RMS Aquitania Passenger List - 25 June 1921

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Aquitania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 25 June 1921 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Aquitania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 25 June 1921 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Sir James Charles. GGA Image ID # 1742fb068b


Notable Passengers included: William E. Carter, Lucille Polk Carter, Sir Edward Mackay Edgar, Charles Evans, Daniel P. Kingsford, Maurice E. McLoughlin, John Cleveland Osgood, Bernon S. Prentice, George Dunton Widener Jr., -- Widener's father and brother died on the Titanic, and the Carter's were survivors of the Titanic.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Sir James Charles, K.B.E., C.B., R.D., R.N.R
  2. Staff Captain: F. E. Storey, R.D., R.N.R
  3. Chief Engineer: G. Patterson, O.B.E
  4. St. Ch. Engineer: R. Shortridge
  5. Surgeon: B. Sydney Jones
  6. Asst. Surgeon: M. Richards
  7. Chief Steward: F. V. Jones
  8. Ch Officer: P. A. Murchie
  9. Purser: C. T. Spedding
  10. Second Purser: C. N. Baildon
  11. Assistant Purser: W. E. Hughes
  12. Extra Chief Steward: B. Powell


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. G. Abbott
  2. Mrs. Abbott
  3. Miss K. Abbott
  4. Miss E. Abbott
  5. Mr. A. F. Adams
  6. Mrs. Adams and Maid
  7. Mr. C. Adamson
  8. Mr. K. H. Addington
  9. Mr. H. C. Adler
    Publisher of the Chattanooga Times
  10. Miss L. Alder
  11. Mr. R. S. Aldrich
  12. Mrs. Aldrich
  13. Miss L. Alger
  14. Mr. C. J. S. Allan
  15. Mrs. F. Allison
  16. Mr. G. H. Andrews
    British Artist
  17. Mrs. Andrews
  18. Mr. R. Appleton
  19. Mrs. Appleton
  20. Mr. T. D. Armour
    Golfer - former Scottish amateur champion
  21. Mrs. Armour and Valet
  22. Mr. W. P. F. Ayer
    Noted Lecturer on Foreign Trade
  23. Mrs. Ayer
  24. Mr. R. Badenhop
  25. Mr. A. J. Bale
  26. Mrs. E. Ballot
  27. Mr. S. C. Barbour
    Publishing - Barbour Publishing Company
  28. Mr. E. M. Barnhart
  29. Capt. C. A. Barry
  30. Mrs. N. B. Bartlett
  31. Mr. N. Baxter
  32. Mrs. M. J. Becker
  33. Mr. C. B. Becker
  34. Mr. S. F. Beckwith and Maid
  35. Dr. R. Berczowsky
  36. Mr. F. Blackmore
  37. Mr. E. V. Blake - American Artist
  38. Mrs. Blake and Maid - Writer
  39. Mr. Z. Blangrund
  40. Miss C. Blangrund
  41. Mr. A. Blangrund
  42. Mr. S. Blangrund
  43. Mr. E. Blangrund
  44. Mr. J. B. Blangrund
    President of the El Paso Jewish Federation
  45. Dr. L. Blathtein and Maid
  46. Mrs. Blathtein
  47. Mr. J. B. Body
  48. Miss M. Boland
  49. Dr. B. Bousa
  50. Mr. C. S. Brooks
  51. Mr. J. D. Brown
  52. Mrs. J. N. Brownell
  53. Mr. K. C. Brownell
  54. Mr. T. W. Bryant
  55. Mr. A. Buhrman
  56. Miss E. Burton
  57. Mr. H. Caesar
  58. Mrs. H. Caesar
  59. Mr. J. M. Caldwell
  60. Mrs. Caldwell
  61. Miss M. E. Caldwell
  62. Mr. J. E. Cammack
  63. Mrs. Cammack
  64. Mr. J. S. Camus
  65. Mrs. T. M. Canine
  66. Mr. I. R. Caplan
  67. Mr. H. D. Carle
  68. Mrs. Carle
  69. Mr. P. J. Carlton
  70. Mrs. Carlton
  71. Mr. E. S. Carlton
    of Richmond reprsented The Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain and Ireland
  72. Mr. W. E. Carter
    William E. Carter - (19 June 1875 - 20 March 1940) Mr. & Mrs. Carter, and their two children were survivors of the Titanic catastrophe. All four were brought to New York on the Carpathia and added their narratives to the story of the wreck
  73. Mrs. Carter
    Lucille Polk Carter (8 October 1875 - 26 October 1934)
  74. Capt. G. D. E. Chapman
  75. Mr. C. Christianson
  76. Mrs. Christianson
  77. Mr. F. G. Clark
  78. Mrs. Clark
  79. Miss Z. T. Clark
  80. Miss E. Clemson
  81. Mr. E. A. Cochrane
  82. Mr. J. L. Coe
  83. Mr. D. Coker
  84. Mrs. Coker
  85. Mr. R. Collaway
  86. Mr. C. H. Conner
  87. Mr. A. J. Cordier
    Executive for Deep French Ware commonly called Deep Stamped Seamless Ware and of Enameled Sheet Metal Wares
  88. Mrs. Cordier
    (Neé Alice M. Grosjean)
  89. Mr. G. D. Crabbs
    President of Cincinnati's Philip Carey Mfg. Co.
