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RMS Oceanic Passenger List - 6 November 1907

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Oceanic First Class Passenger List - 6 November 1907.

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Oceanic First Class Passenger List - 6 November 1907. GGA Image ID # 13cad7199c

First Class Passenger List for the RMS Oceanic of the White Star Line, Departing Wednesday, 6 November 1907 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain H. J. Haddock (Cmdr., R.N.R.).

Notable Passengers: Georgianna Millington Bishop, Lewis David Einstein, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Verner Zevola Reed

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: H. J. Haddock (Cmdr., R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: J. C. H. Beaumont
  3. Purser: C. B. Lancaster
  4. Assistant Purser: E. WHITEHEAD
  5. Chief Steward: W. Jones

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Gordon Abbott
  2. Mrs. Gordon Abbott and Maid
  3. Mrs. John M. Adams
  4. Miss E. N. Adams
  5. Dr E. R. Ahlman
  6. Mr. Charles Argue
  7. Mr. T. H. Austin
  8. Mr. Louis Avenel
  9. Miss Annie E. Baars
  10. Mrs. Brooke Baker
  11. Miss Renee Baker
  12. Mr. B. A. Ballow
  13. Mrs. M. K. Ballow
  14. Miss A. M. Ballow
  15. Mr. Clarence G. Barber
  16. Mrs. Clarence G Barber
  17. Miss Katherine Louise Barton
  18. Mr. Walls C. Bates
  19. Mrs. H. M. Bawden and Child
  20. General C. A. Herestoff Bartlett
  21. Mr. Richard Barthelany
  22. Miss Anita Bell
  23. Mrs. Cloise Bell
  24. Mr. Pierre Bellanger
  25. Mrs. Frederick H. Benedict and Maid
  26. Miss E. Berthold
  27. Miss C. Berthold
  28. Mr. F. Bethel
  29. Mr. Thomas Bevan
  30. Miss Geoigiana Bishop
    Georgianna Millington Bishop (October 15, 1878 – September 1, 1971) was an American amateur golfer. She was the winner of the 1904 U.S. Women's Amateur, played at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. She played for the Brooklawn Golf Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1959, Bishop became the fifth inductee into the Connecticut Golf Hall of Fame after winning the state amateur championships for women four times: 1920–1922 and 1927
  31. Mr. Robt. A. Boit
  32. Miss Boit
  33. Mr. G. Bollag
  34. Mrs. Ida Forée Bolling
  35. Mme, Bonnet
  36. Miss Grace Brown
  37. Miss Brumby
  38. Mr. A. J. Bruno
  39. Mrs. A. J. Bruno
  40. Capt. Henry Buckle
  41. Miss Buckley
  42. Mr. H. S. Budd
  43. Mrs. H. S. Budd
  44. Miss Hilda Budd
  45. Miss May Budd
  46. Mrs. A. B. Burrows
  47. Mr. H. Campbell
  48. Mr. Joseph Caffuzzi
  49. Mr. E. Carter
  50. Mr. Walter Cary
  51. Mr. Marcus A. Carr
  52. Signor Caruso
  53. Mrs. F. C. Clarke
  54. Mr. Walter F. Coachman
  55. Mrs. Helen A. Coachman
  56. Miss Mary Coachman
  57. Miss Helen M. Coachman
  58. Mr. T. B. Cochrane
  59. Mrs. T. B. Cochrane
  60. Miss Cochrane
  61. Miss Marjorie Cochrane
  62. Mr. J. W. Copman
  63. Mrs. J. W. Copman
  64. Mr. C. H. Cochran
  65. Mrs. C. H. Cochran
  66. Mrs. Frederick R. Coudert and Maid
  67. Miss Coudert
  68. Mr. Wm. H. Crawford
  69. Miss Cross and Maid
  70. Miss M. S. Culbertson
  71. Mrs. G. J. Denis
  72. Miss A. Denis
  73. Mr. Chas. Dickinson
  74. Mrs. Mary Donovan
  75. Mr. Hiram G. Dreisback
  76. Mrs. Hiram G. Dreisback
  77. Miss Anne K. Dreisback
  78. Miss H. T. Driscoll
  79. Miss Dunne
  80. Mrs. Dunlap and Maid
  81. Miss Floriday Dunwoody
  82. Mr. Alford Easter
  83. Mrs. Alford Easter
  84. Mr. Lewis Einstein
    Lewis David Einstein (March 15, 1877 in New York City - December 4, 1967 in Paris, France) was an American diplomat and historian
  85. Mr. G. H. Ellis
  86. Mr. M. Esteve
