RMS Titanic Passenger List - 10 April 1912

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Titanic First Class Passenger List - 10 April 1912.

Front Cover, First Class (Saloon) Passenger List for the RMS Titanic of the White Star Line From Southampton to New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh), Departing Wednesday, 10 April 1912, and Sunk on Sunday, 14th April 1912, Commanded by Captain E. J. Smith. GGA Image ID # 13cce0aebe


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: E. J. Smith, R.D. (Cmdr. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: W. F. N. O'Loughlin
  3. Asst. Surgeon : J. E. Simpson
  4. Purser: H. W. McElroy
  5. Purser: R. I. Barker
  6. Chief Steward. A. Latimer

First Class Passengers

  1. Miss Elizabeth Walton Allen
  2. Mr. H. J. Allison
  3. Mrs. H. J. Allison and Maid
  4. Miss Allison
  5. Master Allison and Nurse
  6. Mr. Harry Anderson
  7. Miss Cornelia I. Andrews
  8. Mr. Thomas Andrews
  9. Mrs. E. D. Appleton
  10. Mr. Ramon Artagaveytia
  11. Colonel J. J. Astor and Manservant
  12. Mrs. J. J. Astor and Maid
  13. Mrs. N. Aubert and Miad
  14. Mr. A. H. Barkworth
  15. Mr. J. Baumann
  16. Mrs. James Baxter
  17. Mr. Quigg Baxter
  18. Mr. T. Beattie
  19. Mr. R. L. Beckwith
  20. Mrs. R. L. Beckwith
  21. Mr. K. H. Behr
  22. Mr. D. H. Bishop
  23. Mrs. D. H. Bishop
  24. Mr. H. Bjornstrom
  25. Mr. Stephen Weart Blackwell
  26. Mr. Henry Blank
  27. Miss Caroline Bonnell
  28. Miss Lily Bonnell
  29. Mr. J. J. Borebank
  30. Miss Bowen
  31. Miss Elsie Bowerman
  32. Mr. John B. Brady
  33. Mr. E. Brandeis
  34. Mr. George Brayton
  35. Dr. Arthur Jackson Brewe
  36. Mrs. J. J. Brown
  37. Mrs. J. M. Brown
  38. Mrs. W. Bucknell and Maid
  39. Major Archibald W. Butt
  40. Mr. E. P. Calderhead
  41. Mrs. Churchill Cardell
  42. Mrs. J. W. M. Cardeza and Maid
  43. Mr. T. D. M. Cardeza and Manservant
  44. Mr. Frank Carlson
  45. Mr. F. M. Carran
  46. Mr. J. P. Carran
  47. Mr. William E. Carter
  48. Mrs. William E. Carter and Maid
  49. Miss Lucile Carter
  50. Master William T. Carter
  51. Mr. Howard B. Case
  52. Mr. T. W. Cavendish
  53. Mrs. T. W. Cavendish and Maid
  54. Mr. Herbert F. Chaffee
  55. Mrs. Herbert F. Chaffee
  56. Mr. N. C. Chambers
  57. Mrs. N. C. Chambers
  58. Miss Gladys Cherry
  59. Mr. Paul Chevré
  60. Mrs. E. M. Bowerman Chibnall
  61. Mr. Robert Chisholm
  62. Mr. Walter M. Clark
  63. Mrs. Walter M. Clark
  64. Mr. George Quincy Clifford
  65. Mr. E. P. Colley
  66. Mrs. A. T. Compton
  67. Miss S. R. Compton
  68. Mr. A. T. Compton, Jr.
  69. Mrs. R. C. Cornell
  70. Mr. John B. Crafton
  71. Mr. Edward G. Crosby
  72. Mrs. Edward G. Crosby
  73. Miss Harriett Crosby
  74. Mr. John Bradley Cummings
  75. Mrs. John Bradley Cummings
  76. Mr. P. D. Daly
  77. Mr. Robert W. Daniel
  78. Mr. Thornton Davidson
  79. Mrs. Thornton Davidson
  80. Mrs. B. de Villiers
  81. Mr. A. A. Dick
  82. Mrs. A. A. Dick
  83. Mr. Washington Dodge
  84. Mrs. Washington Dodge
  85. Master Washington Dodge
  86. Mrs. F. C. Douglas
  87. Mr. W. D. Douglas
  88. Mrs. W. D. Douglas and Maid
  89. Mr. William C. Dulles
  90. Mrs. Boulton Earnshew
  91. Miss Caroline Endres
  92. Miss E. M. Eustis
  93. Miss E. Evans
  94. Mrs. A. Flegenhein
  95. Mr. J. I. Flynn
  96. Mr. B. L. Foreman
  97. Mr. Mark Fortune
  98. Mrs. Mark Fortune
  99. Miss Ethel Fortune
  100. Miss Alice Fortune
  101. Miss Mabel Fortune
  102. Mr. Charles Fortune
  103. Mr. T. P. Franklin
  104. Mr. T. G. Frauenthal
  105. Dr. Henry W. Frauenthal
  106. Mrs. Henry W. Frauenthal
  107. Miss Marguerite Frolicher
  108. Mr. J. Futrelle
  109. Mrs. J. Futrelle
  110. Mr. Arthur Gee
  111. Mrs. L. Gibson
  112. Miss D. Gibson
  113. Mr. E. L. Goldenberg
  114. Mrs. E. L. Goldenberg
  115. Mr. George B. Goldschmidt
  116. Colonel Archibald Gracie
  117. Mr. Graham
  118. Mrs. William G. Graham
  119. Miss Margaret Graham
  120. Mrs. L. D. Greenfield
  121. Mr. W. B. Greenfield
  122. Mr. Victor Giglio
  123. Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim
  124. Mr. George A. Harder
  125. Mrs. George A. Harder
  126. Mr. Henry Sleeper Harper and Manservant
  127. Mrs. Henry Sleeper Harper
  128. Mr. Henry B. Harris