  90. Mrs. Crabbs
  91. Mr. Douglas B. Crane
  92. Mrs. Crane
  93. Miss Georgia Doris Crane
    Married Author Victor Maxwell of San Francisco
  94. Mr. M. Cretcher
  95. Mr. H. Crohn
  96. Mr. W. E. Cross
  97. Mrs. Cross
  98. Mr. F. S. Cummings
  99. Mrs. Cummings
  100. Mr. F. V. Curry
  101. Col. Claude Dausey
  102. Mr. M. R. Davidson
  103. Mr. F. M. Davies
  104. Mrs. George Dearborn, Maid and Manservant
    (Wife of Noted Psychologist who as early as 1897, tried using Inkblts to study the content of consciousness
  105. Mr. G. E. Denny
  106. Mr. L. S. De Pinna
  107. Mr. A. V. Derry
  108. Mr. A. Dessau
  109. Mrs. Dessau
  110. Mr. W. C. Dickerman
    William C. Dickerman, President of American Locamotive Company 1929-1940
  111. Mr. E. Dickinson
  112. Mrs. Diminick
  113. Mr. F. E. Dixon and Valet
  114. Mrs. Dixon and Maid
  115. Miss E. W. Dixon and Nurse
  116. Miss Diana Dodge
  117. Mr. E. T. Donohue
  118. Miss J. Donohue
  119. Mr. J. F. Douglas
    US Treasury Department
  120. Mr. G. Dreyfus
  121. Mr. W. A. Dupee
  122. Mrs. J. A. Eddy
  123. Miss R. H. Eddy
  124. Sir Edward Mackay Edgar, Bart. and Valet
    Sir Edward Mackay Edgar, First Baronet (27 February 1876–7 October 1934) was a Canadian-British banker and Powerboat racer
