RMS Cymric Passenger List - 7 September 1906

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Cymric First Class Passenger List - 7 September 1906.

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the RMS Cymric of the White Star Line, Departing Friday, 7 September 1906 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain C. A. Bartlett, (Lt. RNR). GGA Image ID # 13c1eeabe1


Notable Passengers: Francis Richmond Allen, Charles William Bartlett, Charles Curtis, Henry Clayton Metcalf, Wife of Melvin Ohio Adams, Widow of Woodbury Kane

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: C. A. Bartlett, (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: Ashley Hopper
  3. Purser: H. H. Pomeroy
  4. Chief Steward: G. Cooper

First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Melvin O Adams
    Wife of Melvin Ohio Adams (November 7, 1847 – August 9, 1920) who was an American attorney and railroad executive who was part of Lizzie Borden's legal defense team, the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts from 1905 to 1906, and the President of the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad
  2. Mr. Francis R. Allen
    Francis Richmond Allen (1843-1931) American Architect who was a partner in Allen & Collens that was a "leading New York firm" in the early 1900s. The firm was known for its Gothic Revival design work, and "[m]ost notable of the firm's works are the reconstructed Cloisters at Fort Tryon Park and a Gothic Revival hall at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, New York
  3. Mrs. Allen
  4. Miss Dorothy Allen
  5. Mr. Joseph August
  6. Mrs. August
  7. Mr. Charles W. Bartlett
    Charles William Bartlett (1 June 1860 – 16 April 1940) was an English painter and printmaker who settled in Hawaii
  8. Mrs. Bartlett (Catherine "Kate" Main)
  9. Miss Henrietta Bean
  10. Mrs. William V. Bennett
  11. Miss Lillian Bennett
  12. Miss Florence Bennett
  13. Mr. Hugh Birckhead
  14. Mr. G. A. Blais
  15. Mrs. Blais
  16. Miss M. Bowen
  17. Miss Mary A. Brennan
  18. Miss Fannie Brewer
  19. Mr. Carter
  20. Mrs. Hamilton V. Castner
  21. Mrs. James K. Cavanagh
  22. Mr. Alexander S. Clarke
  23. Mrs. Clarke and Maid
  24. Miss S. Louise Clark
  25. Miss Mary Clark
  26. Miss Frances Clark
  27. Mrs. P. H. Clifford
  28. Mr. J. Frank Cooper
  29. Mr. William A. Cousens
  30. Miss Alice Curtin
  31. Mr. Charles A. Curtis
    Charles Curtis (January 25, 1860 – February 8, 1936) was a Kaw Nation Native American Indian who served as a Republican Vice President of the United States. After serving as a United States Representative, and then a longtime United States Senator from Kansas Curtis was later chosen as Senate Majority Leader by his Republican colleagues, and the 31st Vice President of the United States (1929–1933). He was the first person with significant acknowledged Native American ancestry and the first person with significant acknowledged non-European ancestry to reach either of the two highest offices in the United States government's executive branch
  32. Mr. A. A. Cushman
  33. Mr. Herbert E. Day
  34. Mrs. Day
  35. Miss Helen Dennis
  36. Mrs. Marietta N. Dewey
  37. Mr. Ernest A. De Wolf
  38. Mr. R. D. De Wolf
  39. Mr. John E. de Wolf
  40. Mrs. J. F. J. Driscoll
  41. Mr. George S. Dunham
  42. Mr. Duncan Elliott
  43. Mr. Robert Elliott
  44. Mr. Geraud Elliott
  45. Mr. Henry C. Emmet
  46. Mr. Watson C. Emmet
  47. Mr. Malcolm E. Erskine
  48. Miss E. B. Farrington
  49. Mr. Frank G. Fitzpatrick
  50. Miss Mary Fitzpatrick
  51. Miss Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
  52. Miss G. Flatley
  53. Miss Josephene Flatley
  54. Miss Blanche Goell
  55. Miss Nellie Gourley
  56. Rev. James B. Gregg
  57. Mrs. Gregg
  58. Mr. Percy L. Guiterman
  59. Dr. William H. Hale
  60. Mrs. Hale
  61. Master E. G. Hale
  62. Mr. Edward Hanna
  63. Miss Mary A. Hayden
  64. Miss Elizabeth Hayden
  65. Mrs. R. A. Hersey
  66. Mr. Walter S. Hinchman
  67. Mr. H. M. Hind
  68. Mr. Henry Hoelljes
  69. Miss E. M. Hoppin
  70. Miss E. Humphreys
  71. Miss Mary L. Hussey
  72. Miss Alice C. Jenness
  73. Mrs. Otis N. Jones
  74. Miss Mary E. Jones
  75. Mr. Benjamin M. Joseph
  76. Mrs. Woodbury Kane
