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SS Orbita Passenger List 29 July 1924

Passenger List, R.M.S.P. SS Orbita - 1924

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Orbita of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP), Departing 29 July 1924 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain W. H. Parker.

List of Senior Officers

  1. Captain W. H. Parker, C.B.E., R.D., R.N.R., Commander
  2. Chief Officer G. A. Robinson, R.D., R.N.R
  3. Second Officer R. V. RUTLEY, R.N.R
  4. Second Officer (Junior) A. E. Jones
  5. Third Officer A. S. Thomas
  6. Third Officer (Junior) S. G. PAGE
  7. Chief Engineer G. HAILEY
  8. Second Engineer W. ADAMS
  9. Third Engineer S. GILMORE
  10. Fourth Engineer A. COLLIER
  11. Surgeon T. F. Lums, M.R.C.S., Eng. L.R.C.P., Lond
  12. Purser F. SCHOFIELD
  13. Assistant Purser J. M. MCKENNA
  14. Assistant Purser A. C. STORY
  15. Assistant Purser J. D. SMITHWHITE
  16. Chief Steward W. J. CAMIDGE

The SS Orbita departed from Hamburg on Tuesday, 29 July 1924, arriving at Southampton and Cherbourg on Friday, 1 August, and then on to New York where they arrived on Monday, 11 August 1924.

