SS Araguaya Passenger List - 28 February 1925


Front Cover of a Cruise Passenger List from the SS Araguaya of the RMSP, Departing 28 February 1925 from New York to Bermuda

Front Cover of a Cruise Passenger List from the SS Araguaya of the RMSP, Departing 28 February 1925 from New York to Bermuda, Commanded by Captain E. Clarke, R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 171199b02a

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain E. Clarke, R.D., R.N.R.
  2. Chief Officer: W. S. Lea
  3. 2nd Officer: G. A. Bannister
  4. 3rd Officer: J. Smith
  5. Chief Engineer: W. C. Parkin
  6. 2nd Engineer: H. Date
  7. 3rd Engineer: S. H. Shorto
  8. 4th Engineer: D. J. W. Jeatt
  9. Surgeon: F. A. Richardson, M.D.
  10. Purser: H. A. Stoddart, R.N.R.
  11. Assistant Purser: R. G. Edwards
  12. Assistant Purser: L. T. Nash
  13. Chief Steward: P. Abbott

Cruise Passengers

  1. Abbott, Mr.
  2. Abbott, Mrs.
  3. Adams, Mr. J. F.
  4. Adams, Mrs.
  5. Adams, Miss
  6. Alexander, Miss M.
  7. Allen, Mr. H. F.
  8. Allen, Mrs.
  9. Allen, Mr. H.
  10. Allen, Mr. J.
  11. Allen, Mrs.
  12. Bake, Mr. J.
  13. Bake, Mrs.
  14. Baker, Mr. R.
  15. Baker, Mrs.
  16. Bartlett, Miss E. C.
  17. Bartlett, Miss E. T.
  18. Beecher, Miss M. K.
  19. Bertschman, Mr. J. J.
  20. Bcrtschman, Mrs. J.
  21. Birdsall, Mr. A. M.
  22. Blakeslee, Mr. H. L.
  23. Blakeslee, Mrs.
  24. Blakeslee, Miss K. L.
  25. Blakeslee, Master R.
  26. Blancke, Mr. T.
  27. Blancke, Mrs.
  28. Blood, Miss E. T.
  29. Borden, Mrs. J. L.
  30. Bordon, Mr. J. L.
  31. Bourke, Mr. W. J.
  32. Bourke, Mrs.
  33. Bradford, Mrs. W. A.
  34. Bradley, Mr. I. C.
  35. Bradley, Mrs.
  36. Bradley, Mr. S.
  37. Brand, Mr. H.
  38. Brazer, Miss H.
  39. Brewster, Mrs. H. L.
  40. Brewster, Miss G.
  41. Brown, Mr. W.
  42. Brown, Mrs.
  43. Brown, Mrs. D. J.
  44. Buckley, Miss M.
  45. Butterfield, Mr. R. T.
  46. Butterfield, Mr. C. B.
  47. Callahan, Miss G.
  48. Canfield, Mrs.
  49. Canfield, Dr. J. E.
  50. Carey, Mrs. W. B.
  51. Carpenter, Mr. F. A.
  52. Caven, Dr. W. P.
  53. Caven, Mrs.
  54. Chapman, Mr. W.
  55. Clark, Mr. H. H.
  56. Clark, Mrs. S. A.
  57. Clark, Miss M.
  58. Clark, Mr. W. R.
  59. Clark, Mrs.
  60. Clark, Miss G.
  61. Clifton, Dr. H. C.
  62. Coe, Mr. R. L.
  63. Coe, Mrs.
  64. Coe, Miss. E.
  65. Cohen, Mr. C.
  66. Coley, Dr. W.
  67. Coley, Mrs.
  68. Collins, Mr. W.
  69. Collins, Mrs.
  70. Compton, Mrs. C. F.
  71. Comstock, Mrs. R.
  72. Coulter, Mrs.
  73. Crawford, Mrs. J.
  74. Crouch, Mrs. M.
  75. Crumm, Mr. A. S.
  76. Crumm, Mrs.
  77. Curry, Mrs.
  78. Curry, Mr. G. P.
  79. Davimos, Mr.
