SS Orca Passenger List - 19 June 1926

Front Cover, Passenger List, RMSP SS Orca, 19 June 1926

Front Cover of a Student Tourist Class Passenger List from the SS Orca of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP), Departing 19 June 1926 from New York to Southampton via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain H. A. Le Brecht.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: H. A. Le Brecht, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: H. E Ravensberg
  3. Senior Second Officer: R. A. Gammos
  4. Junior Second Officer: L. C. King, R.N.R
  5. Third Officer: P. A. Yeatman
  6. Chief Engineer: L. Lister
  7. Second Engineer: R. E. Potter
  8. Third Engineer: T. H. Boulton
  9. Fourth Engineer: J. Horton
  10. Surgeon: Malcolm Sarkies, M.R.C.S. (Eng.); L.R.C.P. (Lond.)
  11. Purser: R. V. Stephenson
  12. Assistant Purser: K. M. Hewson
  13. Assistant Purser: S. H. Marsh
  14. Chief Steward: W. H. Rand

List of Student Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Miss D. Adams
  2. Mr. E. Adams
  3. Miss A. L. Akins
  4. Miss R. Allison
  5. Mr. B. N. Anderson
  6. Miss B. Andriessen
  7. Miss I. Andriessen
  8. Miss M. Argali
  9. Mrs. E. V. Atkinson
  10. Mr. C. Atkinson
  11. Mrs. E. Bailey
  12. Mr. J. Barnard
  13. Mrs. Barnard
  14. Miss V. Begue
  15. Miss M. Begg
  16. Miss M. Bennett
  17. Mr. B. Benson
  18. Mrs. Benson
  19. Mr. H. C. Benson
  20. Miss E. Best
  21. Mrs. G. R. Boardman
  22. Miss M. Bone
  23. Miss D. Bone
  24. Mr. G. Bone
  25. Miss A. Bonebrake
  26. Miss V. Blackman
  27. Miss M. Braungard
  28. Miss M. Brown
  29. Miss M. Brumback
  30. Mr. C. S. Carson
  31. Mr. A. Cellan-Jones
  32. Miss G. Chardavoyne
  33. Miss M. Chitty
  34. Miss H. Cohen
  35. Miss B. Coubes
  36. Mr. G. L. Craig
  37. Mr. J. P. Crawford
  38. Mr. O. C. Creeson
  39. Miss E. Crow
  40. Mr. B. R. Delap
  41. Mr. W. Devine
  42. Mr. D. Donegan
  43. Miss C. Donegan
  44. Mrs. V. Dow
  45. Master P. Dow
  46. Mr. H. Eggers
  47. Mr. L. P. Everhart
  48. Miss G. Everest
  49. Miss M. Farrenkopf
  50. Miss S. Farrar
  51. Miss j. Farrar
  52. Miss P. Frappier
  53. Mrs. R. Flynn
  54. Miss J. Flynn
  55. Mr. J. Flynn
  56. Mrs. C. Fogo
  57. Mrs. H. M. Fogo
  58. Miss M. Fugate
  59. Mrs. W. H. Goodman
  60. Mr. M. Goldston
  61. Mrs. Goldston
  62. Miss I. Goodman
  63. Mr. G. M. Gordon
  64. Mrs. G. Gourleyv
  65. Mr. T. Gourley
  66. Mrs. A. C. Greene
  67. Miss E. C. Greider
  68. Mrs. E. D. Grizzell
  69. Miss D. Guilbert
  70. Mr. A. Gumaer
  71. Miss M. Hagerty
  72. Mrs. E. C. Hahn
  73. Miss E. B. Hall
  74. Miss D. Hall
  75. Miss F. Hall
  76. Mr. A. L. Hamilton
  77. Miss A. J. Hannah
  78. Mr. W. Harbeson
  79. Mrs, E. Harris
  80. Miss E. Harris
  81. Miss T. Hermann
  82. Miss M. Hickey
  83. Mr. L. S, Hoffman
  84. Miss R. Hocker
  85. Mr. C. S. Hoult
  86. Miss H. Howard
  87. Mr. C. W. Hoyt
  88. Mr. W. H. Hudnut
  89. Mr. F. C. James
  90. Miss H. Jones
  91. Miss G. Johnson
  92. Miss M. Juden
  93. Miss D. Kaplan
  94. Mrs. J. Kaunitz
  95. Master P. Kaunitz
  96. Miss E. Kaunitz
  97. Mr. M. Kean
  98. Miss M. Kelsey
  99. Miss C. Kindelberger
  100. Mr. L. Kliinm
  101. Miss E. Kraus
  102. Miss F. Lakin
  103. Mr. H. G. Laun
  104. Miss B. Leaman
  105. Miss D. Lehman
  106. Miss M, C. Leinbach
  107. Miss E. L. Leinbach
  108. Miss K M. Leys
  109. Miss E. B. Lightfoot
  110. Mr. J. B. Lindsay
  111. Miss M. Lindsey
  112. Miss E. Loercher
  113. Miss N. Lorentz
  114. Mr. D. M. Love
  115. Dr. J. M. Longaer
  116. Mr. D. MacGregor
  117. Mr. H. Manchester
  118. Mr. J. Marshall
  119. Mr. A. Mason
  120. Miss L. Mathews
  121. Miss D. Mathews
  122. Miss G. McBrayer