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. C. C. Agate
  2. Mr. M. Altman
  3. Dr. S. E. Bateman
  4. Mrs. Bateman
  5. Mrs. Bateman
  6. Professor A. M. Bateman
  7. Mr. G. Bauer
  8. Mr. L. Bergmark
  9. Mrs. Bergmark
  10. Miss A. Bevan
  11. Miss G. Bicknell
  12. Mr. L. N. Birks
  13. Miss M. E. Birse
  14. Mr. H. Bley
  15. Mr. L. E. Bligh
  16. Mrs. Bligh
  17. Miss C. Blunt Castle
  18. Miss G. Blunt
  19. Miss R. C. Blunt
  20. Master P. Borie
  21. Mr. A. Borie
  22. Mrs. Borie
  23. Mr. A. F. Bowles
  24. Mrs. A. Branliere
  25. Mrs. Brown
  26. Mrs. L. Brown
  27. Professor A. A. Brown
  28. Mr. D. P Bryon
  29. Mrs. Bryon
  30. Miss M. Bunker
  31. Miss L C. Burke
  32. Mr. P. Burke
  33. Mrs. D Burke
  34. Miss F. M. Burns
  35. Miss R. Burrage
  36. Mrs. M. W. Cantwell
  37. Miss M. Chamberlain
  38. Mrs. G. Chamberlain
  39. Miss A. Clair
  40. Mr. L. P. Clarke
  41. Mrs. W. Clive
  42. Mr. R. E. L. Cochran
  43. Mrs. A. Cody
  44. Mrs. L. Coggeshall
  45. Mr. W. F. Collins
  46. Mrs. S. M. Cooke
  47. Mr. P. T. Coolidge
  48. Mrs. Coolidge
  49. Mr. F. A. Cowles
  50. Mrs. Cowles
  51. Rev. W. S. Cramer
  52. Miss M. J. Crandal
  53. Mrs. F. Culver
  54. Dr. W. C. Cuthbert
  55. Miss F. Cuthbert
  56. Mrs. Cuthbert
  57. Miss D. Dain
  58. Mrs. T. Day
  59. Mr. G. Deuel
  60. Mrs. Deuel
  61. Mr. A. Diaz
  62. Mrs. A. M. Dickson
  63. Master A. J. Dilley
  64. Miss A. Dilley
  65. Mr. E. E. Dilley
  66. Mrs. Dilley
  67. Master E. G. Dixon
  68. Mrs. M. Dixon
  69. Miss M. F. Doty
  70. Mr. W. Dow
  71. Mrs. Dow
  72. Master P. R. Dow
  73. Mrs. W. Eckhardt
  74. Miss H. Egli
  75. Mr. T. C. Elsby
  76. Mrs. G. Emerson
  77. Mr. E. J. Enright
  78. Miss B. B. Faris
  79. Rev. J. T. Faris
  80. Dr. A. Finley
  81. Mrs. Finley
  82. Mr. R. G. Fordham
  83. Miss A. Foster
  84. Mr. F. Frank
  85. Mr. D. Frary
  86. Mrs. Frary
  87. Miss G. V. Fraser
  88. Mr. J. F. Fraser
  89. Mrs. C. A. Fry
  90. Mrs. M. Fuller
  91. Miss Beatrice Fuss
  92. Miss Beryl Fuss
  93. Miss K. Fuss
  94. Mr. H. Fuss
  95. Mrs. Fuss
  96. Mr. C. Georgi
  97. Mr. C. C. Gerber
  98. Mr. W. E. Gerber
  99. Miss H. Gohrman
  100. Mr. F. Goshawk
  101. Miss E. Gottschalk
  102. Mr. D. Gray
  103. Miss B. Griffiths
  104. Mr. P. M. Grove
  105. Dr. J. Grover
  106. Mrs. Grover
  107. Mr. F. P. Guernsey
  108. Mr. E. R. Guthrie
  109. Mrs. Guthrie
  110. Dr. B. Gutmann
  111. Miss A. Ham
  112. Miss G. Hand
  113. Miss K. Hand
  114. Mr. J. P. Hardie
  115. Mrs. E. Hardy
  116. Miss E. Harvey
  117. Mrs. M. A. Haskell
  118. Mr. F. R. Hatton
  119. Mr. L. Hatton
  120. Mrs. Hatton
  121. Miss Hayden
  122. Miss E. M. Hayden
  123. Miss I. Hayes
  124. Miss C. Herrick
  125. Mrs. M. T. Hicks
  126. Miss E. Higgs
