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New Official List of Designations of Navy's Ships (1950)

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31).

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31). GGA Image ID # 16db9e1385

This is a new complete official list of designations of naval vessels, district craft, service craft and floating equipment:

Battleships BB


  • Heavy CA
  • Large CB
  • Light CL
  • Antiaircraft CLAA
  • Task Fleet Command Ship CLC
  • Hunter Killer Ship CLK

Aircraft Carriers CV

  • Heavy CVA
  • Large CVB
  • Small CVL
  • Escort CVE

Destroyers DD

  • Destroyer Escorts DDE
  • Hunter Killer Destroyers DDK
  • Radar Picket Destroyers DDR

Submarines SS

  • Anti-submarine SSK
  • Guided Missile SSG
  • Transport SSP
  • Radar Picket SSR
  • Oiler SSO
  • Cargo SSA

Amphibious Vessels:

  • Amphibious Force Flagship AGC
  • Cargo Ships, Attack AKA
  • Transports, Attack APA
  • High Speed Transports APD
  • Escort Vessels, Control DEC
  • Submarine Chasers (110'), Control SCC
  • Submarine Chasers (136'), Control PCSC
  • Submarine Chasers (173'), Control. PCC
  • Escorts (180'), Control PCEC
  • Landing Ship, Flotilla Flagship . LSFF
  • Landing Ship, Infantry Gunboat LSIG
  • Landing Ship, Infantry (Large) LSIL
  • Landing Ship, Infantry (Mortar) LSIM
  • Landing Ship, Infantry (Rocket) LSIR
  • Landing Ship, Support (Large) Mk. Ill LSSL
  • Landing Ship, Dock LSD
  • Landing Ship, Medium LSM
  • Landing Ship, Medium (Rocket) LSMR
  • Landing Ship, Tank LST
  • Landing Ship, Tank (Casualty Evacuation) LSTH
  • Landing Ship, Vehicle LSV

Mine Vessels:

  • Mine Layers CM
  • Mine Layers, Coastal CMC
  • Auxiliary Mine Layers ACM
  • Mine Sweepers, AM
  • Auxiliary Motor Minesweepers AMS
  • Light Mine Layers DM
  • Mine Sweepers, High Speed DMS

Patrol Vessels:

  • Escort Vessels DE
  • Escort Vessel, Radar Picket DER
  • Submarine Chasers ( 110') SC
  • Submarine Chasers (136') PCS
  • Submarine Chasers (173') PC
  • Escort (180') PCE
  • Escort (180') Rescue PCER
  • Eagles PE
  • Frigates PF
  • Gunboats PG
  • Motor Gunboats PGM
  • River Gunboats PR
  • Motor Torpedo Boats PT
  • Yachts PY


  • Destroyer Tenders AD
  • Degaussing Vessels ADG
  • Ammunition Ships AE
  • Store Ships AF
  • Miscellaneous AG
  • Ice Breakers AGB
  • Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders AGP
  • Surveying Ships AGS
  • Surveying Ships (Coastal) AGSC
  • Hospital Ships AH
  • Cargo Ships AK
  • Cargo Ships, Light AKL
  • Net Cargo Ships AKN
  • General Stores—Issue Ships AKS
  • Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry AKV
  • Net Laying Ships AN
  • Oilers AO
  • Gasoline Tankers AOG
  • Transports AP
  • Barracks Ships, Self Propelled APB
  • Transports fitted for Evacuation of Wounded APH
  • Transport and Aircraft Ferry APV
  • Repair Ships AR
  • Repair Ships, Battle Damage ARB
  • Repair Ships, Internal Combustion Engine ARG
  • Heavy-Hull Repair Ships ARH
  • Repair Ships, Landing Craft ARL
  • Salvage Vessels ARS
  • Salvage Lifting Vessels ARSD
  • Salvage Craft Tenders ARST
  • Aircraft Repair Ships ARV
  • Aircraft Repair Ships (Aircraft) ARVA
  • Aircraft Repair Ships (Engine) ARVE
  • Submarine Tenders AS
  • Submarine Rescue Vessels ASR
  • Ocean Tugs, Auxiliary ATA
  • Ocean Tugs, Fleet ATF
  • Ocean Tugs, Old ATO
  • Ocean Tugs, Rescue ATR
  • Seaplane Tenders AV
  • Seaplane Tenders (Destroyers) AVD
  • Seaplane Tenders (Small) AVP
  • Aviation Supply Ships AVS
  • Distilling Ships AW
  • Miscellaneous, Unclassified IX
  • Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks, Big AFDB
  • Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks, Little AFDL
  • Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks, Medium AFDM
  • Floating Dry Docks ARD

Service Craft:

  • Crane Ships AB
  • Mine Sweepers, Coastal AMC
  • Mine Sweepers, Coastal (Underwater Locator) AMCU
  • Coastal Transports, Small APC
  • Barracks Ships (Non-Self-Propelled) APL
  • Repair Docks, Concrete ARDC
  • Catapault Lighters AVC
  • Landing Craft, Tank LCT
  • Motor Boats, Submarine Chasers PTC
  • Yachts, Coastal PYC
  • Ash Lighters YA
  • Auxiliaries, Miscellaneous YAG
  • Open Lighters YC
  • Open Lighters, Experimental EYC
  • Car Floats YCF
  • Open Cargo Lighters YCK
  • Aircraft Transportation Lighters YCV
  • Floating Derrick YD
  • Degaussing Vessels YDG
  • Diving Tenders YDT
  • Covered Lighters, Self Propelled YF
  • Ferryboats and Launches YFB
  • Floating Dry Docks YFD
  • Covered Lighters, Non-Self-Propelled YFN
  • Covered Lighters, Experimental YFNX
  • Covered Lighters, Big YFNB
  • Covered Lighters (for use with dry docks) YFND
  • Covered Lighters (Special Purpose) YFNG
  • Floating Power Barge YFP
  • Covered Lighters, Refrigerated (Self-Propelled) YFR
  • Covered Lighters, Refrigerated (Non-Self-Propelled) YFRN
  • Torpedo Transportation Lighter YFT
  • Garbage Lighters (Self-Propelled) YG
  • Garbage Lighters (Non-Self-Propelled) YGN
  • House Boats YHB
  • Scows, Heating YHT
  • Dredges YM
  • Motor Mine Sweepers YMS
  • Gate Vessels YNG
  • Net Tenders (Tug Class) YNT
  • Fuel Oil Barges (Self-Propelled) YO
  • Gasoline Barges (Self-Propelled) YOG
  • Gasoline Barges (Non-Self-Propelled) YOGN
  • Fuel Oil Barges (Non-Self-Propelled) YON
  • Oil Storage Barges YOS
  • Patrol Vessels YP
  • Floating Pile Drivers YPD
  • Pontoon Stowage Barges YPK
  • Floating Workshops YR
  • Submarine Repair and Berthing Barge YRB
  • Workshops, Floating Dry Dock (Hull) YRDH
  • Workshops, Floating Dry Dock (Mach.) YRDM
  • Covered Lighters (Repair) YRL
  • Stevedoring Barges YS
  • Seaplane Wrecking Derrick YSD
  • Salvage Pontoons YSP
  • Sludge Removal Barges YSR
  • Harbor Tugs, Big YTB
  • Harbor Tugs, Little YTL
  • Harbor Tugs, Medium YTM
  • Torpedo Testing Barges YTT
  • Water Barges (Self-Propelled) YW
  • Water Barges (Non-Self-Propelled) YWN
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