SS Orca Passenger List 30 July 1926

Front Cover - 30 July 1926 Passenger List, SS Orca, Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (R.M.S.P.)

Student Tourist Passenger List for the SS Orca of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP), Departing 30 July 1926 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain H. A. Le Brecht.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain H. A. Le Brecht, Commander
  2. Chief Officer J. B. GEDYE
  3. Senior Second Officer B. A. GAMMON
  4. Junior Second Officer L. C. King, R.N.R
  5. Third Officer A. K. LINTON
  6. Fourth Officer F. JEYES
  7. Junior Fourth Officer R. C. Smith
  8. Chief Engineer J. LISTER
  9. Second Engineer E. F. Wilson
  10. Third Engineer T. H. BOULTON
  11. Fourth Engineer J. HORTON
  12. Surgeon MALCOLM SARKIES, M.R.C.S. (Eng.) L.R.C.P. (Lond.)
  13. Purser R. V. STEPHENSON
  14. Assistant Purser K. M. HEWSON
  15. Assistant Purser W. H. MIDDLETON
  16. Assistant Purser R. H. BARNES
  17. Chief Steward W. H. RAND

Student Tourist Passengers

Passengers from Southampton

  1. Miss M. Ballon
  2. Miss D. Bone
  3. Miss M. Bone
  4. Mr. G. Bone
  5. Mrs. J. H. Boyce
  6. Mr. C. A. Braitsch
  7. Mrs. S. Brown
  8. Miss D. Fallon
  9. Mr. G. M. Gordon
  10. Mr. G. Malley
  11. Miss F. Matteson
  12. Mrs. A. M. Matteson
  13. Mr. J. Munro
  14. Miss B. E. Murphy
  15. Miss K. Quigley
  16. Mr. A. C. Rider
  17. Mrs. Rider
  18. Mr. L. Rosen
  19. Mrs. Rosen
  20. Mr. G. P. C. Talbot
  21. Mr. J. Weir
  22. Mrs. M. Weir

from Cherbourg

  1. Mr. J. N. Carter
  2. Mrs. Carter
  3. Mr. G. L. Craig
  4. Miss E. L. Crow
  5. Miss R. E. Daggett
  6. Miss G. Everest
  7. Miss S. S. Floyd
  8. Miss A. Gessner
  9. Miss D. Gilbert
  10. Mr. M. Goldston
  11. Mrs. Goldston
  12. Mrs. F. Greene
  13. Miss M. Grosch
  14. Mrs. A. Grosch
  15. Miss F. Hall
  16. Mr. H. C. Harmon
  17. Mr. C. S. Hoult
  18. Miss H. Howard
  19. Miss G. Johnson
  20. Mrs. M. Johnson
  21. Miss H. Journeay
  22. Miss L. Journeay
  23. Miss B. Kendig
  24. Mr. E. V. Kennan
  25. Miss C. Kindelberger
  26. Miss L. Krantz
  27. Miss F. Lakin
  28. Miss B. Leaman
  29. Miss M. Lindsey
  30. Miss A. MacMiller
  31. Miss L. Mathews
  32. Miss G. McBrayer
  33. Miss A. McClintic
  34. Miss J. P Nutter
  35. Miss L. Patterson
  36. Mr. S. G. Patterson
  37. Mr. H. S. Reynolds
  38. Mr. J. Ross
  39. Mr. C. Shutts
  40. Miss I. Simpson
  41. Miss E. Smith
  42. Miss M. Smith
  43. Miss F. Snider
  44. Mr. W. Stewart
  45. Miss K. Sturgiss
  46. Miss D. Tehman
  47. Miss A. Thompson
  48. Miss E. B. Watson
  49. Mr. J. O. Watson
  50. Mrs. Watson
  51. Miss M. Weidman
  52. Miss K. Weldon
  53. Miss C. Wiker


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