  125. Mr. D. F. Elliott
  126. Mr. D. S. Ellsworth - Duncan S. Ellsworth of New York
  127. Mrs. Ellsworth and Maid
  128. Miss F. Ellsworth - Florence Magee Ellsworth - married John Howard McFadden on 1 July 1922
  129. Mrs. F. W. Emery and Maid
  130. Miss K. Emery
  131. Mr. Charles Evans
    (19 February 1866 - 14 January 1956) was an English cricketer
  132. Mrs. Evans
  133. Mr. Charles Evans, Jr.
  134. Mr. G. E. Fahys
  135. Mrs. Fahys
  136. Miss C. E. Fahys
  137. Major L Falchi
  138. Mrs. Falchi
  139. Mr. J. D. Farrell
  140. Mrs. Farrell
  141. Mr. H. H. Farrell
  142. Mr. P. F. Fatyer
  143. Miss M. Fiaschi
  144. Mr. S. M. Field
  145. Mrs. Walter Field
  146. Mr. M. L. Finch
  147. Miss L. Firth
  148. Mr. M. Fisher
  149. Mrs. M. Flagg
  150. Mr. L. M. Flesh
    Railroad Executive
  151. Mrs. Flesh
  152. Miss G. Flesh
  153. Mr. W. L. Flory
  154. Mrs. Flory
  155. Master J. Flory
  156. Mr. C. Flynn
  157. Mrs. Flynn
  158. Mr. Herbert Foster
  159. Mrs. Foster
  160. Mr. W. C. Fox
  161. Miss G. A. Freeman
  162. Mr. F. T. French
  163. Mr. H. Freund
  164. Mr. H. Friedman
  165. Mrs. Friedman
  166. Mr. P. Fuller
  167. Mr. D. A. Gardner
  168. Mr. T. Garrett
  169. Miss L. C. Gaywood
  170. Col. G. W. Gehin United States Army - Quartermaster Corps
  171. Mr. L. Gerstenzang
  172. Mrs. Gerstenzang
  173. Mr. R. W. Gifford
  174. Miss E. Gignoux
  175. Mr. R. Glaskie
  176. Mr. J. Goetz
  177. Mrs. Goetz and Maid
  178. Mr. H. Goldberg
  179. Mr. I. Goldberg
  180. Mr. Bernard Goldstein
  181. Mr. J. H. Gooch
  182. Miss L. N. Grace
  183. Miss L. N. Grace
  184. Mr. A. P. Green
    Allen Percival Green (July 22, 1875 - June 9, 1956) - Brick Manufacturer
  185. Mr. O. Greenstein
  186. Mrs. Greenstein
  187. Mr. R. Guenther
  188. Mr. B. S. Hulme
  189. Mr. R. Humphrey
  190. Mr. P. M. Hunter
  191. Prof. G. H. Huntington
  192. Mrs. Huntington
  193. Mrs. Huntington
  194. Dr. I. O. Hutton
  195. Mrs. M. Hager
  196. Miss L. D. Hahner
  197. Mr. Robert Haig
  198. Mr. A. H. Hamilton-Gordon
  199. Mr. B. S. Harris
  200. Mr. A. B. Harrison
  201. Mr. R. C. Harrison
  202. Mr. E. Hatch
  203. Mr. A. Hatch and Valet
  204. Mr. F. C. Havemeyer and Valet
  205. Mrs. W. Hayward
  206. Mr. L. Herman
  207. Mrs. Herman
  208. Mr. J. J. Hickey
  209. Mrs. Hickey
  210. Mr. M. Hillman
  211. Mr. F. Hlavcek
  212. Miss N. Holbauer
  213. Miss Hollins
  214. Mrs. M. Hoppe
  215. Mrs. A. C. Housman
  216. Mr. K. R. Howard
  217. Mr. A. H. Howard
  218. Mr. G. E. Huggins
  219. Capt. J. Irvine
  220. Mr. R. C. James
  221. Mr. R. T. Jones
  222. Mr. W. P. Jotcham
  223. Mr. H. T. Joyce
  224. Mr. L. Kaisin
  225. Mr. W. R. Kelly
  226. Mr. S. S. Keyser and Valet
  227. Major Z. Kimura
  228. Mr. F. H. Kincheloe
  229. Mr. P. H. King
  230. Mrs. King
  231. Mr. C. A. King
  232. Mr. S. W. King
  233. Mr. D. P. Kingsford
    Daniel P. Kingsford, Former Superintendent of the New York Assay Office and later a member of J. P. Morgan & Co
  234. Mrs. Kingsford and Maid
  235. Mr. W. Kittelberger
  236. Mr. G. P. Koelliker
  237. Mrs. Koelliker
  238. Mr. E. G. Koenig
  239. Mr. P. Kollman
  240. Mr. M. Konanz
  241. Mr. O. A. Kranich
  242. Master J. G. Kranich
  243. Mr. A. A. Krieg
  244. Mr. Lange
  245. Mr. G. R. Larkin
  246. Mrs. Larkin
  247. Miss L. A. Larkin
  248. Mr. L. Leek
  249. Mr. G. A. Legg and Maid
  250. Mr. J. F. Lent
  251. Mr. I. D. Levy
  252. Mrs. Levy
  253. Miss M. Levy
  254. Miss K. Levy
  255. Mr. C. B. Lihme
    He was the object of People ex rel. Carus v. Matthiessen 1915 - a famous business law case regarding Stockholders' Meetings and stock holder requirement of Directors
