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SS Germanic Passenger List - 26 June 1889

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the SS Germanic of the White Star Line, Departing 26 June 1889 from New York to Liverpool

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the SS Germanic of the White Star Line, Departing 26 June 1889 from New York to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain P. J. Irving. GGA Image ID # 162ffe1426

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain P. J. Irving
  • Surgeon: J. Fourness-Brice, M.D.
  • Purser: G. P. Ditchfield

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. R. O. Aulick
  2. Mrs. M. W. Arnold
  3. Sister Angelina
  4. Mr. Henry Aunger
  5. Mrs. Allien
  6. Miss Allien
  7. Miss. M Allien
  8. Mr. Fred'k Allien
  9. Mrs. D. Ayers
  10. Miss Emily Ayers
  11. Mr. A. A. Arthur
  12. Miss S. Askem
  13. Mr. R. B. Atkins
  14. Mr. Thomas Allen
  15. Mrs. Allen
  16. Mr. J Adriance Bush
  17. Miss Anna R. Bush
  18. Mrs. Geo. B. Bigelow
  19. Mr. W. Bullard
  20. Miss Florence S. Barnard
  21. Mr. T. Berryman
  22. Miss Anna Bowman
  23. Miss Meda Bowman
  24. Rev. B. Brewster
  25. Mr. Geo. Burns
  26. Mr. J. S Bradford
  27. Mr. Lyman Bickford
  28. Mr. J. S Bradford
  29. Mr. Lyman Bickford
  30. Mrs. Bickford
  31. Mr. Nathaniel F. Bacon
  32. Rev. Fred. Bell
  33. Mrs. Bell
  34. Mr. B. Brooks
  35. Miss Carrie L. Bissell
  36. Mr. B. D. Bagley
  37. Mrs. B. D. Bagley
  38. Mr. W. S. Battin
  39. Miss A. M. Cudworth
  40. Miss Conran
  41. Mr. A. Crosby
  42. Mrs. Crosby
  43. Miss Sabra Cater
  44. Mr. E. C. Coulter
  45. Mr. John L. Connelly
  46. Mr. R. N. Cunningham
  47. Miss E. M. Chapman
  48. Mr. J. E. Carpenter
  49. Mrs. Carpenter
  50. Miss Carpenter
  51. Mr. Wm. Crabb
  52. Mr. J. F. Contu
  53. Mr. John W. Cowan
  54. Miss Jennie Corliss
  55. Mr. J. W. Cassell
  56. Mr. John DeRuytor
  57. Mr. Charles DeRuyter
  58. Mr. A. U. Dickinson
  59. Mr. J. C. Derickson
  60. Mrs. Derickson
  61. Mr. Wm. H. Dunlop
  62. Mr. J. M. Dunlop
  63. Miss S. J. Dennin
  64. Dr. Wm. A. Dixon
  65. Mrs. E. T. Evans
  66. Miss Evans
  67. Mr. Thomas Evans
  68. Mr. J. Wistar Evans
  69. Mr. W. D. Eaton
  70. Miss Grinstead
  71. Mrs. Rachel Gallagher
  72. Mrs. H. M. Gillette
  73. Mr. G. F. Glassco
  74. Mrs. Walter Gresham
  75. Miss Essie Gresham
  76. Mr. Oliver Gilpin
  77. Mr. F. A. Howarth
  78. Mrs. Howarth
  79. Master Howarth
  80. Judge Kirk Hawee
  81. Miss Florence Hawes
  82. Mr. Rowland Hazard
  83. Mr. German H. Hunt
  84. Mr. M. A. Herts
  85. Mr. J. F. Hughes
  86. Miss Nellie M. Harrison
  87. Miss Emma T. Howe
  88. Miss Georgie Huffman
  89. Mrs. Jessie Micks
  90. Mr. Lewis Ipina 
  91. Mr. Robt. Ipina
  92. Mr. J. E. Joy
  93. Mrs. Joy
  94. Mr. Wilfred Joy
  95. Master Edward Joy
  96. Mr. E. M. Knox
  97. Mrs. Knox
  98. Mr. P. W. Kessler
  99. Mrs. Kessler
  100. Rev. A. E. Kittredge, D.D.
  101. Mrs. Kittredge
  102. Miss E. A. Kittredge
  103. Miss Mabel Kittredge
  104. Miss Julia Kittredge
  105. Mr. G. S. Levy
  106. Mrs. Levy
  107. Miss Levy