  87. Mr. John F. Fairlamb
  88. Mrs. Farrar
  89. Miss Farrar
  90. Mrs. Mary E. Forest
  91. Mr. Yuji Fukuda
  92. Dr R. Feitscher
  93. Mr. T. T. Fischer
  94. Mr. J. M. Fletcher
  95. Mr. P. de Florez
  96. Mrs. P. de Florez
  97. Miss Mercedes de Florez
  98. Miss Marie Louise de Florez
  99. Mr. Wm. F. Franksen
  100. Mr. J. Fyfe
  101. Mr. Joseph A.Gahm
  102. Mr. Chas. E. Geddes
  103. Miss Corrine Gelshenen
  104. Miss Madeleine Geishenen and Maid
  105. Mr. Victor Gehring
  106. Mrs. Victor Gehring
  107. Miss Alma Gehring
  108. Mrs. E. M. Gibbs and Maid
  109. Mr. A. E. Gibbs
  110. Miss Sara Gibson
  111. Mr. Wm. Thatcher Gilbert
  112. Mr. F. S. Godfrey
  113. Mrs. Gordon
  114. Miss Gordon
  115. Mr. John F. Gordon
  116. Mrs. John F. Gordon
  117. Mr. John Gordon
  118. Mr. Chas W. Gordon
  119. Mrs. Chas. W. Gordon
  120. Mrs. Graham-Hardy
  121. Miss J. Graham-Hardy
  122. Mr. W. W. Greening
  123. Mr. George L. Gross
  124. Mr. H. A. Gross
  125. Miss Elizabeth W. Guernsey
  126. Mr. F. A. Guild
  127. Mrs. F. A. Guild
  128. Mrs. George F. Harding
  129. Miss Mary May Harries
  130. Mr. Wm. B. Hambly
  131. Mrs. Fanny Hardy
  132. Miss F. Harvey
  133. Miss Alice T. Haywood
  134. Mr. C. C. Rayne
  135. Mr. Fredk. A. Head
  136. Mrs. Helen Hecht
  137. Mr. Eugene Heeley
  138. Mrs. Sophie Henicke
  139. Mr. Frank Leroy Hewitt
  140. Mrs. Frank Leroy Hewitt
  141. Mr. E. M. Higgins
  142. Mrs. E. M. Higgins
  143. Miss M. D. Higgins
  144. Mrs. E. C. Holbrook
  145. Mr. Hy. G. Hollinden
  146. Mrs. P. Horns
  147. Mrs. Hopkins
  148. Capt Hoskins
  149. Mr. Frank J. Howell
  150. Mr. Iwanami
  151. Mr. Robert G. Jackson
  152. Mrs. Robert G. Jackson
  153. Mr. E. Jackson
  154. Mr. E. Jefferson
  155. Mr. George S. Johns
  156. Mrs. W. A. Johnston
  157. Mr. R. S. Johnstone
  158. Mrs. R. S. Johnstone
  159. Mr. Frank W. Jones
  160. Mr. Hutchinson Kay
  161. Mr. Bernard T. Kearns
  162. Mrs. Bernard T. Kearns
  163. Miss Lillian Kearns
  164. Mr. Vincent A. Kearns
  165. Miss Lillian M. Kelly
  166. Miss Teresa I. Kelly
  167. Miss Irene J. Kelly
  168. Mr. D. B. Keeler
  169. Dr Isaac Kettler
  170. Mr. E. Kiefer
  171. Miss Annie Kirkby
  172. Mr. B. D. Langner
  173. Countess de Laugier Villars and two Maids
  174. Mr. Robt. Leach
  175. Mrs. Robt. Leach, Child and Maid
  176. Mr. Henry D. Leach
  177. Miss G. Lee
  178. Mr. George Lewis
  179. Mr. Fred A. Libbey
  180. Mr. Maurice Liebman
  181. Mrs. Maurice Liebman
  182. Mrs. Frances Livingston and Maid
  183. Miss Frances L. Livingston
  184. Mr. Robt. L. Livingston
  185. Mr. Edouard de Lima
  186. Mrs. Edouard de Lima
  187. Mrs. W. R. Linn
  188. Mr. Howard Linn
  189. Mr. Hermann Lissner
  190. Mr. Edouard G. Loubet
  191. Madam Kirkby Lunn and Maid
    Louise Kirkby Lunn (8 November 1873 – 17 February 1930) was an English contralto. Sometimes classified as a mezzo-soprano, she was a leading English-born singer of the first two decades of the 20th century, earning praise for her performances in concert, oratorio and opera
  192. Mr. Luzzato
  193. Mr. Fred P. Marble
  194. Mrs. Fannie P. Marble
  195. Dr J. W. Markoe
  196. Mrs. J. W. Markoe and Maid
  197. Miss Annette Markoe
  198. Mr. A. J. Mack
  199. Mr. F. J. Manrique
  200. Mr. W. S. Marr
  201. Mr. Frank Martin
  202. Mr. J. M. Martin
  203. Mrs. J. M. Martin
  204. Miss E. B. McCaffrey
  205. Mr. A. B. McCloskey
  206. Mr. John H. MacCarthy
  207. Mr. F. McCann
  208. Mr. Stuart McDowell
  209. Mrs. Stuart McDowell
  210. Miss E. McDonough
  211. Dr John A. McKenna
  212. Mrs. John A. McKenna
  213. Mr. George L. McKesson
  214. Mrs. George L. McKesson
  215. Mr. T. N. MacKinnon
  216. Miss Grace McRobb
  217. Mr. Fred H. Meeder
