SS Cedric Passenger List - 8 June 1929

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Cedric Cabin Class Passenger List - 8 June 1929.

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Cedric of the White Star Line, Departing Saturday, 8 June 1929 from Liverpool to Boston and New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain J. Kearney (LCDR RNR, Retd.). GGA Image ID # 13bfb63a30


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain J. Kearney (Lt. Cmdr. R.N.R., Retd.)
  • Chief Engineer: T. Griffiths
  • Chief Officer: W. J. Saunders
  • First Officer: A. Pawley
  • Second Officer: J. H. Dray
  • Sr. Second Engineer: S. L. Parker
  • Sr. Third Engineer: G. Dalgleish
  • Sr. Fourth Engineer: C. W. Woodbridge
  • Surgeon: A. G. V. Elder, D.S.C., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), Surgeon Cmdr, R.N.V.R.
  • Assistant Surgeon: A. O. Ross, M.D., D.P.H.
  • Purser: H. V. Wise
  • Assistant Purser: A. Kissack
  • Chief Steward: J. H. Gaade
  • Second Steward: J. Wareing

Cabin Passengers

  1. Adamson, Mrs. L.
  2. Adamson, Miss G. E.
  3. Alexander, Mr. W. M.
  4. Alexander, Mrs.
  5. Avery. Mrs. T.
  6. Bacon. Miss Ruth E.
  7. Baldwin, Mr. H. P.
  8. Barrett, Rev. Thomas J.
  9. Bergin, Mr. D. C.
  10. Bergin, Mrs.
  11. Bergin, Master J. G. D.
  12. Bergin, Master Patrick B.
  13. Bergin, Master Francis D.
  14. Bergin, Miss Mary T.
  15. Bergin, Miss Helen H.
  16. Bingham, Mrs. D. L.
  17. Bingham, Mr. J. Clarke
  18. Bingham, Miss M. L.
  19. Bingham, Miss B.
  20. Birkett, Mr. J. G.
  21. Blaik, Mr. William D.
  22. Boland, Miss Mary
  23. Bowcock, Mr. G. W.
  24. Bowcock, Mrs.
  25. Bowcock, Master G. C.
  26. Bowcock, Miss Jean I.
  27. Bradley, Mr. John
  28. Breene, Mr. W. S.
  29. Brilhart, Mr. J. S.
  30. Brown, Mr. Raymond F.
  31. Brown, Mrs.
  32. Burnett, Mr. H.
  33. Burnett, Rev. W.
  34. Cannon, Mr. James
  35. Cannon, Miss T.
  36. Carruthers, Dr. S. W.
  37. Clark, Mr. Alexander
  38. Collier, Miss Grace
  39. Conn, Mr. R. J.
  40. Cunningham, Mr. T.
  41. Cunningham. Miss K. S.
  42. Cunningham, Miss Alary
  43. Curtin, Rev. T. A.
  44. Drake, Mr. W. H.
  45. Ellery, Mr. William
  46. Ellery, Mrs.
  47. Fahy, Miss A. M.
  48. Foley, Mrs. J.
  49. Gibson, Miss Lorena M.
  50. Giliie, Rev. R. C.
  51. Govan, Mr. J. H.
  52. Govan, Mrs.
  53. Graham, Mr. R. T. P.
  54. Hanley, Miss C.
  55. Hayes, Mrs. J. E.
  56. Healy, Mr. Martin
  57. Healy, Mrs.
  58. Healy, Mr. James
  59. Healy, Mrs.
  60. Healy, Mr. J. M.
  61. Healy, Master George F.
  62. Henderson, Rev. George
  63. Hijmans, Mr. Maiirits
  64. Hill, Mr. A. J.
  65. Hill, Mrs.
  66. Holland, Mrs. K. E.
  67. Houghton, Mr. F. O.
  68. Houghton, Mrs.
  69. Houghton, Miss A.
  70. Jenkins. Mrs. D.
  71. Kane, Mr. J.