  129. Mrs. Henry B. Harris
  130. Mr. W. H. Harrison
  131. Mr. H. Haven
  132. Mr. W. J. Hawksford
  133. Mr. Charles M. Hays
  134. Mrs. Charles M. Hays and Maid
  135. Miss Margaret Hays
  136. Mr. Christopher Head
  137. Mr. W. F. Host
  138. Mr. Herbert Henry Hilliard
  139. Mr. W. E. Hipkins
  140. Mrs. Ida Hippach
  141. Miss Jean Hippach
  142. Mrs. John C. Hogeboom
  143. Mr. A. O. Holverson
  144. Mrs. A. O. Holverson
  145. Mr. Frederick M. Hoyt
  146. Mrs. Frederick M. Hoyt
  147. Miss A. E. Isham
  148. Mr. Ismay and Manservant
  149. Mr. Birnbaum Jakob
  150. Mr. C. C. Jones
  151. Mr. H. F. Julian
  152. Mr. Edward A. Kent
  153. Mr. F. R. Kenyon
  154. Mrs. F. R. Kenyon
  155. Mr. E. N. Kimball
  156. Mrs. E. N. Kimball
  157. Mr. Herman Klaber
  158. Mr. Fletcher Fellowes Lambert-Williams
  159. Mrs. F. A. Leader
  160. Mr. E. G. Lewy
  161. Mrs. Ernest H. Lines
  162. Miss Mary C. Lines
  163. Mrs. J. Lindstroem
  164. Mr. Milton C. Long
  165. Mr. J. H. Loring
  166. Miss Gretchen F. Longley
  167. Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill
  168. Mr. J. E. Maguire
  169. Mr. Pierre Mareehal
  170. Mr. D. W. Marvin
  171. Mrs. D. W. Marvin
  172. Mr. T. McCaffry
  173. Mr. Timothy J. McCarthy
  174. Mr. J. R. McGough
  175. Mr. A. Melody
  176. Mr. Edgar J. Meyer
  177. Mrs. Edgar J. Meyer
  178. Mr. Frank D. Millet
  179. Dr. W. E. Minahan
  180. Mrs. W. E. Minahan
  181. Miss Daisy Minahan
  182. Mr. H. Markland Molsom
  183. Mr. Clarence Moore and Manservant
  184. Mr. Morgan
  185. Mrs. Morgan and Maid
  186. Mr. Charles Natsch
  187. Mr. A. W. Newell
  188. Miss Alice Newell
  189. Miss Madeline Newell
  190. Miss Helen Newsom
  191. Mr. A. S. Nicholson
  192. Mr. E. C. Ostby
  193. Miss Helen R. Ostby
  194. Mr. S. Ovies
  195. Mr. M. H. W. Parr
  196. Mr. Austin Partner
  197. Mr. V. Payne
  198. Mr. Thomas Pears
  199. Mrs. Thomas Pears
  200. Mr. Victor Penasco
  201. Mrs. Victor Penasco and Maid
  202. Major Arthur Peuchen
  203. Mr. Walter Chamberlain Porter
  204. Mrs. Thomas Potter, Jr.
  205. Mr. Jonkheer J. G. Reuchlin
  206. Mr. George Rheims
  207. Mrs. Edward S. Robert and Maid
  208. Mr. Washington A. Roebling II
  209. Mr. C. Rolmane
  210. Mr. Hugh R. Rood
  211. Miss Rosenbaum
  212. Mr. J. Hugo Ross
  213. The Countess of Rothes and Maid
  214. Mr. M. Rothschild
  215. Mrs. M. Rothschild
  216. Mr. Alfred Rowe
  217. Mr. Arthur Ryerson
  218. Mrs. Arthur Ryerson and Maid
  219. Miss Ryerson
  220. Miss Ryerson
  221. Master Ryerson
  222. Mr. AAdolphe Saalfeld
  223. Mr. A. L. Saloman
  224. Mr. Schabert
  225. Mr. Frederic K. Seward
  226. Miss E. W. Shutes
  227. Mr. Silverthorne
  228. Mr. William B. Silvey
  229. Mrs. Willaim B. Silvey
  230. Mr. Oberst Alfons Simonius
  231. Mr. William T. Sloper
  232. Mr. John M. Smart
  233. Mr. J. Clinch Smith
  234. Mr. R. W. Smith
  235. Mr. John Snyder
  236. Mrs. John Snyder
  237. Mr. Frederick O. Spedden
  238. Mrs. Frederick O. Spedden and Maid
  239. Master R. Douglas Spedden and Nurse
  240. Mr. W. A. Spencer
  241. Mrs. W. A. Spencer and Maid
  242. Dr. Max Stahelin
  243. Mr. W. T. Stead
  244. Mr. Max Frorlicher Stehli
  245. Mrs. Max Frolicher Stehli
  246. Mr. C. E. H. Stengel
  247. Mrs. C. E. H. Stengel
  248. Mrs. W. B. Stephenson
  249. Mr. A. A. Stewart
  250. Mrs. George M. Stone and Maid
  251. Mr. Isidor Straus and Manservant
  252. Mrs. Isidor Straus and Maid
  253. Mr. Frederick Sutton
  254. Mrs. Frederick Joel Swift
  255. Mr. J. B. Thayer, Jr.
  256. Mr. G. Thorne
  257. Mrs. G. Thorne
  258. Mr. G. M. Tucker, Jr.
  259. Mr. M. R. Uruchurtu
  260. Mr. Whchoff Van der Hoef
  261. Mr. W. Anderson Walker
  262. Mr. F. M. Warren
  263. Mrs. F. M. Warren
  264. Mr. J. Weir
  265. Mr. M. J. White
  266. Mr. Percival W. White
  267. Mr. Richard F. White
  268. Mrs. J. Stuart White, Maid and Manservant
  269. Mr. George D. Wick
  270. Mrs. George D. Wick
  271. Miss Mary Wick
  272. Mr. Goerge D. Widener and Manservant
  273. Mrs. George D. Widener and Maid
  274. Mr. Harry Widener
  275. Miss Constance Willard
  276. Mr. Duane Williams
  277. Mr. R. M. Williams, Jr.
  278. Mr. Hugh Woolner
  279. Mr. George Wright
  280. Miss Marie Young