  218. Mr. Chas k de Mercado
  219. Mrs. F. H. Mesow
  220. Mr. Felix Meyer
  221. Mr. J. F. Milholland
  222. Mr. George Moffatt
  223. Miss Caroline Louise Morgan
  224. Mr. Richard R. Morshead
  225. Mrs. Moss
  226. Miss Marguerite Moulinier
  227. Mr. James F. C. Myers
  228. Mr. Wm. D. Neilson
  229. Mr. David M. Nesbit
  230. Mrs. J. F. Newcombe
  231. Mr. H. Newmark
  232. Mrs. H. Newmark
  233. Miss Newmark
  234. Mr. William Newhouse
  235. Mrs. Lily Newhouse
  236. Master Sidney Newhouse
  237. Mr. Hubert. Nicholls
  238. Mr. Wm. R. Nieper
  239. Mr. C. T. Oakes
  240. Mrs. C. T. Oakes
  241. Miss Clarissa Oakes
  242. Mr. Pastene
  243. Mr. Chas. Pearson
  244. Master Louis Kirkby Lunn Pearson
  245. Mr. G. J. Petherick
  246. Mrs. A. B Peugnet
  247. Miss W. D. Peugnet
  248. Mrs. K. W. Poley
  249. Miss Ethel Poley
  250. Mr. C. R. Pope
  251. Mrs. C. R. Popers
  252. Mr. E. Reardon
  253. Miss Redmond
  254. Mr. F. J. Rebman
  255. Mr. Verner Z. Reed
    Verner Zevola Reed (13 October 1863-20 April 1919) was an American capitalist and author. In addition to his business interests, he also made extensive studies of the Mythologies of the indigenous peoples of North America, especially among the Utes and some of the Pueblo tribes. He was widely known as a lecturer on peace, international politics and kindred subjects
  256. Mrs. Verner Z. Reed
    Mary (Johnson) Reed
  257. Miss Margery Reed and Maid
  258. Master Verner Z. Reed, Jr.
  259. Master Joseph Verner Reed and Nurse
  260. Mrs. B. H. Ridgely
  261. Miss Louise O. Ridgely
  262. Miss Sarah Martine Rittenhouse
  263. Dr Samuel Le Roy Robinson
  264. Mrs. Samuel Le Roy Robinson
  265. Miss H. D. Robinson
  266. Mr. .T. H. Robinson
  267. Miss Roof
  268. Mr. Jas. R. Rowe
  269. Miss Laura Sabbot
  270. Dr J. L. Salmond
  271. Mrs. L. Sawyer
  272. Miss Jeannie Schmidt
  273. Signor Antonio Scottin and Manservant
  274. Mr. W. M. Henderson Scott
  275. Mr. George W. Sessions
  276. Mr. F. N. Sewall
  277. Mr. James M. Sharpe
  278. Mrs. James M. Sharpe
  279. Mr. George Shepley
  280. CM. Ch. H. Sherrill and Manservant
  281. Mrs. Ch. H. Sherrill and Maid
  282. Mr. Robt. G. Skerrett
  283. Mrs. Robt. G. Skerrett
  284. Mr. Vincent Smith
  285. Mrs. Vincent Smith
  286. Mr. L. Herbert Smith
  287. Dr Edgar B. Smith
  288. Rear-Admiral A. B. Speyer
  289. Mr. Arthur C. Stair
  290. Mr. Walter H. Stearns
  291. Mr. Steil
  292. Mrs. S. A. Stern
  293. Mr. Charles H. Stoddard
  294. Miss W. Stoddard
  295. Signor Riccardo Stracciavo
  296. Mrs. Riccardo Stracciavo and Maid
  297. Mrs. Sullivan
  298. Mr. W. H. Sweet
  299. Mrs. W. H. Sweet
  300. Miss A. C. Sweet
  301. Mr. lingo A. Taussig
  302. Mrs. Bertha Taussig
  303. Mr. Erie B. H. Taussig
  304. Mr. L. R. H. Taussig
  305. Mr. R. J. Taussig
  306. Mrs. George Torrance
  307. Miss Torrance
  308. Mrs. K M. Tonking
  309. Master H. D. Tonking
  310. Mr. C. H. Tribe
  311. Miss Mary K. Turner
  312. Mr. L. Vallois
  313. Mrs. L. Vallcis
  314. Mrs. Adelaide Harding Vincent
  315. Mr. Vollenweider
  316. Mrs. Watriss and Maid
  317. Mr. Wm. J. Ward
  318. Mr. Wilbur F. Warner
  319. Mrs. E. P. Washburn
  320. Mr. Walter.J. Weeden
  321. Mr. Francis R. Welles
  322. Mr. Irwin J. Wiel
  323. Mrs. Irwin J. Wiel
  324. Master Robt. Wiel
  325. Miss Dagman Wetmore
  326. Mr. Benjamin Whitaker
  327. Miss Whittan
  328. Miss Helen M. Williams
  329. Miss Annie E. Williams
  330. Miss L. C. Williams
  331. Miss L. S. Williams
  332. Mrs. F. Stuart Williamson
  333. Miss Constance Williamson
  334. Mr. Edward Winkler
  335. Mr. H. Witherspoon
  336. Mrs. H. Witherspoon
  337. Mr. W. F. Wright
  338. Mrs. W. F. Wright
  339. Miss Fanny C. Wright