  80. Davimos, Mrs.
  81. Day, Mr. J. F.
  82. Day, Mrs.
  83. Decker, Mrs. W. W.
  84. de Mott, Mr. C., Jr.
  85. de Mott, Mrs.
  86. de Motte, Mrs.
  87. De Witte, Mr. D. P.
  88. De Witte, Mrs.
  89. Donald, Mr. M.
  90. Donald, Mrs. G.
  91. Dreyfus, Mr. C.
  92. Dreyfus, Mrs.
  93. Dudley, Mr. H. H.
  94. Dunham, Miss A.
  95. Edwards, Mr. H. P.
  96. Eshelman, Mr. E.
  97. Eshelman, Mrs.
  98. Farleigh, Mr. P.
  99. Farleigh, Mrs.
  100. Ferguson, Mr. W.
  101. Fessenden, Miss L. H.
  102. Foster, Mr. R.
  103. Franklin, Mr. W. B.
  104. Genung, Mrs. W.
  105. Genung, Miss
  106. Genung, Mrs. W.
  107. Genung, Miss J.
  108. Gibbons, Miss E.
  109. Gilroy, Mrs. W. E.
  110. Ginther, Mr. C.
  111. Ginther, Mrs.
  112. Glenn, Mr.
  113. Glenn, Mrs.
  114. Gray, Miss F.
  115. Gray, Miss D.
  116. Greenway, Mrs. J. C.
  117. Greenway, Miss
  118. Gutteridge, Mr. A.
  119. Hager, Mr. W. G.
  120. Hager, Miss M.
  121. Hague, Miss E. E.
  122. Hall, Mr. B.
  123. Hallowell, Mr. F. W.
  124. Hallowell, Mrs.
  125. Hallowell, Miss C.
  126. Harris, Mr. M.
  127. Harwood, Mr. S.
  128. Harwood, Mrs.
  129. Haydock, Mr. R.
  130. Haydock, Mrs.
  131. Haylim, Mrs. H.
  132. Heller, Mr. Fred.
  133. Heller, Mrs.
  134. Heller, Miss
  135. Hemingway, Mr. B. H., Jr.
  136. Hemingway, Mrs.
  137. Henning, Mr.
  138. Henning, Mrs.
  139. Hess, Mr. H. C
  140. Hess, Mrs. C
  141. Hicks, Miss A..N.
  142. Hinds, Mr.
  143. Hinds, Mrs.
  144. Hoch, Mr. W.
  145. Holcombe, Dr. L.
  146. Holcombe, Mrs.
  147. Holcombe, Miss
  148. Horne, Mr. F. T.
  149. Howland, Mr. H.
  150. Howland, Mrs.
  151. Hunt, Mrs. R.
  152. Hunt, Miss Q.
  153. Hussey, Mrs. F.
  154. Iseman, Lt. Comm. J. E.
  155. Iseman, Mrs.
  156. Jost, Mr. C.
  157. Keanon, Mr. F.
  158. Kennedy, Mr. W.
  159. Kennedy, Mrs.
  160. Kiskadden, Mrs.
  161. Kobb, Miss F. K.
  162. Lawrence, Mr. Geo. W.
  163. Lindsay, Mrs.
  164. Linn, Mrs. H.
  165. Little, Mr. G. J.
  166. Lockwood, Mr. C. W.
  167. Lyons, Mr. J. M.
  168. McArdle, Mr. T. L.
  169. McAuliffe, Mr. A. J.
  170. McAuliffe, Mrs.
  171. McAuliffe, Mr. F.
  172. McElheny, Mr. H. A.
  173. McElheny, Mrs.
  174. McKenna, Mr. W.
  175. McKichan, Mr. M.
  176. McKichan, Mrs.
  177. Maas, Mr.
  178. Maas, Mrs.
  179. Macey, Mrs. J.
  180. MacCorklc, Mr. R. C.
  181. MacCorkle, Mrs.
  182. MacPhail, Sir A.
  183. MacPhail, Mr. J. G.
  184. MacTague, Mrs. J.
  185. MacTague, Miss D.
  186. Maloney, Miss M.
  187. Matthews, Mr. N.
  188. Matthews, Mrs.
  189. Mechen, Mr. M. J.
  190. Mechen, Mrs.
  191. Mees, Dr. C. E.
  192. Mees, Mrs.
  193. Merrill, Mr. A. B.
  194. Merrill, Mrs.
  195. Metcalfe, Mr. S.