Steamer Rugs and Chairs

Can be hired on application to the Enquiry Office, at a charge of 4/- (4 Shillings) each for the voyage.


Landing Arrangements at New York

Should the Steamer arrive at the New York Wharf after 8:00 pm. Passengers may land if they wish to do so and have their baggage passed by the Customs authorities immediately on arrival, but those who prefer to remain on board may do so, and have their baggage passed the following morning not earlier than 7 o'clock. Breakfast will be served to those who remain on hoard overnight.

White Star Line ROUTES

  • New York Plymouth Cherbourg Southampton
  • New York, Queenstown, Liverpool
  • Boston, Queenstown, Liverpool
  • Montreal. Quebec, Liverpool
  • New York, AZORES, Mediterranean

United States & Royal Mail Steamers

Voyage Summary

  • Date of Voyage: 1912 April 10
  • Vessel: Titanic
  • Class: First Class Passengers
  • Route: Southampton » Cherbourg » Queenstown » New York
  • Captain: E. J. Smith, R.D. (Cmdr. R.N.R.)
  • Number of Printed Pages: 12
  • Transcription: Paul K. Gjenvick
  • Récapitulation:
    • First Class Passengers: 287 + 20 Maids + 2 Nurses + 8 Manservants
    • Senior Officers and Staff : 6
  • Notable Passengers: Not Researched
  • Language(s): English
  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 19.7 cm


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