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Navy / Naval Topical Articles

Feature Articles on or about the United States Navy available online at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs, USN, Chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, inspects the new uniforms of the Women’s Reserve.

The WAVES’ New Uniforms - October 1942

Who said Britannia rules the waves? Here are the ones who rule the WAVES of the US. Navy—Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs, USN, Chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, inspects the new uniforms of the Women’s Reserve.

Wounded combat veterans train for return to duty

1945-01 Reducing the Human Cost of War

Navy Rehabilitation Program Refits Disabled Men For Further Military Duty or Return to Private Life as Strong, Useful, Self-Sustaining Citizens.

Decorations, Medals, and Ribbons. All Hands Magazine, July 1947.

1947-07 Summary of Regulations : Navy Decorations, Medals and Ribbons

A summary of the regulations governing the issuance and wearing of awards now designated for naval personnel.

Navy Waves - From a 1944 Brochure

1950-01 Enlisted Wave College Grads May Apply for Commissions

Enlisted Wave college graduates are invited to apply for appointment to the rank of ensign in the line or Supply Corps by BuPers Circ. Ltr. 173-49 (NDB, 15 Oct 1949).

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31).

1951-01 Official List of Designations of Navy's Ships

This is a new complete official list of designations of naval vessels, district craft, service craft and floating equipment

Career Options For Enlisted Men in the United States Navy, 1954.

The Navy as a Career - 1954

Most enlisted personnel enter the naval service as Seaman Recruits. After their initial training, the varied aspects of which are pictured in this book, they are qualified to take advantage of many tangible career opportunities presented by the Navy Rating System.

Pilots View of the USS Enterprise Flight Deck

1963-03 Cruise on the USS Enterprise (CVAN 65)

After little more than a year of commissioned service, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVAN 65) has had a statistical check-up that indicates she's as naval as she is novel

Navy Nurses at Sea

1966-07 Navy Nurses at Sea

ABOARD U. S. NAVY hospital ship USS Repose (AH 16) there are 19 Navy nurses, most of them volunteers, and for many it is their first trip in a Navy ship. They are looking forward to the travel and excitement that the months ahead' will bring.

Navy Relief Society Ladies

1966-07 Navy Relief Society Ladies: A Smart Group

A RECORD 204 women have completed the Navy Relief Society's most recent training course held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. This brings the number of qualified workers at the school to 374.


1966-07 Rating Roundup - A Brief Description of Navy Skills

To help you better know your fellow Navymen and the jobs they perform, here is a description of the 65 Navy ratings. Each description contains the name of the rating, its symbol, and a resume of the duties in that rating.

1967-10 A Visit To Great Lakes - The Second Time Around

You're going back as an alumnus—more or less—and you've probably got a family to consider. The Naval Training Center is no longer a subject of apprehension or an unknown quantity. It's just another duty station.

Here's a brief report on what you may expect to find.


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