  127. Mr. M. F. Hill
  128. Miss K. Hitchcock
  129. Miss M. Holbrook
  130. Miss M. Horton
  131. Mr. R. L. Houston
  132. Capt. G. Howard
  133. Mrs. Howard
  134. Miss K. Howe
  135. Mrs. W. Howe
  136. Miss M. Hoyle
  137. Miss J. Hudson
  138. Miss Julie Hudson
  139. Mr. E. Hudson
  140. Mrs. Hudson
  141. Mr. A. S. Hunt
  142. Mrs. Hunt
  143. Miss E. Hyde
  144. Miss H. James
  145. Miss R. Jameson
  146. Miss A. Janeway
  147. Mrs. T. C. Janeway
  148. Dr. J. L. Jelks
  149. Miss E. Jenkins
  150. Miss A. Johnson
  151. Mr. W. J. Johnson
  152. Mr. W. O. Jones
  153. Mr. H. Junge
  154. Mrs. W. Kaye
  155. Mr. J. F. Kealey
  156. Mrs. Kealey
  157. Miss J. B. Kentle
  158. Master R. L. Kerry
  159. Mrs. D. B. M. Kerry
  160. Mr. J. E. Kincaid
  161. Mr. A. E. Kincaid
  162. Miss J. Knowles
  163. Miss S. Knowles
  164. Mrs. S. R. Knowles
  165. Miss F. Krumm
  166. Mr. P. Krumm
  167. Mrs. H. S. Krumm
  168. Mr. A. Kunstadt
  169. Mr. P. Langlands
  170. Mrs. N. Langlands
  171. Mr. R. F. Larson
  172. Miss M. Lavery
  173. Mr. J. Lavery
  174. Mr. A. Lavrik-Jansko
  175. Miss K. Longernecker
  176. Mrs. F. Loring
  177. Mr. S. Lowey
  178. Mr. V. Lukac
  179. Miss M. O. Lunney
  180. Miss D. MacDonald
  181. Mrs. M. L. MacDonald
  182. Miss E. Mackay
  183. Miss L. Macomber
  184. Miss K. Maddams
  185. Mr. S. Maddams
  186. Mrs. Maddams
  187. Miss M. Mader
  188. Miss A. H. Manahan
  189. Mrs. A. Manahan
  190. Mr. J. S. Martin
  191. Mr. C. Matthews
  192. Miss K. McCarthy
  193. Miss M. McEvoy
  194. Miss B. McIntosh
  195. Miss E. Mears
  196. Mrs. E. Mears
  197. Mrs. A. P. Meier
  198. Mrs. E. Melcher
  199. Mr. I. Merrill
  200. Mrs. J. P. Merrill
  201. Mr. O. E. Mertz
  202. Miss R. Messner
  203. Miss P. Mille
  204. Mr. J. B. Milligan
  205. Mrs. T. C. Mills
  206. Miss A. G. Milne
  207. Mr. A. R. Milne
  208. Mrs. A. S. Milne
  209. Miss E. Moloney
  210. Miss M. Moloney
  211. Mr. N. Moneypenny
  212. Mrs. Moneypenny
  213. Mr. J. Moniz
  214. Miss D. Morgan
  215. Miss M. Morgan
  216. Mrs. E. Morgan
  217. Mrs. J. H. Morgan
  218. Mrs. E. Morley
  219. Mrs. Morris
  220. Mr. W. N. Morris
  221. Mr. A. C. Mowbray
  222. Miss M. Newell
  223. Mr. B. Larz. Newton
  224. Mr. W. G. Norton
  225. Mr. A. J. L. Nuss
  226. Mr. B. Ohlhaber
  227. Mr. W. Ohlhaber
  228. Miss E. Parker
  229. Miss D. Pearlman
  230. Miss K. Perkins
  231. Mrs. C. E. Peterson
  232. Mr. R. J. Phair
  233. Mr. L. R. Phillips
  234. Mrs. Phillips
  235. Master J. Piccard
  236. Master P. Piccard
  237. Mrs. J. Piccard
  238. Mr. R. Porch
  239. Mr. G. L. Prescott
  240. Mrs. Prescott
  241. Miss C. Pruyn
  242. Miss G. Puffer
  243. Mrs. L. Pumpelly
  244. Master R. Reiber
  245. Mr. C. Reiber
  246. Mrs. Reiber