  256. Mrs. Lihme
  257. Miss O. Lihme
  258. Master E. Lihme
  259. Mr. C. W. Lionard
  260. Mr. T. H. Logan
  261. Mrs. Logan
  262. Mr. G. Logan
  263. Mr. I. Long
  264. Dr. A. De Lucis
  265. Mr. D. L. Luke
  266. Mrs. Luke
  267. Miss M. A. Luke
  268. Miss J. A. Luke
  269. Miss D. Luke
  270. Miss E. R. Luke
  271. Mr. V. E. Macy,. Jr.
    V. E. Macy, a New York bank director, was appointed chairman of the S.L.A.B. by President Wilson. E. F. Carry, a Chicago businessman, was the EFC representative, and Gompers appointed A. J. Berres, secretary of the Metal Trades Department of the A.F.L. The Shipbuilding Labor Adjustment Board became popularly known as the Macy Board after its chairman V. Everit Macy
  272. Mr. Maklan
  273. Mr. A. H. Man
  274. Mrs. Man
  275. Mr. E. D. Mandell
  276. Mr. J. T. Marriner
    Mining Engineer
  277. Mr. A. Marsh
  278. Mr. Martin
  279. Mr. D. Marvin
  280. Mrs. Marvin
  281. Mrs. A. S. Mather
  282. Miss Matton
  283. Mr. E. C. May
  284. Mrs. May
  285. Mr. F. H. McAdoo
  286. Mrs. McAdoo
  287. Mrs. M. T. McCullough
  288. Master J. T. McCullough
  289. Mr. S. T. McKnight
    Sumner T. McKnight (1885 - ? ) vice president of the First National Bank of Minneapolis and president of the S. T. McKnight Building Company
  290. Mrs. McKnight
  291. Mr. W. A. McLaren
    Secretary, Department of the Interior
  292. Mrs. McLaren
  293. Miss M. E. McLoughlin
    Maurice E. McLoughlin of San Francisco - US Tennis Pro and Champion Tennis Player aka the California Comet
  294. Mr. H. I. McMillan
  295. Mrs. McMillan
  296. Mrs. E. Mende
  297. Mr. A. J. H. Micklem
  298. Mr. C. R. Miller
  299. Miss M. Miller
  300. Mr. G. P. Mongey
  301. Mrs. Mongey
  302. Mr. G. P. Mongey, Jr.
  303. Mr. H. K. Morris and Maid
  304. Mrs. Morris
  305. Miss J. Morris
  306. Mr. B. Morris
  307. Mr. T. Morse
  308. Mr. H. Moses
  309. Mr. H. E. Moyses
  310. Mr. J. Muchlstein
  311. Dr. L. Myschuha
  312. Mr. A. B. Neill
  313. Mrs. E. Nelson
  314. Mr. N. Neumann
  315. Mr. C. B. Newbold and Maid and Valet
  316. Miss A. S. Newbold
  317. Lt.-Col. T. Nishida
  318. Mr. A. E. Norden
  319. Mr. Maxwell Norman
  320. Mr. R. H. Officer
  321. Mr. T. Ohtsuka
  322. Mr. J. C. Osgood
    John Cleveland Osgood of Redstone, Col., a civil engineer by training and an ambitious turn-of-the-century entrepreneur who enjoyed the proud distinction of having whipped the celebrated Chicago plunger, John W. Gates, in a desperate battle for the control of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. A 21,000-square-foot, Tudor-style Redstone Castle was built in 1897 for coal and steel magnate John Cleveland Osgood in Redstone Co
  323. Mrs. Osgood and Maid
  324. Mr. Howard Ott
  325. Mr. R. T. Paine
  326. Master B. Parker
  327. Mr. G. E. Paul
  328. Mrs. Paul
  329. Miss Pearl
  330. Mr. J. A. Penton
  331. Mrs. Penton
  332. Mr. B. J. Perkins
  333. Mr. T. M. Pettigrew
  334. Mrs. Pettigrew
  335. Miss E. Peyton
  336. Mr. E. C. Pignotel
  337. Mr. P. Plant and Valet
  338. Mr. N. T. Porter - Noel Teulon Porter - Archaeologist
  339. Mrs. Porter
  340. Mr. B. S. Prentice
    Bernon S. Prentice - Tennis Pro
  341. Mrs. Prentice
  342. Miss C. Prentice
  343. Master S. E. Prentice and Maid
  344. Mr. C. Preston
  345. Miss E. Preston
  346. Mr. A. Puissant
  347. Mr. F. Pusinelli
  348. Mrs. Pusinelli
  349. Miss H. Pusinelli
