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RMS Germanic Passenger List - 22 July 1896

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Germanic Saloon Class Passenger List - 22 July 1896.

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Germanic Saloon Class Passenger List - 22 July 1896. GGA Image ID # 13c41467d8

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Germanic of the White Star Line, Departing 22 July 1896 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by E. R. McKinstry, R.N.R.

Notable Passengers: George Irving, William Laidlaw, Charles Moore.

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: E. R. McKinstry, R.N.R
  • Surgeon: J. Fourness-Brice
  • Purser: H. J. Thorpe

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. W. H. Allan
  2. Miss Ellen Arthur
  3. Rev. John Barbour
  4. Mr. W. A. J. Bell
  5. Rev. R. E. W. Besant
  6. Mrs. Besant
  7. Miss Boyle
  8. Miss H. Boyle
  9. Rev. T. Bradbury
  10. Mr. J. Bradshaw
  11. Rev. J. Brosnan
  12. Mr. A. S. Caldwell
  13. Mr. Brown Caldwell
  14. Mr. J. R Callender
  15. Mr. W. M. Camp
  16. Mrs. Camp
  17. Mrs. Carpenter
  18. Mr. F. Carrington
  19. Mr. B. Stuart Chambers
  20. Mr. L. D. Clarke
  21. Miss M. W. Clifford
  22. Mr. A. Crawford
  23. Mr. Dater
  24. Mr. G. A. Davison
  25. Mr. H. Denning
  26. Mr. H. Denning, Jr.
  27. Rev. W. H. Dodge, D. D
  28. Mr. G. H. Easdale
  29. Mr. F. E. Fennessy
  30. Mr. Ben Fish
  31. Mr. R. G. Fisher
  32. Captain Forwood
  33. Mr. Anderson Fowler
  34. Mr. L. G. Freedman
  35. Rev. E. G. Gauge
  36. Mr. A. D. Garrett
  37. Mrs. Garrett
  38. Mr. W. Giblin
  39. Mr. W. P. Gill
  40. Mr. John Gilmore
  41. Dr. Charles Good
  42. Mr. Gostenhofer
  43. Mr. B. Graf
  44. Mrs, Graf
  45. Mr. J. Grierson
  46. Mrs. D. C. Haldeman
  47. Mr. W. Halley
  48. Mr. R. W. Harris
  49. Mr. Alexander Harvey
  50. Miss H. Hawthorne
  51. Mr. John Hayes
  52. Rev. C. R. Hemphill
  53. Mr. Drayton Hillyer
  54. Mrs. Hillyer
  55. Mr. H. W. Hixon
  56. Mr. Hoesli
  57. Mr. T. Holford
  58. Mrs. Holford, Infant, and Nurse
  59. Mrs. Holmes
  60. Mr. R. M. Howison
  61. Mr. V. B. Hubbell
  62. Rev. T. F. Hughes
  63. Mr. H. Hutchinson
  64. Mr. George Irving
    George Henry Irving (5 October 1874 - 11 September 1961) was an American film actor and director who made over 200 films from 1914 until his retirement in 1954. Irving was initially an Actor-director until he switched exclusively to acting in the mid-20s and became a character actor until the later 40s. He mostly played reputable and stern persons in films, he is best known for his roles as lawyer Peabody in Bringing Up Baby and as Robert Wentworth in Coquette.
  65. Mr. E. R. Jones
  66. Mr. Hugh Kershaw
  67. Mr. W. L. Kingman
  68. Miss Kingsmill
  69. Mr. A. Kitz
  70. Mrs. Kitz
  71. Miss Knapp
  72. Mr. Emil Kornbeck
  73. Mr. C. W. Kranshaar
  74. Mr. B. T. Lacy
  75. Mr. William Laidlaw
    William Grant Laidlaw (1 January 1840 – 19 August 1908) was a U.S. Representative from New York
  76. Mr. Paul Libby
  77. Mr. Alexander Lifton
  78. Rev. H. D. Lindsay
  79. Mr. Sydney Lockhart
  80. Mr. G. A. Marshall
  81. Miss A. E. Mason
  82. Mr. A, H. Masten
  83. Mrs. Masten
  84. Miss Masten
  85. Dr. J. M. Maxwell
  86. Mr. H. Maynard
  87. Mr. H. C. Meyer
  88. Mr. J. McElhatton
  89. Mr. G. A. McGillivray
  90. Mr. R. T. McGusty
  91. Mr. J. McNaughton
  92. Mr. Malcolm McPherson
  93. Mr. H. Melvill
  94. Mr. Harold Money
  95. Mr. David Moodie
  96. Mr. A. E. Moore
  97. Mr. Charles Moore
    Charles Leonard Moore (1854–1925) was an American poet and essayist, born in Philadelphia. He became a lawyer and in 1878-79 served as United States Consul at San Antonio, Brazil
  98. Mr. C. C. Moore
  99. Dr. Northrop
  100. Mr. L. G. O'Reilly
  101. Mr. J. P. Palmer
  102. Mrs. Palmer and Child
  103. Mr. Walter Palmer
  104. Mrs. Palmer
  105. Mr. John Parry
  106. Mr. R. Paton
  107. Miss M. G. Patterson
  108. Mr. R. Pearce
  109. Mrs. Pearce
  110. Mr. S. H. Pearce
  111. Miss A, V. Pike
  112. Rev. S. B. Pond
  113. Mrs. S. B. Pond
  114. Mr. T. Radcliffe
  115. Mr. H. Robbins and Manservant
  116. Miss Robinson
  117. Miss Robinson and Maid
  118. Mr. N. Rooney
  119. Dr. Newton M. Shaffer
  120. Mr. J. Simister
  121. Mr. H. Van Sinderin
  122. Mrs. Van Sinderin
  123. Mr. J. T. Spaulding
  124. Mr. A. R. Steven
  125. Mr. T. Stewart
  126. Mr. J. S. Stewart
  127. Mr. J. R. Stitt
  128. Mr. Charles Stoddart
  129. Mr. T. Taylor
  130. Mr. W. A. Thomas
  131. Mr. William Todd
  132. Mr. Reginald Tower
  133. Mr. H. S. Turtle
  134. Mr. E. de Wolfe Wales
  135. Mr. J. H. Walsh
  136. Mr. R. B. Walsh
  137. Mr. C. Waterson
  138. Mrs. Wedel and Infant
  139. Mr. P. F. Welsh
  140. Miss A. A. Wheeler
  141. Mr. Henry White and Manservant
  142. Mrs. White
  143. Miss White and Maid
  144. Mr. H. T. Williams
  145. Mr. J. H. Williams
  146. Mrs. Willis
  147. Master Willis
  148. Mr. G. E. Wilson
  149. Mr. B. B. Wolfe
  150. Rev. J. Wood
  151. Miss Nora Wood
  152. Miss Wynkoop
  153. Mr. A. G. Yates
  154. Mr. T. R. Young

Passenger Annotated Memorandum of Log

Back Cover, RMS Germanic Passenger List - 22 July 1896

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