  196. Metcalfe, Mrs.
  197. Miller, Mrs. E.
  198. Miller, Mr. G.
  199. Mochrie, Miss M.
  200. Model, Mrs.: D.
  201. Moen, Mrs. P.
  202. Moore, Mr. N. G.
  203. Moore, Mrs.
  204. Moore, Miss
  205. Moriarity, Miss A.
  206. Moss, Mr. D. C.
  207. Motley, Mr. T.
  208. Motley, Mrs.
  209. Munro, Mr. W.
  210. Napier, Mrs. C.
  211. Napier, Miss A.
  212. Neff, Mr. J. F.
  213. Neff, Mrs.
  214. Newfield, Mr. A.
  215. Newton, Mrs. F. H.
  216. Noyes, Mr. J.
  217. O'Donnell, Mr. W.
  218. O'Donnell, Mrs.
  219. O'Donnell, Miss D.
  220. Orr, Mr. T. W.
  221. Patterson, Mrs. H.
  222. Pearce, Mr. H. G.
  223. Pearce, Mrs.
  224. Pelton, Mr. H.
  225. Pelton, Mrs.
  226. Pond, Mr.
  227. Pond, Mrs.
  228. Porter, Miss M.
  229. Post, Miss M. G.
  230. Pringle, Mr. W. T.
  231. Pringle, Mrs.
  232. Raymond, Mr.
  233. Ratcliffe, Mr. F.
  234. Ratcliffe, Mrs.
  235. Reardon, Mr. H. J.
  236. Reardon, Mrs.
  237. Reid, Mr. S.
  238. Reid, Mrs.
  239. Reid, Miss F. G.
  240. Reid, Miss P.
  241. Rich, Mrs. F.
  242. Ridler, Mr. J.
  243. Ridler, Mrs.
  244. Ridler, Master
  245. Sanborn, Mr.
  246. Sanborn, Mrs.
  247. Saul, Mr. L.
  248. Saul, Mrs.
  249. Schonthal, Mrs. J.
  250. Scott, Mr. C.
  251. Scott, Mrs.
  252. Scott, Mr. D.
  253. Scott, Mrs.
  254. Sellew, Mr.
  255. Sellew, Mrs.
  256. Shamberg, Mr. J. J.
  257. Shamberg, Mrs.
  258. Sharp, Mr. W. W.
  259. Shephard, Mr. W.
  260. Shephard, Mrs.
  261. Smith, Mr. R. M.
  262. Smith, Mrs.
  263. Smith, Mrs. G. P.
  264. Snavlin, Mrs.
  265. Sneath, Mrs.
  266. Snow, Mr. L.
  267. Snow, Mrs.
  268. Starr, Mr. H.
  269. Starr, Mrs.
  270. Swan, Mr. W. D.
  271. Swan, Miss M.
  272. Thobins, Mr. E. A.
  273. Thobins, Mrs.
  274. Thomson, Mrs. D.
  275. Thomson, Miss
  276. Tifft, Mr. C.
  277. Tifft, Mrs.
  278. Tompkins, Mrs. H.
  279. Torrence, Mr. A.
  280. Torrence, Mrs.
  281. Treahey, Miss E.
  282. Trudeau, Mr. P. W.
  283. Trudeau, Mrs.
  284. Tuttle, Mr. D. C.
  285. Tuttle, Mrs.
  286. Unger, Mr. W.
  287. Unger, Mrs.
  288. Unger, Miss
  289. Van Bomel, Mr.
  290. Van Bomel, Mrs.
  291. Vanderhoff, Mrs. J.
  292. Van Tassel, Mrs. S.
  293. Venner, Mr. G.
  294. Wadsworth, Mr. C.
  295. Ward, Dr. W.
  296. Ward, Mr. K. K.
  297. Wardrop, Maj. A. T.
  298. Wardrop, Mrs.
  299. Westbrook, Mrs. S.
  300. Wilson, Col.
  301. Winslow, Mr. R. L.
  302. Winslow, Mrs.
  303. Winslow, Mrs. C. E. A.
  304. Wollcott, Mr. H.
  305. Wood, Mrs. E.
  306. Woodruff, Mr. W. B.
  307. Woodruff, Mrs.
  308. Woodward, Mr. H. A.
  309. Woodward, Mrs.
  310. Woodward, Mrs. D.
  311. Wright, Mrs. B.
  312. Wyman, Miss M.
  313. Yawger, Mrs. T.