  72. Kennedy, Mr. F. W.
  73. Knaur, Mrs. L.
  74. Knowles, Miss Louise
  75. Lane, Mr. W. D.
  76. Langdell, Mr. H. W.
  77. Leith, Mrs. O.
  78. Leonard, Miss A. F.
  79. Lewis, Jr., Mr. E. J.
  80. Lewis, Miss M.
  81. Lewis, Miss B.
  82. Lonsdale, Mr. Harry
  83. Lonsdale, Mrs.
  84. Lonsdale, Miss M. W.
  85. Lynch, Miss A. T.
  86. MacDonald, Mr. G. O.
  87. Mahar, Rev. J. P.
  88. Marsh, Mr. Frank
  89. Marshall, Mrs. D.
  90. May, Mrs. F. G.
  91. McCarthy, Mr. J. R.
  92. McCarthy, Miss K. E.
  93. McDonough, Mrs. M. I.
  94. McLoughlin, Mr. J. F.
  95. Mullen, Mr. W. A.
  96. Murray, Mr. G.
  97. Murtagh, Miss M.
  98. Nelson, Mrs. A. L. D.
  99. Nelson, Mr. Winthrop
  100. O'Donnell, Miss E. M.
  101. O'Donnell, Miss M. J.
  102. O'Keefe, Mrs. T. A.
  103. Parker, Miss L. W.
  104. Pender, Mr. J.
  105. Pender, Mrs.
  106. Pforr, Mr. Arthur
  107. Plimpton, Mr. J. E.
  108. Plimpton, Mrs.
  109. Pownall, Miss M. E.
  110. Pratt, Miss E. L.
  111. Price, Mrs. W. F.
  112. Price. Miss E. B.
  113. Regan, Mr. T.
  114. Richardson, Miss H.
  115. Roberts, Miss Beatrice D.
  116. Roberts, Mr. Robert
  117. Rogers, Mrs. M.
  118. Rogers, Miss Helen
  119. Rogers, Master Bernard
  120. Saxon, Mr. W. G.
  121. Scandlin, Miss Dorothy
  122. Schofield, Mr. John
  123. Shepard, Mr. G. F.
  124. Shepard, Mrs.
  125. Smith, Mr. James A.
  126. Smith, Miss A. S.
  127. Smyth, Rev. T. A.
  128. Soule, Mr. R. F.
  129. Soule, Mrs.
  130. Soule, Master
  131. Stanton, Dr. Joseph
  132. Stanton, Mrs.
  133. Stanton, Miss Claire
  134. Stanton, Miss Mary K.
  135. Sullivan, Miss A. H.
  136. Sullivan, Miss E. R.
  137. Sullivan. Miss K. E.
  138. Tainbling, Mr. Chas. B.
  139. Tambling, Mrs.
  140. Tambling, Miss Inez
  141. Tennyson, d'Eyncourt, Capt. A. E. C.
  142. Thaeker, Mr. T. C.
  143. Thaeker, Mrs.
  144. Thorburn, Mr. James G.
  145. Thorburn, Mrs.
  146. Thorburn. Master R. L. and Nurse
  147. Tinker, Mr. F.
  148. Turner. Mrs. M.
  149. Tuttle. Miss C. M.
  150. van Buren. Mr. Martin
  151. Victory, Miss M.
  152. Walsh, Rev. P. K.
  153. Ward, Mr. F. W.
  154. Watson, Rev. W. A.
  155. Wendell, Jr., Mrs. B. H.
  156. Wendell, Miss Barbara
  157. Whalen, Mr. F. J.
  158. Whelen, Mr. T.
  159. Williams, Miss N. T.
  160. Window, Miss A. W.
  161. Woodward, Mr. Sidney
  162. Yeudall, Mr. Robert
  163. Yeudall, Miss J. M.

Information for Passengers

BREAKFAST from 8:00 am until 10:00 am

LUNCH at 1:00 pm

DINNER at 7:00 pm

Divine Service in the Saloon on Sunday at 11:00 am

SEATS AT TABLE. Passengers who have not previously arranged for seats at taMe to be reserved should apply for same to the Second Steward.

UPPER BERTHS. Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of same on applying to the steward or stewardess.