  247. Miss J. Reid
  248. Mr. D. N. Rennie
  249. Miss W. Reynolds
  250. Miss M. Richardson
  251. Mr. W. C. Richardson
  252. Mrs. Richardson
  253. Mr. C. R. Richmond
  254. Mrs. C. H. Rickert
  255. Miss S. Robinson
  256. Mrs. R. Rodnik
  257. Mr. E. Roeger
  258. Mr. J. Rogers
  259. Mr. J. Rohn
  260. Mr. W. P. Rowland
  261. Mr. E. V. Sasseville
  262. Mr. D. H. Saunders
  263. Miss C. W. Saunderson
  264. Mr. E. S. Sawtelle
  265. Mrs. Sawtelle
  266. Mr. C. Schacht
  267. Mrs. S. Schilde
  268. Mr. J. Schmidt
  269. Miss M. Schwarz
  270. Mr. A. Seeler
  271. Mrs. Seeler
  272. Mr. H. Seeler
  273. Mr. W. R. Sexton
  274. Mrs. F. L. Sexton
  275. Miss C. Shallcross
  276. Miss R. Shallcross
  277. Mrs. Shallcross
  278. Mr. T. Shallcross
  279. Mrs. M. Shatsvvell
  280. Miss M. Shatswell
  281. Mr. F. C. Silles
  282. Mr. B. M. Simpson
  283. Master J. H. C. Sindall
  284. Miss M. Smedberg
  285. Mrs. A. Smedberg
  286. Miss E. Smedberg
  287. Dr. A. L. Smith
  288. Miss F. E. Smith
  289. Miss L. Smith
  290. Mr. A. L. Marshall Smith
  291. Mr. H. A. Smith
  292. Mrs. K. R. Smith
  293. Mrs. T. B. Smith
  294. Mr. J. Souza
  295. Mr. C. B. Spinney
  296. Mr. F. Spinney
  297. Miss S. Starr
  298. Miss H. Stelze
  299. Mrs. C. Stelze
  300. Mr. H. Sterne
  301. Miss M. R. Stewart
  302. Mr. L. O. Stewart
  303. Miss A. H. Stiff
  304. Mr. H. M. Stone
  305. Mrs. Stone
  306. Mr. J. Strazdas
  307. Mr. W. S. Sutfin
  308. Mrs. L. Tendler
  309. Mr. K. Thiele
  310. Miss D. E. Toinlin
  311. Mr. D. J. Toland
  312. Miss A. M. Tomlin
  313. Mrs. E. Tomlin
  314. Mr. H. J. Toombs
  315. Mr. R. E. Toombs
  316. Mrs. Toombs
  317. Mr. R. E. Travis
  318. Miss E. B. Turnbach
  319. Miss G. A. Turnbach
  320. Mrs. K. L. Upton
  321. Miss C. Usher
  322. Miss M. Vicary
  323. Miss G. B. Virgo
  324. Mr. K. Vitkauskas
  325. Mr. F. Vogel
  326. Mrs. Vogel
  327. Master B. Voigt
  328. Mrs. F. Voigt
  329. Miss W. von Kettler
  330. Mrs. M. von Kettler
  331. Mr. F. T. Vreeland
  332. Mrs. Vreeland
  333. Mrs. L. R. Walker
  334. Mrs. E. Walsh
  335. Mr. F. van Wormer Walsh
  336. Mr. A. Walter
  337. Mr. P. Walter
  338. Mrs. Walter
  339. Mrs. E. B. Walton
  340. Miss M. Warwick
  341. Dr. J. M. Waugh
  342. Miss M. Waugh
  343. Mrs. G. Webber
  344. Miss M. C. C. Weck
  345. Miss V. M. O. Weck
  346. Mrs. H. W. Weck
  347. Mrs. F. Welles
  348. Mr. W. Wells
  349. Dr. J. Q. A. West
  350. Miss G. White
  351. Miss S. White
  352. Miss E. Wiiestner
  353. Miss C. G. Wilcox
  354. Miss M. Willis
  355. Miss M. Wilson
  356. Mrs. Wilson
  357. Mr. H. M. Wilson
  358. Mr. M. Witte
  359. Mrs. Witte
  360. Mr. G. Wolff
  361. Mrs. Wolff
  362. Miss L. Wylie
  363. Mrs. B. Zieseiner
  364. Mrs. C. Ziller