Information for Passengers

Breakfast from 8 until 10 o'clock.
Luncheon at 1:00 pm
Dinner at 7 o'clock.

The Bar opens at 8:00 am, and closes at 11:00 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, Smoking Room and Lounge at
12 midnight.

Divine Service in the Saloon on Sunday at 10:30 am

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seating Accommodation at table.

Children are not entitled to seats in the Saloon unless full fare is paid.

All Southampton—New York, Liverpool—New York, and Liverpool—Boston Mail and Passenger Steamers of the White Star Line are fitted with the Marconi Wireless system of Telegraphy, and messages for despatch should be handed to the Pursers.

AN Enquiry Office has been provided for the convenience of Passengers, where all enquiries for information of a general character should be made.

Letters, Cables, Telegrams and Marconigrams are received here for despatch, and Postage Stamps can be purchased, and Deck Chairs hired at this office, through which also all mails will be distributed.

None of the ship's staff other titan those on duty in the Enquiry Office are authorized to accept letters or telegrams for despatch.

Cablegrams and Telegrams should be handed in at the Enquiry Office an hour before the arrival at any port called at.

Deck Chairs can be hired at a charge of 4/- each for the voyage.

Passengers' Addresses may be left with the Saloon Steward, in order that any letters sent to the care of the Company may be forwarded.

AN Experienced Physician is attached to the Steamer. For medical attendance in case of sickness onboard no charge is made; medicines are also provided free of charge. But the Physician is allowed to charge the usual fees, subject to the Commander's approval, to travelers who submit themselves to treatment for maladies not contracted during the voyage.

Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Second Steward, who is the Ship's Baggage Master. Trunks, Chairs or Rugs which Passengers may desire to leave in charge of the Company, should be appropriately labeled and handed to the Baggage Master on the Wharf at New York, and such articles will be stored entirely at owner's risk. It is necessary for Passengers themselves to see all their Baggage is passed by the U.S. Customs Authorities on landing.

Passengers are requested to ask for a Receipt on the Company's Form, for any additional Passage Money, Chair Hire or Freight paid on board.

The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of Passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English and American money, and he will allow at the rate of $4.80 to the £1 when giving American money for English currency, or Ll for $4.95 when giving English money for American.

The following additional rates of exchange have also been adopted for American and French money—Eastbound $1 -= 5 francs; Westbound fr. 1 = 19 cents.

Valuables.—The White Star Line has provided a Safe in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit Money, Jewels, or Ornaments for safe keeping. The Company will not be liable to Passengers for the loss of money, jewels, or ornaments, by theft or otherwise, not so deposited.

Travellers' Cheques, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the White Star Line. These Cheques are accepted on board White Star steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not carry funds to enable them to cash same.

The Passenger. Services of the White Star Line are maintained entirely by
Twin Screw Steamers, including "Oceanic," "Majestic," and "Teutonic,
which are Among The Fastest Steamers in the World.
"Adriatic," 25,000 tons, "Baltic," 23,876 tons, " Cedric," 21,035 tons, and
"Celtic," 20,904 tons, Four Largest British Twin-Screw Steamers.
"Repbulic" is the Largest, Fastest, and Finest Steamer sailing to Boston.

Notice of White Star Dominion Canadian Service (Insert to Passenger List)

Notice of White Star Dominion Canadian Service (Insert to Passenger List)

Back Cover, RMS Oceanic Passenger List - 6 November 1907

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