RMS Georgic Passenger List - 16 October 1937

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Georgic American Legion Class Passenger List - 16 October 1937.

Front Cover, American Legion Members Passenger List for the RMS Georgic of the White Star Line, Departing Saturday, 16 October 1937 from Southampton to New York via Le Havre and Cobh, Commanded by Captain B. B. Oram, R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 13c36f8228


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: B. B. Oram, R.D., R.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer: D. Horsburgh
  3. Chief Officer: J. D. Snow, R.D., R.N.R
  4. Surgeon: A. G. V. Elder
  5. Purser: T. H. Cullum
  6. Assistant Purser: T. E. Tewson
  7. Tourist Purser: W. J. R. Jordan
  8. Chief Steward: C. Dawick
  9. Chief Tourist Steward: G. Newcombe
  10. Chief Third Steward: W. Marshall
  11. Company's Legion Representative On Board: J. P. Riley


American Legionnaires Homeward Bound

Cunard White Star Limited again extends a cordial welcome to the 3rd A. E. F. and trusts that the return voyage across the Atlantic will be fruitful in recalling old memories and cementing new friendships.

We are proud to have been associated with this great pilgrimage of American veterans to Europe, a movement which cannot fail to promote international goodwill and fellowship.

Europe has welcomed your coming and will always cherish happy recollections of your inspiring mission. The new contacts which you have established and your friendly discussions will be of immense value in advancing the high ideals of service for which you stand.

May you long continue to prosper in promoting the cause of peace and a closer understanding between the nations of the world.

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. B. R. Fuller
  2. Mrs. A. N. Hick
  3. Mr. David C. Roberts


Tourist Passengers

  1. Mr. J. E. Abbott
  2. Mrs. Abbott
  3. Mr. C. Amos
  4. Miss C. Berming
  5. Mr. M. J. Brett
  6. Mrs. Brett
  7. Master M. J. Brett
  8. Miss M. Carey
  9. Mr. J. Collier
  10. Mrs. Collier
  11. Mr. B. L. Cushner
  12. Mrs. Cushner
  13. Mr. C. C. Deamude
  14. Miss J. M. Dorwart
  15. Miss E. M. Drier
  16. Mr. A. P. Dwyer
  17. Mrs. Dwyer
  18. Miss M. F. Fay
  19. Mr. D. M. Fellman
  20. Mrs. Fellman
  21. Mrs. L. Fox
  22. Mr. Herman N. Gale
  23. Mrs. Gale
  24. Mr. O. H. Gray
  25. Miss M. E. Harnedy
  26. Dr. H. K. Hogg
  27. Mrs. Hogg
  28. Miss R. V. Holland
  29. Mr. T. J. Hynes
  30. Mr. K. I. Jensen
  31. Mrs. Jensen
  32. Mr. D. Jordan
  33. Miss J. Jordan
  34. Miss H. Jordan
  35. Mr. J. Keebler
  36. Mrs. Keebler
  37. Mr. L. La Fol
  38. Mr. J. Leban
  39. Mr. K. Mathewsian
  40. Mr. J. B. McIntyre
  41. Mrs. McIntyre
  42. Mr. R. T. McQueeney
  43. Mr. J. H. Mulhare
  44. Mrs. Mulhare
  45. Mr. B. Nash
  46. Mr. W. Rennert
  47. Mrs. Rennert
  48. Mr. D. Lana Robertson
  49. Mrs. Robertson
  50. Mr. E. L. Ryan
  51. Dr. F. F. Sandler
  52. Mrs. Sandler
  53. Miss M. Shea
  54. Miss E. Shelton
  55. Mr. S. J. Sillaman
  56. Mrs. Sillaman
  57. Mr. L. Silverman
  58. Mrs. Silverman
  59. Mr. E. M. Thomas
  60. Mrs. Thomas
  61. Mr. P. J. Toshhi
  62. Mr. R. D. Vesce
  63. Mrs. Vesce
  64. Mr. M. Vestal
  65. Mrs. Vestal
  66. Mr. V. Wise
  67. Mrs. Wise
  68. Master R. C. Wise
  69. Mrs. E. M. Wyatt


Third Class Passengers

  1. Mr. D. A. Abernathey
  2. Mr. E. W. Brice
  3. Mr. j. A. Green
  4. Mrs. Green
  5. Mr. S. Greenfield
  6. Mr. R. C. Kimbrough
  7. Mrs. Kimbrough
  8. Master J. Kimbrough
  9. Mr. B. F. Knight
  10. Mrs. Knight
  11. Mr. G. Mack
  12. Mrs. Mack
  13. Mr. E. Mastenbook
  14. Mrs. Mastenbook
  15. Mr. J. A. O’Brien
  16. Mrs. O’Brien
  17. Mr. R. R. Oldham
  18. Mr. O. C. Scarborough
  19. Mr. J. H. Sheldon
  20. Mrs. Sheldon
  21. Mr. C. T. Williams
  22. Mr. Williams


Ships List of Additions and Corrections

Cabin Class


  1. Mr. F. Dowling
  2. Mr. T. F. Johnson
  3. Mrs. Johnson
  4. Mr. T. J. Lyons
  5. Mr. J. P. Riley
  6. Mr. R. J. Webb
  7. Mrs. Webb

Passengers Not On Board

  1. Mr. David C. Roberts

Tourist Class

Additional Passengers

  1. Mr. T. M. Bullock
  2. Mrs. Bullock
  3. Mr. J. W. Connolly
  4. Mr. I. Carlin
  5. Mrs. Carlin
  6. Mr A. Chickello
  7. Mr. R. T. Fenley
  8. Miss C. E. Huger
  9. Mr. V. Hertz
  10. Mr. R. E. Lavelle
  11. Mrs. N. Murray
  12. Miss E. Murray
  13. Mr. W. W. Pardon
  14. Mrs. Pardon
  15. Mr. B. G. Proud
  16. Mr. J. A. Reilly
  17. Mrs. Reilly
  18. Mr L. St. Onge
  19. Dr. A. V. Sibert
  20. Mrs. A. M. Tackney
  21. Mr. J. Williams

Passengers Not On Board

  1. Miss C. Berming
  2. Miss M. F. Fay
  3. Mr. K. Mathewsian
  4. Miss E. Shelton
  5. Mr. P. J. Toshhi
  6. Mr. V. Wise
  7. Mrs. Wise
  8. Master R. C. Wise

Corrections Made to Ships List

For Read
Mr. D. M. Fellman Mr. D. M. Fillman
Mrs. Fellman Mrs. Fillman
Mr. K I. Jensen Mr. K. I. Jenzen
Mrs. Jensen Mrs. Jenzen
Mr. L. La Foi Mr. L. La Foe
Mr. J. Leban Mr. Lehan
Mr. D. Lana Robertson Mr. L B. Robertson

Third Class

Additional Passengers

  1. Mr. R. A. Blake
  2. Mrs. Blake
  3. Mr. W. H. Condon
  4. Mrs. Condon
  5. Mr. E. F. Himsworth
  6. Mrs. R. S. Milne
  7. Mr. J. Pope-Jones
  8. Miss Irma Wolfe
  9. Dr. H. O. Wolfe
  10. Mrs. Wolfe


Passengers Not On Board

  1. Mr. R. R. Oldham


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