Information for Cabin Class Passengers


Enquiries as to hold or baggage room should be addressed to the Chief Officer, and cabin baggage to the Purser.

Passengers are recommended to insure their Baggage, as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with Contract Ticket.

Baggage for Great Britain-

1. The principal articles commonly brought by Passengers on which duties of Customs are chargeable on importation into the United Kingdom are : Cinematograph films, clocks, watches and parts, cocoa, coffee, dried fruits, motor cars, motor cycles and parts, saccharine and mixtures, spirits, liqueurs, perfumery, sugar, confectionery, tea, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and wine.

Any quantities,however small, of such articles brought in the baggage or on the persons of Passengers must be declared and produced to the Customs Officers in attendance for the examination of baggage.

The discovery by the officers of any such articles which have not been so declared may lead to the detention of the passenger and his baggage, and, in cases of obvious concealment, to arrest and prosecution and confiscation of the dutiable articles.

Gold or silver plate of foreign manufacture which has not been assayed in this country must be produced.

Foreign reprints of registered copyright works, including music, and extracts of tea, coffee, chicory or tobacco are prohibited, and if found will be forfeited.

Merchandise is prohibited to be imported in baggage.

2. Explosives are prohibited to be imported in baggage. Such goods, together with the package in which they are found, will be detained.

3. The importation of dogs is prohibited unless authorized by a licence issued by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. Attempts to land dogs illegally may lead to the forfeiture of the animals and the prosecution of the offenders.

4. Any bribe, recompense, or reward, given, offered, or promised by any person to an officer of His Britannic Majesty's Customs as an inducement to him to neglect his duty in any way renders such person liable to a penalty of £200, and the officer who accepts it liable to dismissal.

These enactments will be strictly enforced. The baggage of any passenger who contravenes the law will be retained for special examination after the baggage of all the other Passengers has been cleared.

New York Baggage—

All Passengers, before being allowed to land at New York, will require to fill in a baggage declaration form, which can be obtained on application to the Purser. No baggage will be cleared through the Customs unless such form has been completed.


New York. Passengers are landed at the Company's Pier, No. 42, North River, Foot of Christopher Street. After landing, Passengers should enquire at the desk on the wharf for letters and telegrams.

Cherbourg. Passengers and their baggage are landed by tender. The rail journey from Cherbourg to Paris takes about 6 hours.

Hamburg. Passengers and their baggage are landed either at Cuxhaven or Hamburg. In the case of the former they will be conveyed by train to Hamburg without extra charge.
Southampton. Passengers and their baggage are landed at Southampton Docks. A special train leaves for Waterloo from alongside about one hour after debarkation.


Dining Saloons—

Seats at Table. Application should be made to the Chief Saloon Steward on board the steamer on day of sailing.

Hours for Meals—
Coffee or Tea served in Cabin ... 7:00 am
Breakfast ... 8.30-9.30 am
Luncheon ... 12:30 pm
Afternoon Tea ... ... ... 4:00 pm
Dinner ...

Half-an-hour previously a bell will be rung or a bugle blown.

All Passengers in good health are expected to take their meals at the public table, and to appear suitably dressed.

Meals cannot be served in the state-rooms or on deck, except in cases of illness.

Only children paying full fares are allowed seats at the saloon table.

Meal Hours (Children's)-
The hours for meals for children are as follows :
Breakfast 8:00 am
Lunch - Noon
Tea 3.30 pm
Dinner - 5.30 pm

The menus are varied as much as possible, but parents are recommended to consult with the Chief Steward as to the requirements of their children.

Passengers' servants (including valets) will take their meals at the times stipulated for children.

Deck Chairs and Rugs—

Deck chairs and rugs can be hired for the voyage at fixed charges.
Payment should be made to the Deck Steward, who will issue a ticket, which can be placed in the space provided at the back of the chair.

Deck chairs may be had free of charge between Southampton and Cherbourg or Hamburg or vice versa.


The ship's Barber is authorized to charge for his services according to a fixed scale, a copy of which can be seen on application.

Foreign money will be taken at the rate of exchange authorized by the Company, the list of which can be seen in the Barber's shop.

As the space in the shops is so limited it is required that not more than five persons should be in the rooms at the same time.

Electric hair curlers are supplied for the use of Passengers free of charge, and can be obtained on application to the Stewardess.

The use of spirit and other lamps (a source of great danger) is prohibited on board.

The Barbers have instructions that they are not to leave customers who may be there for haircutting, etc., to serve others with goods.

A detailed price list of the articles for sale may be seen in the Barber's shop.


At which fancy articles, perfumes, sweets, picture post cards, playing cards, photographic films, souvenirs, sport prizes, and light articles of clothing likely to be required on the voyage, etc., may be purchased, is situated on " C " Deck (" E " Deck, " Ohio.")