  123. Miss A. McClintic
  124. Mr. W. McFadden
  125. Miss M. McHenry
  126. Miss H. V. McLaughlin
  127. Miss A. McPadden
  128. Miss M. McPadden
  129. Prof. E. A. Meras
  130. Miss B. Meras
  131. Miss E. Meshel
  132. Miss A. Meunier
  133. Professor H. C. Michel
  134. Mrs. W. H. Miles
  135. Master A. R. Miles
  136. Master W. Miles
  137. Miss A. M. Millei
  138. Mr. L. Milner
  139. Mr. B. R. Morley
  140. Miss S. Morris
  141. Miss B. B. Morris
  142. Mr. T. Munro
  143. Mrs. Munro
  144. Mr. K. Nelson
  145. Miss J. Nutter
  146. Miss E. M. Orton
  147. Mrs. P. Packard
  148. Mr. F. Packard
  149. Mrs. M. Paddock
  150. Miss U. Paret
  151. Miss L. Patterson
  152. Mr, S. G. Patterson
  153. Mr. G. E. Peterson
  154. Miss A. Powell
  155. Mr. R. A. Pratt
  156. Mrs. Pratt
  157. Mr. D. Pratt
  158. Mr. W. Pratt
  159. Mr. M. Rabbin
  160. Mr. P. R. Rainey
  161. Mr. F. T. Reynolds
  162. Prof. E. Y. Robbins
  163. Mrs. Robbins
  164. Miss A. Robinson
  165. Miss A. Rogers
  166. Mr. E. Rosenbaum
  167. Mr. L. Rosen
  168. Mrs. Rosen
  169. Miss S. Rosenstein
  170. Mr. J. Ross
  171. Salisbury, Mr. R
  172. Miss E. Sanders
  173. Mr. B, Sanderson
  174. Mrs. Sanderson
  175. Mr. S. Sanderson
  176. Mr. F. Sanford
  177. Miss V. Schmidt
  178. Miss E. Schwabe
  179. Mr. J. Siegel
  180. Miss M. Shepherd
  181. Mr. C. C. Shutts
  182. Miss I. S. Simpson
  183. Mrs. E. Smith
  184. Miss E. M. Smith
  185. Miss F. Snider
  186. Mr. C. B. Sniveley
  187. Mr. H. W. Squires
  188. Miss E. L. Stein
  189. Mr. S, J. Steiner
  190. Mr. W. Stewart
  191. Miss M. Stowe
  192. Miss K. Sturgiss
  193. Miss Ella Taylor
  194. Miss Elizabeth Taylor
  195. Mrs. J. V. Taylor
  196. Miss A. Thompson
  197. Miss E. Thompson
  198. Prof. H. H. Thornton
  199. Miss P. Thrawl
  200. Mrs. N. C. Trew
  201. Master H. N. Trew
  202. Mr. R. Tuller
  203. Miss F. Turner
  204. Miss A. M. Underwood
  205. Miss A. Vernier
  206. Miss B. Viglezzi
  207. Mr. C. A. Wakeford
  208. Mrs. H. Warrick
  209. Mrs. J. O. Watson
  210. Miss E. B. Watson
  211. Miss A. Weber
  212. Miss M. Weidman
  213. Miss M. Weiss
  214. Mrs. A. Welstead
  215. Mr. R. Welstead
  216. Miss K. Welstead
  217. Miss N Welt
  218. Mr. F. A. Whitton
  219. Miss M. Wiley
  220. Miss L. Williams
  221. Miss M. Williams
  222. Mr. J. Witherow
  223. Miss H. Woerner
  224. Miss V. Young
  225. Miss C. Zingaro
  226. Miss E. Zingaro

Tourists Given Warm Welcome

The Royal Mail is the oldest British steamship company and with its affiliated lines, now ranks as the largest shipping combine in the world. This company, founded in 1839, is noted for its pioneering spirit, the running of unique cruises being the evidence. It was the first company to introduce modern cookery upon its vessels, and the first to install bathrooms. In 1849 it commissioned the first trans-Atlantic mail steamer to be fitted with a screw propeller.

The orca is a splendidly equipped triple-screw vessel of 28,150 tons displacement, particularly designed for cruising purposes, having unusually spacious decks and sumptuous appointments and being especially well ventilated for tropical sailing.

Features of the steamer include a gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool and veranda cafe. During the summer, the orca operates as one of the fleet of famous "O" steamers of the Royal Mail Line plying between New York, Cherbourg and Southampton.

Excerpt adapted from "Tourists Given Warm Welcome: Travelers Aboard Orca, on Trip to South America and Africa, at Buenos Aires," in the Amsterdam Evening Records, Saturday, 13 March 1926. Page 3, Column 1.

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