Luhrs: A Boat That Makes Sense. (1975)

Luhrs: A Boat That Makes Sense. (1975)

Something without all the frills and fancy that jack the price out of reach and fall apart in six months.

A practical boat that's economical to operate and easy to maintain. fiberglass hulls with either fiberglass or wood superstructures depending on your budget.

Boats built by people with boating backgrounds that know how to be conservative without cutting corners.

Welcome back to LUHRS. We've been building what you want for 35 years.

Call a LUHRS dealer today for a pleasant surprise on the price of practicality. Or write us direct for a free brochure.

Good boats backed by Jensen Marine. Soft riding Luhrs.

"Isn't it about time you bought a boat that makes sense."

Luhrs Company
Marlboro, New Jersey 07746

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