Catch of the Season … The 1970 Luhrs 32' Fiberglass Sedan Cruiser (1970)

Luhrs 32 Fiberglass Sedan Cruiser

The money you save on a Luhrs can keep you running for a year.

Take a good look at the catch of the season … the 1970 Luhrs 32' fiberglass sedan cruiser.

the 1970 Luhrs 32' fiberglass sedan cruiser

But don't let her trim lines and sleek, good looks scare you. Sure, she's a big boat, but she's priced way below any comparable boat on the market!

And what you see is what you get -- plus some designed-in extras you can't buy anywhere else -- at any price.

For instance, Luhrs exclusive modified deep-V hull … gives you a go-fast, go-straight performance the extreme Vs can't deliver.

It's a more stable, more versatile, more maneuverable craft … particularly at trolling and cruising speeds. Take your pick of power -- gasoline or diesel, this baby planes out quicker, minimizing fuel consumption.

Shop around … but visit your Luhrs dealer before you buy. The money you save can keep you running for a year. Maybe more!

Luhrs Company, Marlboro, N.J. 07746 / Costa Mesa, Calif. 92627

World's Leading Builder of Boats.

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