SS Baltic Passenger List 31 July 1931

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Baltic Cabin Class Passenger List - 31 July 1931.

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Baltic of the White Star Line, Departing Friday, 31 July 1931 from Liverpool to Boston and New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain E. Davies. GGA Image ID # 13bd3fbd02


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain E. Davies
  • Chief Engineer: W. M. Horsburgh
  • Chief Officer: D. Owen
  • First Officer: H. S. Solomon
  • Second Officer: J. Quayle
  • Sr. Second Engineer: L. Bradshaw
  • Sr. Third Engineer: J. B. Ramsey
  • Sr. Fourth Engineer: J. P. Robinson
  • Surgeon: J. D. Smylie, M.D.
  • Purser: R. Edwards
  • Assistant Purser: R. A. Lewis
  • Chief Steward: D. C. Wilkins
  • Second Steward: J. C. Williamson

Cabin Passengers

  1. Ackland, Mr. W. H.
  2. Allen, Mr. P. E.
  3. Allen, Mrs.
  4. Allen, Miss Margaret T.
  5. Armstrong, Miss Minnie H.
  6. Arnold, Mr. C. N.
  7. Bachnnm, Mrs. De Forest L.
  8. Ball, Miss Millicent M.
  9. Barnes, Mr. Allison
  10. Barnes, Mr. Cortlaiult
  11. Barrett, Dr. Edward
  12. Barrett, Rev. John
  13. Bateman, Mr. G. C.
  14. Batlelle, Mr. Neavey
  15. Battelle, Mrs.
  16. Battelle, Miss Susan
  17. Battelle, Miss Betty
  18. Bauer, Miss Ida K.
  19. Beebe, Mrs. F. Russell
  20. Birch, Mr. George J.
  21. Birch, Mrs.
  22. Blades, Mrs. K. A.
  23. Blades, Master W. D.
  24. Blades, Master K. S.
  25. Blades, Miss K. M.
  26. Blades, Miss M. E.
  27. Boby, Mr. Win.
  28. Britten, Miss Janet
  29. Broomhall, Mr. J. D.
  30. Broomhall, Mrs.
  31. Broomhall, Master Thomas D.
  32. Brown, Prof. Ernest W.
  33. Brown, Miss E. M.
  34. Bryant, Mr.Thomson R.
  35. Burrows, Mr. S. Alex.
  36. Button, Mrs. M. G.
  37. Button, Miss Elizabeth A.
  38. Campbell, Dr. E. M.
  39. Campbell, Mrs.
  40. Campbell, Miss Mary
  41. Carroll, Miss Marie
  42. Chadwick, Mr. G. H.
  43. Chadwick, Mrs.
  44. Coates, Mr. Edward
  45. Collbran, Mr. Stuart
  46. Connolly, Miss Mary
  47. Curtis, Miss Louise
  48. Cutts, Mr. Henry E.
  49. Cutts, Mrs.
  50. Cutts, Miss Elizabeth E.
  51. Cutts, Miss Mary F.
  52. Dalglish, Miss Madion
  53. Daly, Mr. James
  54. Day, Miss Mary L.
  55. Dennis, Mrs. Helen
  56. Dineen, Mrs. M.
  57. Dineen, Rev. Jeremiah
  58. Duncan, Mrs. M.
  59. Dunning, Miss B. B.
  60. Eardley, Mr. Edwin H.
  61. Eardley, Mrs.
  62. Edwards, Mr. Thos. H.
  63. Edwards, Mrs.
  64. Edwards, Jr. Mr. Thos. H.
  65. Edwards, Miss Ann
  66. Edwards, Miss E. M.
  67. Ellard, Miss Lucy
  68. Fallow, Mr. F. H.
  69. FennelI, Miss Alice
  70. Flagg, Mrs. F.J.
  71. Flagg, Miss Nancy
  72. Flinn, Miss Lucy
  73. Flynn, Mrs. M.
  74. Flynn, Miss M. V.
  75. Fogerty, Miss Bertha L.
  76. Foggie, Dr. W. E.
  77. Foggie, Mrs.
  78. Foster, Miss S. E.
  79. Frost, Mr. J. T.
  80. Furse, Mr. Wm. K.
  81. Furse, Mrs.
  82. Furse, Master George R.
  83. Furse, Master William E.
  84. George, Miss Elizabeth
  85. Goss, Mr. John L.
  86. Grant, Miss Isabel O.
  87. Guthrie, Mr. Henry J.
  88. Harlow, Miss Sarah H.
  89. Harris, Mrs. Nathan A.
  90. Harris, Mr. Joseph A.
  91. Harris, Mr. Alfred A.
  92. Harris, Mr. Edmond S.
  93. Hellesen, Mrs. K. W.
  94. Hellesen, Miss I. W.
  95. Hemesley, Mr. Norman
  96. Henderson, m.p., Mr. Arthur
  97. Herbert, Miss Hope M.
  98. Hoch. Mr. Charles W.
  99. Hogan, Mr. Edward J.
  100. Hogan, Mrs.
  101. Hopkins, Mrs. R. S.
  102. Hoppe, Mrs. A.
  103. Hoppe, Miss Anabel
  104. Hughes-Hallett, Miss Kathleen M.
  105. Hughes-Hallett, Master David
  106. Hutcheson, Mr. Palmer
  107. Hutcheson, Mrs.
  108. Hutcheson, Jr., Mr. Palmer
  109. Hutcheson, Mr. Thad.
  110. Hutcheson, Mr. Edward
  111. lnglis, Mrs. John A.
