RMMS Aorangi Archival Collection


Aorangi (1883) Canadian-Australian R. M. Steamship Co., Ltd., (Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand).

Built by J. Elder & Co., Glasgow. Tonnage: 4,268. Dimensions: 389'x 46'. Propulsion: Single-screw, 16 knots. Compound engines. Later re-engined with triple expansion engines. Masts and Funnels: Three masts and one funnel. Fate: Sunk at Scapa Flow in 1915, with other ships, so as to block channel against submarines. Comments: In 1921 was raised and used as a hulk at Scapa Flow. Sister ships: Ruapehu and Tongariro. Note: The first Aorangi, built in 1883 for the New Zealand Shipping Company, was chartered for the Canadian-Australasian Line in 1893. This notable ship when found to be suitable for the service was purchased outright.


Aorangi (1924) Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand.

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Glasgow. Tonnage: 17,491. Dimensions: 580' x 72' (600' o.l.). Propulsion: Quadruple-screw, 18 1/2 knots. Motorship. Masts and Funnels: Two masts and two funnels. Passengers: 440 first, 300 second, 230 third. Design Notes: Largest British motorship built to date. War Service: Served as a troopship in World War II. Postwar Service: Afterwards re-entered the transpacific service. Fate: Sold to British shipbreakers in 1953. Note: The Canadian-Australasian Line reached its acme of service when they entered their new Aorangi in 1924. This new luxury liner had the distinction of being the largest motorship built to date, and the first ship in the trade to have four propellers. During the Second World War, the Aorangi was employed as a British troopship. After the war, she reentered the Sydney-Vancouver service. This noteworthy vessel was withdrawn permanently from service upon completion of her voyage to Sydney in June 1953.


Sailing Schedule, Vancouver-Victoria-Honolulu-Suva-Fiji-Auckland-Sydney, from 9 March 1927 to 17 Septmeber 1927.

Sailing Schedule, Vancouver-Victoria-Honolulu-Suva-Fiji-Auckland-Sydney, from 9 March 1927 to 17 Septmeber 1927. Ships included the Aorangi and Niagara. SS Montrose Cabin Passenger List, 18 February 1927. GGA Image ID # 212da1d24e


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