The Luhrs 28 Flybridge Sedan (1972)

The Luhrs 28 Flybridge Sedan Cruiser

Luhrs builds boats for the man who knows and respects the sea! (1972)

From the very beginning, the whole idea behind Luhrs was a boat that could handle the open sea in all kinds of weather.

Over the years, experienced skippers came to rely on Luhrs for honest performance, honest construction and honest value.

And their respect for the Luhrs Modified Deep-V hull grew until today it is known as the best riding, most stable hull you can find.

Luhrs builds boats for the man who knows and respects the sea! 1972 Print Advertisement

Why did we modify Deep-V? Because the men who buy Luhrs do not spend their weekends racing to Bimini at 70 miles per hour.

Luhrs owners know that the deep-V rolls your guts out the moment you slow down to a sensible, safe speed or when you drop the hook for some fishing.

Not that we don't build Luhrs boats to take a beating. We know there are times when even the most cautious of skippers can get caught offshore in a blow.

So we beef up every Luhrs to handle the bad stuff without a whimper. Instead of cutting quality to build down to a price, we over-build where it counts and figure on making a little less profit.

That's why you'll be impressed when you give a Luhrs the once over. Over sized shafts, extra-thick bottom construction and massive engine bed stringers are just a few of the areas where Luhrs overbuilds.

But we do admit to saving money cutting down on fancy chrome strips and the like. Our buyers could care less.

Most Luhrs owners have wives who enjoy the warmth and quality we build into our interiors.

They enjoy the functional approach we've taken to our below decks layout and our galley arrangement. They tell us we just aren't kidding when we say, "Luhrs builds boats for men ... with a woman in mind!"

There's one feature that makes every Luhrs owner happy and that's the Luhrs approach to pricing.

Ever since we started, Luhrs boats have been famous for being the best buys on the boating market. It's just as true today as it was way back when.

If you don't believe us, see your Luhrs dealer this weekend.

Luhrs -- "Built for a man. . .with a woman in mind."

Costa Mesa, Calif. 92627 | Marlboro, N.J. 07746

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