What's That Woman Doing on the Man's Boat? Loving It. (1973)

View of Interior Cabin on A Luhrs Boat

Luhrs has always had the reputation of being the best value on the market. We build an honest, rugged and top performing kind of boat.

But what most people discover when they first step aboard a Luhrs is that it's also a beautifully finished and very tastefully decorated boat.

What's That Woman Doing on the Man's Boat? - Luhrs 1973 Print Advertisement

We know the importance of a woman in making a boat purchase and we keep her in mind all through the design and construction of every Luhrs.

We know what women are looking for in a boat and that's what we deliver. Our interiors are sensibly planned and easy to maintain.

Yet we never deviate from our goal of providing the most boat for the buck or sacrifice strength and ruggedness for the sake of looking pretty.

Which all adds up to what we say, "Luhrs builds boats for the man ... with a woman in mind."

Time for Refreshments - View of Engine Compartment Luhrs Cruiser

Marlboro, N.J. 07746

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