Information for Passengers


One should address inquiries as to hold or baggage room to the Chief Officer and cabin baggage to the Purser.

Passengers are recommended to insure their Baggage, as the Company's liability is strictly limited per Contract Ticket.


1. The principal articles commonly brought by passengers on which duties of customs are chargeable on importation into Bermuda are:

Cinematograph films, clocks, watches and parts, cocoa, coffee, dried fruits, saccharine and mixtures, spirits, liqueurs, perfumery, sugar, confectionery, tea, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, wine, snuff, pistols, and revolvers.

The discovery by the officers of any such articles which have not been so declared may lead to the detention of the passenger and his baggage and, in cases of apparent concealment, to arrest and prosecution and confiscation of the dutiable articles.

Any quantities, however small, of such articles brought in the baggage or on the persons of passengers, must be declared and produced to the Customs Officers in attendance to examine luggage.

Gold or silver plate of foreign manufacture which has not been assayed in this country must be produced.

Foreign reprints of registered copyright works, including music, extracts of tea, coffee, chicory, or tobacco, are prohibited and forfeited if found.

Merchandise is prohibited from being imported in baggage.

2. Explosives are prohibited from being imported in baggage. Together with the package in which they are found, Customs will detain such goods.

3. Any bribe, compensation, or reward, given, offered, or promised by any person to an officer of His Britannic Majesty's Customs as an inducement to him to neglect his duty in any way renders such person liable to a penalty of £200, and the officer who accepts it liable to fine and dismissal.

Officials will strictly enforce these enactments. The baggage of any passenger who contravenes the law will be retained for special examination after the luggage of all the other passengers has been cleared.

Passengers' baggage is carried by the Company's servants from the steamer onto the pier and placed under the initial letter of each passenger's name. After being assured that all the baggage has been landed, the passengers will secure the services of a Customs Inspector, and the usual formalities will then be carried out.


NEW York. After landing, passengers should inquire at the wharf desk for letters and telegrams.



Seats at Table. The application should be made to the Chief Saloon Steward on board the steamer on the day of sailing.


  • Coffee or Tea served in Cabin: 07:00
  • Breakfast: 08.30-09.30
  • Luncheon: 12.30
  • Afternoon Tea: 16:00
  • Dinner: 19:00

Half an hour previously, a bell will be rung or a bugle blown.

All passengers in good health are expected to take their meals at the public table and appear suitably dressed.

Only children paying full fares are allowed seats at the saloon table.

MEAL HOURS (Children's)

The hours for meals for children are as follows :

  • Breakfast: 08:00
  • Lunch: 12:00
  • Tea: 15:30
  • Dinner: 17:30

The menus are varied as much as possible, but parents are recommended to consult with the Chief Steward about the requirements of their children.


Passengers' servants (including valets) will take their meals at times stipulated for children.


Deck chairs and rugs can be hired for the voyage at a charge of $1.

Passengers should pay the Deck Steward, who will issue a ticket, which one can place in the space provided at the back of the chair.


The ship's Barber is authorized to charge for his services according to a fixed scale, a copy of which can be seen upon application.

RMSP will take foreign money at the rate of exchange authorized by the Company, the list of which can be seen in the Barber's shop.

As the space in the shops is so limited, it is required that not more than five persons be in the rooms simultaneously.

Electric hair curlers are supplied to passengers free of charge and can be obtained on application to the Stewardess.

The use of spirit and other lamps (a source of great danger) is prohibited on board.

The Barbers have instructions not to leave customers who may be there for haircutting, etc., to serve others with goods.

A detailed price list of the articles for sale may be seen in the Barber's shop.


At which fancy articles, perfumes, sweets, picture postcards, playing cards, photographic films, souvenirs, sports prizes, and light clothing articles likely to be required on the voyage, etc., may be purchased, is situated on " B " Deck.