MEDICAL ATTENDANCE, the surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the commander, for treating passengers at their request for any illness not originating on the voyage. in the case of sickness developed on the voyage no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

The Hours for Consultation are as follows :—
10 0 am
6 0 pm
8:30 pm
but the Surgeon is available at all times in case of urgency.

AN ENQUIRY OFFICE has been provided for the convenience of passengers where all enquiries for information of a general character can be made.

Letters, Cables, Telegrams and Marconigrams are received here for despatch, and Postage Stamps can be purchased, and Deck Chairs and Steamer Rugs hired at this Office, through which also all Mails will be distributed. Postage Stamps can also be obtained from the Lounge Steward.

None of the ship's staff, other than those on duty in the Enquiry Office, are authorized to accept Letters or Telegrams for despatch.

CHARGES COLLECTED ON BOARD. Passengers are requested to ask for a receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair or Steamer Rug Hire, charges collected for Marconigrams, Cablegrams or Telegrams or Freight paid on board.

PASSENGERS' ADDRESSES may be left at the Enquiry Office in order that any letters received after passengers have left the steamer may be forwarded.

DECK CHAIRS and STEAMER RUGS can be hired on application at the Enquiry Office, at a charge of 6/6 (or $1.50) each for the voyage.

DECK CHAIR CUSHIONS. A limited supply of Cushions, with loose covers, for Deck ("hairs is available for hire at a charge of 4/- (or $1.00) each for the voyage.

ORCHESTRA will play daily as follows in the Cabin Companionway: 11:00 am to 12 noon, and after Dinner.

VALUABLES. For the convenience of passengers, the Line has provided in the office of the Purser a safe in which money, jewels, ornaments, documents or other valuables may be deposited by passengers.

A receipt for any articles so deposited will be issued by the Purser, but the Line does not. having regard to the ticket conditions and to the provisions of Section 502 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, and of Section 4281 of the revised Statutes of the United States, accept any responsibility for the safe custody of any such articles. Passengers are accordingly advised to protect themselves by insurance.

PRECIOUS STONES or other similar articles of merchandise may not be taken as baggage, but all passengers must deliver such goods to the Purser of the vessel. The Pursers are instructed to furnish passengers with a receipt for merchandise so delivered and place the goods in the safes aboard their vessel until a Customs permit is presented to the Inspectors ordering the goods into the U.S. appraiser's stores for examination.

EXCHANGE OF MONEY. The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English and American money at rates which will be advised on application.

BAGGAGE. Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Second Steward, who is the Ship's Baggage Master. Trunks, Chairs, etc., which passengors may desire to leave in charge of the Company, should be appropriately labeled and handed to the Baggage Master on the Wharf at Boston or New York, and such articles will bo stored entirely at owner's risk. It is for passongers themselves to see all their baggage is passed by the Customs Authorities on landing.

WARDROBE TRUNKS. Passengers are advised that it is not always possible to arrange for the placing of Ward robe Trunks in the passenger accommodation in a position where they are easily accessible, also that there is frequently difficulty with regard to the landing of such packages owing to their exceptional size.

DOGS AND CATS. Passengers are notified that dogs and cats cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London. Forms of License must be obtained by direct application to the Ministry before the dog or cat is taken on board.

TRAVELLERS' CHEQUES, payable in all parte of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the White Star Line. These Cheques are accepted on board White Star steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not carry funds to enable them to cash same except to a very limited amount.

AUTOMOBILE TOURS. Arrangements have been made whereby passengers by the White Star Line can hire automobiles to meet them on arrival of the steamer at Liverpool or Southampton for tours in the British Isles or on the Continent. Orders may be sent from America or Canada through the White Star Offices or direct from the steamer by the aid of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph.

DECK GAMES AND AMUSEMENTS. Deck Quoits, Shuffleboard, Bull Board and other games are provided on deck under the charge of a Quartermaster.

Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, etc., can he obtained on application to the Lounge, Drawing Room and Smoking Room Stewards.

BOOTS AND SHOES. These will be cleaned if left outeide the Stateroom door.