  112. Inglis, Miss Lois
  113. Jackson, Miss Olga E.
  114. Jennings, Mr. Wardell
  115. Jennings, Mrs. W. W.
  116. Johnson, Mrs. Elwood T.
  117. Keane, Mr. James
  118. Kendall, Dr. James
  119. Kendall, Mrs.
  120. Kendall, Miss Rebecca
  121. Kendall, Master James
  122. Kendall, Miss Jean
  123. Kennedy, Miss K.
  124. King, Jr., Dr. J. T.
  125. King, Mrs.
  126. Knowles, Miss Melita
  127. Krumbhaar, Mr. Louis
  128. Krumbhaar, Mrs.
  129. Krumbhaar, Mr. G. D.
  130. Krumbhaar, Mrs.
  131. Kurin, Mr. M. H.
  132. Kurin, Mrs.
  133. Lafferty, Mr. Leon M.
  134. Lafferty, Mrs.
  135. Lapsley, Mr. G. T.
  136. Laverty, Mr. William M.
  137. Laverty, Mrs.
  138. Leddy, Mrs. A. G.
  139. Leggett, Mrs. C. E.
  140. Leigh, Mr. Cyril W.
  141. Loughlin, Mr. John K.
  142. Lyon, Miss Betty
  143. Mangan, Rev. Fr. B.
  144. Martin, Mr. Arthur B.
  145. McCready, Mr. Harrison R.
  146. McGoldrick, Mr. Thomas
  147. McGoldrick, Mrs.
  148. McGuinness, Rev. Arthur
  149. McGuinness, Mr. James
  150. McGuinness, Mrs.
  151. McGuinness, Mr. Edward
  152. Mclnnis, Miss C.
  153. McPhelin, Miss Winifred
  154. Meagher, Miss Lily
  155. Meyer, Mr. Michael
  156. Milton, Mrs. A. C.
  157. Milton, Miss
  158. Morrow, Mr. Grant
  159. Murphy, Mr. S. V.
  160. Newall, Mr. James A.
  161. Newell, Miss E.
  162. O'Connell, Judge D. T.
  163. O'Connell, Hon. J. F.
  164. O'Leary, Mr. John
  165. O'Leary, Miss Annette
  166. Osborne, Mr. John L.
  167. Paul, Mr. Joseph N.
  168. Paul, Mrs.
  169. Pettibone, Mr. John S.
  170. Pettibone, Mrs.
  171. Potter, Mr. Clark
  172. Pushes, Mrs. Hortou
  173. Reginald, Mother
  174. Richmond, Miss Eleanor
  175. Roberts, Miss Helen
  176. Rose, Miss Mabel E.
  177. Rosenholz, Mrs. M.
  178. Rosenholz, Miss Frieda
  179. Rosenholz, Mr. Leo.
  180. Rulaud, Mr. Arthur J.
  181. Sandall, Miss Mary
  182. Saul, Capt. J. P.
  183. Seaman, Mrs. F. C.
  184. Shannon, Mr. David
  185. Shannon, Mrs.
  186. Sherman, Mr. Harold
  187. Smart, Miss Edythe M.
  188. Smith, Miss C. T.
  189. Smith, Mrs. Aubrey
  190. Soman, Mr. Alfred
  191. Soman, Mrs.
  192. Steams, Mr. George L.
  193. Stearns, Mrs.
  194. Stenning, Miss Marjorie K.
  195. Stone, Mr. C. E.
  196. Stone, Mrs.
  197. Sullivan, Mr. R. M.
  198. Sutton, Mr. William
  199. Sutton, Mrs.
  200. Taylor, Mr. Harry
  201. Tidy. Mrs. E. Cochrane
  202. Tomlinson, Mr. Edward
  203. Tomlinson, Mrs.
  204. Turley, Mrs. L. C.
  205. Vieth, Mr. Henry A.
  206. Vradenburg, Mr. G. A.
  207. Vradenburg, Mrs.
  208. Walker, Miss Margaret W.
  209. Walter, Mrs. M. S.
  210. Ward, Jr., Mr. Kyle
  211. Ward, Mrs.
  212. Warrin, Mrs. E. A.
  213. Washburn, Miss M.
  214. Webber, Mrs. E. B.
  215. Wedderburn, Mr. J. H. M.
  216. Whiting, Mr. Walter R.
  217. Whiting, Mrs.
  218. Williams, Mr. Sidney
  219. Wyatt, Miss Ida
  220. Yerger, Mr. M. B.

Information for Passengers


Refund of Head Tax can be obtained provided passengers have complied with the following conditions:—

(1) Inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival that it is their intention to leave the United States within sixty days, and obtain from the Inspector "Head Tax Refund Certificate" (Form 514).

(2) When leaving the United States to have the departure certified on Form 514 by the Purser of the vessel or by the conductor of the train upon which the departure takes place.

(3) The Immigration Authorities impose a time limit of 120 days from date of entry, after which claims for refund will not be considered. Passengers must, therefore, submit Form 514, duly completed, to the Company in sufficient time to enable the Company to make their application within this limit of time (120 days).

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