    Widow of Woodbury Kane (8 February 1859 – 5 December 1905) who was a noted yachtsman and bon vivant, and member of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. A director of the Metropolitan Register Company, Kane served aboard the Columbia in the 1899 America’s Cup race. He also was a noted hunter of big game, both in North America and South Africa
  77. Miss E. A. Kinnimonth
  78. Dr. F. Park Lewis
  79. Mrs. Lewis
  80. Miss Katharine Lewis
  81. Miss Dorothea Lewis
  82. Miss Frances Lewis
  83. Mr. Walter D. Little
  84. Mr. Richard W. Lodge
  85. Dr. Fred. W. Lyons
  86. Mr. J. M. B. MacNary
  87. Mr. T. B. Magram
  88. Mr. A. F. Marsh
  89. Rev. Walter McDonald
  90. Mr. Eugene McSweeney
  91. Mrs. McSweeney
  92. Miss Vetta Merrill
  93. Mr. Henry C. Metcalf
    Henry Clayton Metcalf (February 22, 1867 - August 1942) was an early American organizational theorist, Professor of Political Science at Tufts College in Massachusetts and Chairman of Tufts College, known from his publications on management with Ordway Tead and Lyndall Urwick
  94. Mr. William Miller
  95. Mrs. Miller
  96. Miss Grace M. Miller
  97. Miss Mary Moag
  98. Dr. A. A. Moore
  99. Miss Mattie Morgan
  100. Mr. James J. Muir
  101. Mr. R. G. Munroe
  102. Miss Margaret Murphy
  103. Miss Gerda Nelson
  104. Mr. Theodore Nevin
  105. Mrs. Nevin
  106. Master Hugh Nevin
  107. Miss Susan Nevin
  108. Mr. Nathaniel Nichols
  109. Mr. F. Oxley
  110. Mrs. Oxley
  111. Miss C. Pace
  112. Miss Ruth B. Packard
  113. Miss Emma S. Packard
  114. Mr. George S. Payson
  115. Mrs. Payson and Maid
  116. Miss Ellen L. Payson
  117. Master Randolph Payson
  118. Miss Margaret L. Payson
  119. Mr. H. A. Phinney
  120. Mrs. Phinney
  121. Miss Helen Pillsbury
  122. Miss Harriet A. Potter
  123. Mrs. John W. Pridmore
  124. Miss May Pridmore
  125. Miss Jessie Pridmore
  126. Mr. John Reid
  127. Miss M. A. Riley
  128. Miss C. Ritchie
  129. Miss S. Robinson
  130. Mr. A. Cecil Sandays
  131. Mrs. Sandays
  132. Mrs. H. H. Sayles
  133. Miss Seccombe
  134. Mr. W. G. Shaw
  135. Mrs. H. Shrev
  136. Miss Annie J. Silsbee
  137. Miss Elizabeth W. Silsbee
  138. Dr. Fred. T. Simpson
  139. Miss A. E. Simpson
  140. Miss F. E. Simpson
  141. Mr. Walter Slack
  142. Miss Lulu R. Smith
  143. Miss Mary P. Smith
  144. Miss M. Sneath
  145. Mrs. William A. Stetson
  146. Mr. Howard Stetson
  147. Miss Nellie H. Swift
  148. Mr. Gerrit S. Sykes
  149. Mrs. Sykes
  150. Miss Milly G. Sykes
  151. Miss Annie C. Sykes
  152. Mrs. S. A. Tatum
  153. Mr. W. Harold Taylor
  154. Miss Helen Thomas
  155. Miss Katharine C. Tileston
  156. Mrs. K. W. Toll
  157. Mr. Oliver W. Toll
  158. Mr. Henry W. Toll
  159. Dr. James Utley
  160. Mrs. Utley
  161. Miss H. W. Vaille
  162. Rev. F. B. Van Kleeck, D.D
  163. Mrs. Van Kleeck
  164. Rev. James Vannevar
  165. Mrs. Vannevar
  166. Miss Dorothy Vannevar
  167. Miss Edith Vannevar
  168. Mrs. M. J. Venter
  169. Mr. W. G. Walker
  170. Mrs. Livonia E. Ware
  171. Mr. Joseph Watt
  172. Mrs. Watt
  173. Mrs. G. M. Weaver
  174. Miss Helen S. Weaver
  175. Miss Gertrude C. Weaver
  176. Mr. Daniel D. Webber
  177. Miss C. G. Westcott
  178. Mr. Reutin Whidden
  179. Mrs. Whidden
  180. Miss E. Whidden
  181. Mr. James K. Whittemore
  182. Mrs. Whittemore
  183. Miss Amy R. Whittier
  184. Mr. R. Williamson
  185. Mrs. Williamson
  186. Master A. Williamson
  187. Master R. Williamson
  188. Mrs. Edward A. Woods
  189. Miss Marjory Woods
  190. Master Edward A. Woods
  191. Miss Yeomans

The Services And Connections Of The White Star Line Encircle The Globe. The Passenger Services Of The White Star Line Are Maintained Entirely By Twin Screw Steamers, Including "Oceanic," Majestic," And "Teutonic," Which Are Among The Fastest Steamers In The World,"Baltic," 23,876 Tons, " Cedric " 21,035 Tons, And "Celtic," 20,904 Tons, Three Largest British Steamers Afloat."Arabic" And "Republic" Are The Largest, Fastest, And Finest Steamers Calling To Boston.

Special Notice - Professional Gamblers Alert included with the RMS Cymric Passenger List, 7 September 1906.

Special Notice - Professional Gamblers Alert included with the RMS Cymric Passenger List, 7 September 1906. GGA Image ID # 1dc4262b78


Unused RMS Cymric Track Chart and Memorandum of Log from September 1906.

Unused RMS Cymric Track Chart and Memorandum of Log from September 1906. GGA Image ID # 1dc4459e98


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