BARBER. The Barbers hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, and he is authorized to make the following charges :—

[Charges not reproduced here]

The Barber is allowed the privilege of selling various souvenirs and small articles on his own account.

DIRECTORIES of London and New York are placed on the Liverpool-New York steamers, and those of London, New York and Paris, on the Southampton-New York ships.

PICTURE P0STCARDS. Picture Postcards of the steamer can be obtained on board gratis.

COTS. The steamers are supplied with a limited number of Cote for the use of Infants. Application for same should be made to the Chief Steward.


Refund of Head Tax can be obtained provided passengers have complied with the following conditions:—

(1) Inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival that it is their intention to leave the United States within sixty days, and obtain from the Inspector " Head Tax Refund Certificate" (Form 514).

(2) When leaving the United States to have the departure certified on Form 514 by the Purser of the vessel or by the conductor of the train upon which the departure takes place.

(3) The Immigration Authorities impose a time limit of 120 days from date of entry, after which claims for refund will not be considered. Passengers must, therefore, submit Form 514, duly completed, to the Company in sufficient time to enable the Company to make their application within this limit of time (120 days).


All mail coming on board on the steamer's arrival is at once sent to the Enquiry Office where passengers should apply for same.

It is not possible in the short time available to distribute the mail to the staterooms.

Passengers are invited to leave their addresses at the Enquiry Office for any later despatches to be re-directed.


Should the steamer arrive in the harbour after sundown, passengers will generally remain on board overnight. The vessel will proceed to her wharf as early as possible after 7:00 am the following day, when passengers will be landed without delay.


Should the steamer arrive at the New York Wharf after 8:00 pm, all passengers who have been passed by the U.S. Immigration Authorities may land or remain on board overnight, at their own option. Those passengers who have been passed by the Immigration Authorities and desire to remain on board may have all their baggage passed by the U.S. Customs that night or the following morning, at their own option. No baggage will be passed before 7:00 am the day following arrival. Breakfast will be served to those who remain on board overnight.


OCT. to DEC, inclusive, 5.30 pm APL. to JUNE, inclusive, 7.30 pm
JAN. to MAR., inclusive 8. 0 pm JULY to SEPT., inclusive 7.15:00 pm


Upon landing at New York and upon application to the uniformed representatives of the railroads, who meet all steamers, railroad tickets may be purchased and baggage checked from the Steamship Pier to any point along the Lines of the Pennsylvania, New York Central, New York, New Haven, and Hartford, Erie, Lehigh Valley, Baltimore and Ohio, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western and Central Railroad of New Jersey, and connecting railroads.

Taxicabs can be hired at the New York Piers. It is suggested to passengers for their own protection that taxicabs of the Yellow Taxi Corporation, which come within the pier gates, afford comfort and protection as regards baggage, etc., at legal rates. Passengers destined to New York City or nearby points will find on the Pier representatives who will arrange for the expeditious transfer of baggage to hotels, railroad terminals or residences.

Passengers are advised to enquire at the Desks on the Piers for letters and telegrams.


HIGH SEAS MAIL. On all British steamers British Postage Stamps and rates are used when mailing letters for European points, and such letters should be posted in the ship's letter box in the ordinary way.

The mail bag is closed a few hours previous to arrival. Full particulars can be obtained at the Enquiry Otlice on application.

For particulars regarding Wireless com muni cat lous established or expected please consult the Wireless notice board, where full information is posted daily throughout the voyage.


For those passengers who may he returning from the United States or Canada to Europe, and who have not yet made the necessary reservations, the Purser will be pleased to radio, free of charge, to New York. Boston or Montreal Office, for any accommodation required. This will enable passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the steamer and will, consequently, save them time and trouble after landing.

Sports department

For the convenience of our patrons interested in sport or sporting events on either side of the Atlantic we have established a special department in our London West End Office.

It will be the duty of this department to supply information, obtain facilities, and establish associations in respect to any sport or sporting events, and be generally useful in this connection to our patrons, who, we trust, will not hesitate to take full advantage of the arrangements we have made.

Back Cover, SS Cedric Passenger List - 8 June 1929

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