  350. Mr. Quarles
  351. Mr. J. Quinet
  352. Mr. E. W. Quirk
  353. Mr. G. H. Rady
  354. Mr. C. D. Rafferty
    Famous Football Coach
  355. Mrs. Rafferty
  356. Mrs. R A. Rainey and Maid
  357. Mr. F. Rathbone
  358. Mr. A. D. Raynor
  359. Mr. S. R. Reed
  360. Miss M. Reilly
  361. Mr. C. S. Reinhart
  362. Mr. E. Reinhold
  363. Mr. C. L. Reynolds
  364. Mrs. L. F. Reynolds
  365. Mr. Gene Richards
  366. Mrs. C. S. Roberts and Infant
  367. Mr. D. C. Robinson
  368. Mr. K. Roosevelt
  369. Mrs. Roosevelt
  370. Mr. C. E. Roraback
  371. Mr. J. Rotschild
  372. Mr. J. J. Rowan
  373. Mr. J. F. Satori
  374. Mrs. Satori
  375. Mr. F. R. Sawyer
  376. Mrs. Sawyer
  377. Mr. M. Schapira
  378. Mr. R. Schickler
  379. Major S. Schieffelin
  380. Mrs. S. Schieffelin and Maid
  381. Miss M. S. Schieffelin
  382. Master C. Schieffelin
  383. Mrs. P. Schilling
  384. Mr. A. A. Schlesinger
  385. Mr. H. C. Schwab
    Henry C. Schwab - Department Store Executive - Chicago
  386. Mrs. Schwab
  387. Mr. A. Schwarz
  388. Mr. J. Shea
  389. Mr. C. A. Shea
  390. Mrs. Shea and Maid
  391. Miss J. Shields
  392. Mr. K. Shundo
  393. Mr. H. Shuttleworth
  394. Mrs. Shuttleworth
  395. Mr. G. Sloane
  396. Mrs. Sloane
  397. Mr. D. C. Smith
  398. Mrs. Smith
  399. Mrs. E. B. Smith, Jr.
  400. Mr. W. N. Smith
  401. Miss G. Smith
  402. Mr. H. K. Smith
  403. Mrs. H. D. Smith
  404. Miss N. Smith
  405. Mr. M. B. Somper
  406. Mr. A. Sondheimer
  407. Mr. J. Spiegelman
  408. Mrs. Spiegelman
  409. Col. R. A. Steel
  410. Mr. M. Steinmarder
  411. Mr. O. L. Stenard
  412. Miss J. Sterling
  413. Mr. L. L. Strause
  414. Mr. A. Stuart
  415. Mrs. Stuart
  416. Mr. J. W. Studebaker
    Commissioner of Education, Department of the Interior under Franklin D. Roosevelt
  417. Mr. R. C. Swayze
  418. Mrs. Swayze
  419. Miss A. M. Swing
  420. Major S. Takaya
  421. Miss Tatum
  422. Miss M. Taylor
  423. Mr. H. C. Thompson
    Herbert Cooper Thompson 1875-1960
  424. Mr. A. C. Torgeson
    Insurance Executive
  425. Major Keith Trevor
  426. Mr. W. H. Truesdale
    President of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
  427. Mrs. Truesdale and Maid
  428. Mrs. Twonbley
  429. Miss A. Tyler
  430. Mr. F. B. Vanderhoef
  431. Mrs. Vanderhoef
  432. Mr. E. G. Veith
  433. Mrs. J. A. Victor
  434. Dr. G. E. Vincen
  435. Mr. E. W. Waldron
  436. Mr. H. M. Wallis
    (1861 - ?) president and treasurer of the Wallis Tractor Company
  437. Mr. J. P. Wemple
  438. Mr. G. D. Widener and Valet
    (George Dunton Widener Jr.) Son of Titanic victim
  439. Mrs. Widener and Two Maids
    Mrs. Jessie Sloane Dodge, the daughter of millionaire Henry T. Sloane)
  440. Mr. R. W. Wild
  441. Mrs. Wild
  442. Miss A. Williams
  443. Miss K. Williams
  444. Mrs. H. B. Williams
  445. Mr. W. F. Williamson
  446. Mrs. Williamson
  447. Miss L. Williamson
  448. Mr. E. Wilton
  449. Mr. M. Winders
  450. Mr. O. Winston
  451. Mrs. Winston
  452. Major Winter
  453. Mr. M. Wolf
  454. Mrs. Wolf
  455. Mr. C. Wolfelt
  456. Mr. Arthur Woods
    1870-1942 - Police commissioner and military officer
  457. Mrs. Woods and Maid
  458. Dr. G. Woodward
    Dr. George Woodward Dr. Woodward established George Woodward, Inc. in 1921 and went on to build over 300 houses, including single homes, more twins, and a new experiment in home building - the quadruple house
