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Navy Relief Society Ladies: They're A Smart Group

Students At Navy Relief Society Course Take Coffee Break

A RECORD 204 women have completed the Navy Relief Society's most recent training course held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. This brings the number of qualified workers at the school to 374.

At Right: Students At Navy Relief Society Course Take Coffee Break

Navy Relief Society officials believe this to be the largest single class in the organization's history. As a result, Navy activities throughout the Monterey area can boast of having the heaviest concentration of qualified Navy Relief workers in the world.

Rear Admiral Edward J. O'Donnell, Superintendent of the Postgraduate School, commended the group during graduation ceremonies of the Navy wives preparing to serve in the Navy Relief organization when their husbands leave Monterey for new assignments.

Students Listen To Lecture

Navy wives from NPGS, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, Monterey, and Naval Facility, Pt. Sur, Calif., were invited to participate in the course. The large number who accepted created a critical shortage of baby-sitters. Sponsors of the course, all previously trained at other commands, organized a baby-sitting program for 187 youngsters during the course period.

Students Compare Notes

The Committee Workers Who Put On The Course

NRS Worker Recieves Her 600-Hour Pin

NRS Images (Top to Bottom):

  1. Students at Navy Relief Society course take coffee break.
  2. NRS students listen to lecture.
  3. Students compare notes.
  4. Lots of credit goes to the committee workers who put on the course.
  5. NRS worker receives her 600-hour pin.
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