max Meyer.

There will be adequate time for individual sightseeing and shopping.

July 21st.—An all-day ride amid delightful tropical scenery will be thoroughly enjoyed to Sao Paulo.

July 22nd-23rd.—At Sao Paulo, a city of great commercial activity. An automobile tour around the city, visiting the splendid theatre, the beautiful parks, the Ypiranga Museum, MacKenzie College and other points of interest, including the extraordinary snake farm at Butantan. A visit will also be made to one of the representative coffee plantations.

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. GGA Image ID # 121d152915

July 24th.—Leave Sao Paulo by train for Santos on a railway considered to be one of the mechanical achievements of the world.

July 25th.—Leave Santos on Royal Mail steamer "ALMANZORA."

July 28th.—Arrive Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Hudson's "Purple Land," and after a few hours' stay, proceed to Buenos Aires.

July 28th p.m.—Arrive at Buenos Aires, ranking next to Paris as the world's largest Latin city.

July 29th-31st.—Sightseeing drives will be taken, visiting the National Congress, the Cathedral, the world-renowned Palermo Park, the Botanical and Zoological Gardens, the Balneario, Lezama Park, and the Colon Theatrre.

An excursion by train to La Plata, the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, and a tour by an automobile about the model city with its wide streets and imposing buildings. There will be an excursion to the race track at Palermo, including admission, and return to the city by automobile.

August 1st.—Leave Buenos Aires.

August 2nd.—Leave Montevideo by S. S."Vandyck."

August 5th.—Arrive At Santos, the world's most magnificent coffee port. Drive about the city and proceed to Guaruja, the most picturesque seaside resort in South America, where the night will be spent.

August 6th.—Leave Santos.

August 7th.—Leave Rio.

August 16th.—At Trinidad. A delightful drive will be taken around Port of Spain, viewing the Government Buildings, the Reservoir, and the Botanical Gardens, with luncheon at the Queens Park Hotel.

August 17th.—At Barbados, where a drive will be enjoyed over the island, with its sugar plantations, windmills, and picturesque native life. We shall lunch at the Marine Hotel.

August 22nd.—Arrive back in New York.

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