  459. Mrs. Woodward
  460. Mr. G. Woodward, Jr.
  461. Miss H. Woodworth
  462. Mr. S. Yates
  463. Mr. C. F. Yauch
  464. Mr. T. Yuhara

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. S. Adler
  2. Miss S. Aizekowe
  3. Mr. H. R. Allshore
  4. Mrs. Allshore
  5. Mr. I. Anastari
  6. Miss A. Anastari
  7. Miss N. Anderson
  8. Miss M. Argyelan
  9. Mrs. H. Austley
  10. Miss E. A. Avery
  11. Mr. C. R. Bagley
  12. Miss B. Barcuk
  13. Mr. Thos. Barker
  14. Mrs. Barker
  15. Mrs. E. Barry
  16. Mr. W. H. Bath
  17. Mrs. Bath
  18. Mr. L. Bauze
  19. Mrs. M. Bauze
  20. Mr. J. E. Beaumont
  21. Mr. W. Beaumont
  22. Mrs. Beaumont
  23. Miss M. Berkovics
  24. Mr. F. Berner
  25. Miss W. C. Blatherwich
  26. Mrs. J. Blitz
  27. Miss L. M. Boardman
  28. Mr. E. Bock
  29. Miss L. P. Bonney
  30. Mr. G. A. Boswin
  31. Mrs. Boswin
  32. Mrs. E. Box
  33. Miss M. M. Box
  34. Miss J. W. Box
  35. Miss E. R. Box
  36. Mr. A. Boyd
  37. Mrs. C. Bray
  38. Miss E. G. Brown
  39. Miss Bryce Brown
  40. Miss Sarah M. Brown
  41. Mrs. R. Bucenic
  42. Miss M. Bucenic
  43. Mr. N. J. Burlineame
  44. Mrs. K. S. Burns
  45. Mrs. G. J. Cade
  46. Mr. Cameron
  47. Mr. J. Canevascini
  48. Mrs. A. M. Cannon
  49. Miss Ruth Canter
  50. Mr. W. Chambers
  51. Mr. P. Cidlek
  52. Mr. J. A. Clarke
  53. Mrs. E. W. Clarke
  54. Dr. C. D. Cleghorn
  55. Mr. H. Cohen
  56. Mrs. M. Cohen
  57. Miss B. Cohen
  58. Mr. A. Cosler
  59. Mr. S. Czerennzkinski
  60. Miss D. M. Damerall
  61. Miss O. B. Damerall
  62. Mr. C. Damway
  63. Miss M. Davey
  64. Miss E. Davey
  65. Master J. Davey
  66. Mr. F. W. Dawding
  67. Mr. G. A. Daymond
  68. Mrs. Daymond
  69. Miss C. Deams
  70. Mrs. M. Deams
  71. Mr. O. R. Dickson
  72. Mr. E. Digman
  73. Mrs. Digman
  74. Mr. F. A. Dixon
  75. Mrs. Dixon
  76. Mr. A. C. Dodman
  77. Mr. F. W. Dowding
  78. Mrs. S. Drakel
  79. Mr. A. J. Dunstan
  80. Mr. I. Van Eckhout
  81. Mr. A. G. Edwards
  82. Mrs. K. M. Elliot
  83. Mr. J. Empringham
  84. Miss D. English
  85. Miss A. Evans
  86. Mrs. E. H. Fairless
  87. Mr. I. Felt
  88. Master Felt
  89. Mr. C. Fergelis
  90. Mr. Ferns
  91. Mr. H. Finerman
  92. Mrs. A. Finklestein
  93. Miss K. Finklestein
  94. Mr. W. Fisher
  95. Mrs. A. Folstin
  96. Mr. R. Fortune
  97. Mr. F. Foulds
  98. Miss F. L. Foy
  99. Mr. S. K. Foyde
  100. Mr. A. F. Fraser
  101. Mr. V. Fraser
  102. Miss A. Ganits
  103. Miss W. Gentle
  104. Mr. H. L. Gibbs
  105. Mrs. H. L. Gibbs
  106. Master Gibbs
  107. Miss Gibbs
  108. Mr. J. Glass
  109. Miss B. Glen
  110. Mr. H. A. Glen
  111. Miss J. K. F. Glen
  112. Miss M. M. Gluck
  113. Mrs. J. Goerkerova