Property Retained

By The Passenger—

Property retained by the Passenger in cabin or upon person must not be left lying about the ship or cabin, but, when not in actual use, must be locked in trunk, etc., so as not to be easily opened or removed. Failure of a passenger to observe these requirements shall, in case of loss, etc., be deemed negligence of the passenger.

The Company will not be responsible for any property left unguarded by the passenger in the cabin or elsewhere on board whilst the steamer is in port.


The Surgeon is authorized to charge for professional attendance. The fee for each visit is 5/-.
Accounts will be rendered by the Surgeon before the termination of the voyage. Medicines prescribed will be supplied by the Company free.

Money Exchange—

A money exchange office has been provided on board and will be open at the times notified on the ship's notice-board.

Wireless Telegraphy—

The Marconi house is situated on the boat deck, and all messages should be handed to the operator, who will supply full information regarding charges.

All messages are subject to censorship on the part of the Company's Officers, who must be satisfied as to the meaning of code words.


The Bandsmen on board the steamers are on the ship's articles and are properly remunerated by the R.M.S.P. Company. It is the desire of the Company that subscriptions for the band should not be encouraged. If, however, any subscriptions are made on their behalf they can only be regarded as voluntary on the part of Passengers, from whom no subscription is necessary.


A choice selection of Wines, Spirits, Beer, Mineral Waters, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco is obtainable at reasonable prices as per Wine Lists and Wine Cartes exhibited on board the steamers.

Smoke-Room Bar-

Smoke-room bar is closed at midnight or at the discretion of the Commander.

Code Books—

Copies of Bentley's and A.B.C. (Fifth Edition) Codes are provided on board for the use of Passengers. Application should be made to the Enquiry Office.


Cablegrams and telegrams should be handed in at the Purser's Office two hours before arrival at port.

Letters, etc., written on the high seas and posted in the ship's letter-box will be handed over to the Postal Authorities at the next port of arrival, and must have British postage affixed.
Letters, etc., can be weighed, and stamps purchased from the Social Hall Steward.

In order to facilitate the forwarding of letters and telegrams, Passengers are requested to hand to the Purser a note of the address to which they will proceed after leaving the steamer.

Divine Service—

Divine Service is held on Sundays at 10:30 am in the dining saloon (weather and other circumstances permitting).


Application for books should be made to the Steward in Charge. Passengers are requested to see that all books are returned before leaving the steamer.


Cheques cannot be accepted on board the Company's steamers in payment of passage money, wine or other accounts.


Smoking in State Rooms is prohibited, and, in the interests of the safety of all on board, Passengers are requested to refrain from the practice.


Money, Jewelry or other valuables should not be packed with personal effects, but should be deposited with Purser of the steamer for safe keeping. Unless so deposited the Company shall not be liable for any loss or injury.

Southampton Passengers—

For full particulars regarding landing arrangements at Southampton, see separate Blue Leaflet obtainable from the Purser.

Dogs, Birds, Etc.—

Small lap dogs may, by special permission, be carried in their owners' cabins, but large dogs and other animals, birds, etc., must be given into the charge of the appointed official.


In the event of any Passengers considering that they have cause for complaint, either of the food, service or accommodation, they are requested to bring the matter directly to the notice of the Commander during his daily inspection.

Ship's Regulations—

Passengers must conform with any regulations which the R.M.S.P. Co. or their officials may at any time consider necessary for the discipline or comfort of all on board.

Sailing Notices—

On the ship's arrival at a port an announcement will be displayed on the ship's notice board, giving information as to time of departure or transfer to other ships, etc.

R.M.S.P. Services—

Information regarding the R.M.S.P. services throughout the world and/or special touring arrangements can be obtained from the Purser.

Enquiry Office—

Is situated on Deck " C," to which all enquiries should be addressed.

Approximate Distance Table
Hamburg to CUXHAVEN - - 50
CUXHAVEN to Southampton - 453
Southampton to Cherbourg 82}
Cherbourg to New York - 3194
Total 3779}

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