Property retained by the Passenger in the cabin or upon person must not be left lying about the ship or cabin, but, when not in actual use, must be locked in a trunk, etc., so as not to be easily opened or removed. Failure of a passenger to observe these requirements shall, in case of loss, etc., be deemed negligence of the passenger.

The Company will not be responsible for any property left unguarded by the passenger in the cabin or elsewhere on board while the steamer is in port.


The Surgeon's services are gratuitous.


A money exchange office has been provided on board and will be open at times notified on the ship's notice-board.


The Marconi house is situated on the boat deck, and passengers should hand all messages to the operator, who will supply complete information regarding charges.

All messages are subject to censorship on the part of the Company's Officers, who must be satisfied with the meaning of code words.


The Bandsmen on board the steamers are on the ship's articles and are properly remunerated by the R.M.S.P. Company. The Company desires that subscriptions for the band should not be encouraged. If, however, any subscriptions are made on their behalf, they can only be regarded as voluntary on the part of passengers, from whom no subscription is necessary.


A choice selection of Wines, Spirits, Beers, Mineral Wafers, Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobacco is obtainable at reasonable prices as per Wine Lists and Wine Carts exhibited on board the steamers.


The Smokeroom bar is closed at midnight or the discretion of the Commander.


A Copy of the A.B.C. (5th Edition) Code is provided on board for the use of passengers. Passengers should make the application to the Enquiry Office.


Letters, etc., posted on the high seas in the ship's letter-box, are handed over to the Postal Authorities at the next port of arrival for forwarding to destination. Such letters must have British postage stamps affixed.

(N.B.—Particular attention is drawn to the notices giving the current postal rates. Passengers are reminded that British Inland Rates are NOT applicable.)

Passengers should apply to the Purser for any information they may desire regarding facilities for posting correspondence while the ship is in port.

Cablegrams and telegrams should be handed in at the Purser's Office two hours before arrival at port.

Passengers are requested to hand the Purser a note of the address to facilitate redirecting of letters, telegrams, etc., to which they will proceed after leaving the ship.


Divine Service is held on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. in the dining saloon (weather and other circumstances permitting).


Passengers should make an application for books to the Steward in Charge. Passengers are requested to see that all books are returned before leaving the steamer.


Cheques cannot be accepted on board the Company's steamers in payment of passage money, wine, or other accounts.


Smoking in State Rooms is prohibited, and, in the interests of the safety of all onboard, passengers are requested to refrain from the practice.


Money, Jewelry, or other valuables should not be packed with personal effects but should be deposited with the Purser of the steamer for safekeeping. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or injury unless so deposited.


Small lap dogs may, by special permission, be carried in their owners' cabins, but large dogs and other animals, birds, etc., must be given into the charge of the appointed official.


In the event of any passengers considering that they have cause for complaint, either of the food, service, or accommodation, they are requested to bring the matter directly to the notice of the Commander during his daily inspection.


Passengers must conform with any regulations which the R.M.S.P. Co. or their officials may at any time consider necessary for the discipline or comfort of all on board.


On the ship's arrival at a port, an announcement will be displayed on the ship's notice board, giving information about the time of departure or transfer to other vessels, etc.


Passengers can obtain information regarding the R.M.S.P. services worldwide and special touring arrangements from the Purser.


It is situated on Deck "C," which all inquiries should be addressed.

RMSP Passenger Services for 1925.

RMSP Passenger Services for 1925. GGA Image ID # 1712052bf8

Pleasure Cruises by the RMSP SS Arcadian, June 1924 through April 1925 With Additional Mediterranean Cruises by the RMSP SS Orbita.

Pleasure Cruises by the RMSP SS Arcadian, June 1924 through April 1925 With Additional Mediterranean Cruises by the RMSP SS Orbita. GGA Image ID # 1712494a6d

Badges of Rank for RMSP Officers. Inset No. 1 , 16 October 1924.

Badges of Rank for RMSP Officers. Inset No. 1 , 16 October 1924. GGA Image ID # 1712533781

RMSP Fleet As Of 28 February 1925.

RMSP Fleet As Of 28 February 1925. GGA Image ID # 17129a6f13

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