  114. Mr. N. Golderherschel
  115. Miss N. Goldinkershel
  116. Mr. Julius Gottlieb
  117. Mrs. B. Gottlieb
  118. Miss J. Gottlieb
  119. Mr. M. Gottlieb
  120. Mr. W. Gowens
  121. Miss W. Gowens
  122. Mr. S. Graham
  123. Mr. A. A. Grainger
  124. Mrs. Grainger
  125. Mr. A. M. Graves
  126. Miss E. Greene
  127. Mr. M. Greenfield
  128. Mrs. L. Grippen
  129. Mr. Grudge
  130. Mr. L. Grunchling
  131. Mr. E. Gunter
  132. Mr. E. Guttman
  133. Mrs. J. Guttman
  134. Miss H. Guttman
  135. Mr. A. Guttman
  136. Miss G. Hufmüller
  137. Mr. N. R. Hurwood
  138. Mrs. E. Hutton
  139. Miss Yobei Iitsuka
  140. Miss S. Isalgue
  141. Miss Ada Jacobs
  142. Miss Betty Jacobs
  143. Mr. E. Jeffrey
  144. Mrs. Jeffrey
  145. Miss A. Jeffrey
  146. Miss E. Jeffrey
  147. Miss E. M. Jeffrey
  148. Master R. Jeffrey
  149. Mr. A. Jensen
  150. Mrs. E. Johnson
  151. M. W. Johnston
  152. Mr. W. B. Jones
  153. Mr. H. Hall
  154. Mrs. Hall
  155. Miss Agnes Harding
  156. Mr. E. Hardyman
  157. Miss G. Hayberg
  158. Mrs. J. Hayberg
  159. Mrs. S. Hlubic
  160. Miss M. A. Cairn Hodge
  161. Miss C. Hodgdon
  162. Miss V. Hogben
  163. Miss Q. M. Honeywill
  164. Mr. K. Hoxti
  165. Mr. M. Kanter
  166. Mrs. M. Kanter
  167. Miss M. Kanter
  168. Miss E. Kanter
  169. Mr. L. Kantor
  170. Mr. G. Kapp
  171. Mrs. Kapp and Infant
  172. Mr. N. Karowitz
  173. Mr. B. Katz
  174. Mr. J. Kerentes
  175. Mr. P. J. Kerley
  176. Miss E. Kennedy
  177. Mr. S. Kikstra
  178. Mrs. R. Kimpe
  179. Mr. A. W. Kinny
  180. Mrs. Kinny
  181. Mr. F. Klein
  182. Mr. M. Klein
  183. Mrs. I. Klein
  184. Miss K. Knezevic
  185. Miss A. Kolesonova
  186. Mr. Hennan Koerper
  187. Mrs. M. Koerper
  188. Miss H. Kovac
  189. Mrs. S. H. Kron
  190. Miss M. Landon
  191. Miss H. Landon
  192. Mrs. D. Lees
  193. Mr. S. Lenibeck
  194. Mrs. B. Levyn
  195. Mr. M. Light
  196. Mr. J. Light
  197. Mr. S. Light
  198. Miss H. Light
  199. Master L. Light
  200. Mrs. A. Lilly
  201. Mrss M. Lindlerova
  202. Mr. D. S. Lipoveky
  203. Mrs. J. Lohuert
  204. Miss M. Lohuert
  205. Miss G. Lorin
  206. Miss S. Luvskitz
  207. Miss P. Luvskitz
  208. Mr. W. G. Mackintosh
  209. Mrs. J. Maddison
  210. Mr. Madison
  211. Mr. W. H. Makin
  212. Prof. Salvador Mass
  213. Mr. L. Mather
  214. Mr. J. P. McKeon
  215. Mr. E. McPherson
  216. Mrs. A. McPherson
  217. Mr. J. W. Merten
  218. Miss A. Micha
  219. Miss K. Middleton
  220. Mrs. A. D. Miles
  221. Mr. A. C. Miles
  222. Master B. H. Miles
  223. Mr. A. Minks
  224. Mr. A. G. Mitchell
  225. Mrs. N. Mitchell
  226. Mr. G. B. Moffat
  227. Mrs. E. S. Moffat
  228. Mr. J. T. Molnar
  229. Mrs. Molnar