  108. Rev. A. M. Lord
  109. Mrs. T. M Lord
  110. Miss Mary Luckett
  111. Miss E. Landers
  112. Mr. John Lugsden
  113. Miss McFarren
  114. Mr. F. S. Minot
  115. Mr. Fred. Mossop
  116. Mr. Alex. Maxwell
  117. Miss Marietta Melvin
  118. Mrs. Lutie Moore
  119. Mr. Geo. P. McClelland
  120. Mrs. McClelland
  121. Miss A. McClelland
  122. Miss Mary Moody
  123. Mr. C. C. Master
  124. Mr. L. W. Miller
  125. Miss Hattie J. Moore
  126. Col. John McBetlï
  127. Miss L. J. Mitchell
  128. Miss Mary McDonald
  129. Miss Joanna McDonald
  130. Miss Helena McCarthy
  131. Mrs. Wm. L. Moss
  132. Miss Moss
  133. Miss Anna J. Moss
  134. Miss Edith H. Moss
  135. Master Charles Moss
  136. Sister Odin
  137. Mr. Wm. O'Connor
  138. Mrs. M. H. O'Ferrall
  139. Miss Medora O'Ferrall
  140. Kev. W. H. Pott
  141. Mr. Edward J. Power
  142. Mr. W. K. Porter
  143. Miss Ella M. Porter
  144. Mr. G. M. Patou
  145. Mrs. Charles F. Powell
  146. Mr. Davis S. Packard
  147. Mr. Geo. Paxton
  148. Mr. F. H. Peters
  149. Mr. A. J. Quin
  150. Mr. J. H. Ropers
  151. Mrs. J. H. Rogers
  152. Miss Abbie N. Rogers
  153. Mrs. Jas. A. Raynor
  154. Mr. J. R. Reilly
  155. Mr. Thomas A. Reilly
  156. Mrs. Reilly and two children
  157. Mr. C. A. Ryder
  158. Miss Mary E. Robins
  159. Mr. C. L. Rockwell
  160. Mrs. Kock well
  161. Dr. Rennie
  162. Miss Lila Richards
  163. Prof. Marshall 8. Snow
  164. Mrs. Snow
  165. Mr. Harry B. Stone
  166. Mr. Rufus L. Scott
  167. Mrs. Scott
  168. Miss Clara L. Scott
  169. Mrs. S. A. Smith
  170. Miss E. F. Smith
  171. Mrs. Julia E. Sherwell
  172. Mr. Edwin Swindells
  173. Mrs. Swindells
  174. Mr. Allen Schenck
  175. Mrs. Schenck
  176. Miss Florence A. 8ehenck
  177. Miss Mabel Schenck
  178. Miss Carlie M. Schenck
  179. Mrs. John Stacker
  180. Mr. J. Shaunessy
  181. Mrs. Shannessy
  182. Mr. F. Sauer
  183. Mr. Horace Smyth
  184. Mrs. Smyth
  185. Mr. John Stevenson
  186. Miss Sarah L. Sheppard
  187. Mr. C. W. Sumner
  188. Mrs. C. B. Stone
  189. Mr. Percy Stothert
  190. Mr. G. H. Shubotham
  191. Mr. T. L. Shepherd
  192. Mr. Louis C. Stanton
  193. Mr. C. T. Stark
  194. Mr. John L. Stevenson
  195. Mr. G. L. Schuyler
  196. Mr. J. Vicente Serrano
  197. Miss K. A. Sanborn
  198. Mr. Stanley Stoner
  199. Mrs. Ellen Sabin
  200. Mr. L. C. Tufts
  201. Mr. D. O. Tiffany
  202. Miss E. Currie Tuck
  203. Miss Turnbull
  204. Mrs. E. Tuck
  205. Mr. P. Toft
  206. Mr. W. Trevor
  207. Miss F. W. Trow
  208. Mrs. Mercy C. Upham
  209. Miss C. L. Uphain
  210. Mr. N. H. Warren
  211. Mrs. Warren
  212. Miss Marie Willenmier
  213. Miss A. Watson
  214. Mrs. E. C. Whitsitt
  215. Mr. C. E. de Wolf
  216. Mrs. de Wolf and child
  217. Mr. John D. Wing
  218. Miss Wing
  219. Captain W. W. Woodbery
  220. Mrs. Woodbery
  221. Mr. D. E. Wallis
  222. Mr. C L. Wallis
  223. Mrs. Wallis
  224. Miss H. Pearle Wallis
  225. Rev. J. J. G. Webster
  226. Miss Marion Wilcox
  227. Miss Sarah D. White
  228. Mr. J. W. Wiggins, Jr.
  229. Mr. A. Yzuaga
  230. Mrs. Yzuaga
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