  230. Mr. C. Mowat
  231. Mrs. Mowat
  232. Mr. W. Mullen
  233. Mr. S. Muller
  234. Mrs. A. Myhroold
  235. Master M. Myhroold
  236. Mr. J. Natzler
  237. Mr. J. Newcombe
  238. Mr. S. Okajima
  239. Mr. A. H. 0lliffe
  240. Mrs. F. 0lliffe
  241. Mrs. A. M. Parmclee
  242. Mrs. A. Pavelkovic
  243. Miss M. Pfaffman
  244. Mr. H. L. Picke
  245. Mrs. M. F. Picman
  246. Mr. E. Powell
  247. Miss B. W. Powell
  248. Miss Helen Preis
  249. Mr. M. Preis
  250. Mrs. B. Pryce
  251. Mr. J. P. Quinn
  252. Mrs. H. Quinn
  253. Miss I. Radka
  254. Mr. Ran
  255. Mrs. Ran
  256. Mrs. F. Rapaport
  257. Miss F. Rapaport
  258. Mrs. M. Rees
  259. Mr. H. Reich
  260. Mr. J. Rennie
  261. Mr. W. Robinson
  262. Mrs. E. Robinson
  263. Master Robinson
  264. Mr. R. E. B. Roe
  265. Mr. S. Rogers
  266. Mr. N. Rohn
  267. Mrs. R. Rohn
  268. Mrs. J. Rosenthal
  269. Miss M. Rosenthal
  270. Mr. A. Roth
  271. Mr. G. S. Rowell
  272. Mrs. H. Kron Sali
  273. Mr. A. Salter
  274. Mr. R. Salter
  275. Mr. W. J. Saunders
  276. Mr. C. Savage
  277. Mrs. Savage
  278. Mr. A. C. Scarr
  279. Mrs. B. Schoehter
  280. Miss Schoehter
  281. Master Schoehter
  282. Mr. W. E. Sellman
  283. Mr. S. Shreiber
  284. Mrs. M. Shreiber
  285. Mrs. H. Shreiber
  286. Mrs. B. Shreiber
  287. Master S. Shreiber
  288. Master A. Shreiber
  289. Miss A. Shreiber
  290. Miss R. Shreiber
  291. Mr. M. Shreiber
  292. Master S. Shreiber
  293. Master T. Shreiber
  294. Mr. W. E. Shreve
  295. Miss G. E. Sibley
  296. Mr. R. Sirisman
  297. Mr. W. J. Skelton
  298. Mr. S. Sleeman
  299. Mrs. M. Sleeman
  300. Miss D. Smith
  301. Miss Agnes Smith
  302. Miss L. Smith
  303. Miss D. J. Smith
  304. Miss G. C. Smyth
  305. Mrs. L. Soirs
  306. Mr. H. Spector
  307. Mr. J. L. Stark
  308. Mrs. R. Steinberg
  309. Miss M. A. Stephens
  310. Mr. I. Storch
  311. Mr. Harold Street
  312. Mr. T. Svoboda
  313. Mr. E. Sweatman
  314. Mr. J. Szawddy
  315. Mr. W. Szeterenberg
  316. Mrs. R. Szeterenberg
  317. Mr. N. Taleman
  318. Mrs. Taleman
  319. Miss F. Taleman
  320. Master A. Taleman
  321. Miss Templeman
  322. Mr. T. W. Thomas
  323. Mr. J. B. Thuring
  324. Mr. E. E. Triggan
  325. Mr. M. E. de Trinis
  326. Mrs. E. de Trinis
  327. Mrs. Sarah Trono
  328. Miss G. Trono
  329. Mr. J. Truan
  330. Mr. T. Tyler
  331. Mr. H. Tyson
  332. Miss A. Vertees
  333. Mr. Petrus De Vogel
  334. Mr. C. Vogeli
  335. Mr. M. Walker
  336. Mrs. E. Walker
  337. Mr. P. Warrington
  338. Mr. H. Watson
  339. Mrs. A. M. Watts
  340. Mrs. F. M. Waugh
  341. Master J. Waugh
  342. Miss R. Waugh
  343. Master D. Waugh
  344. Miss E. Waugh
  345. Mr. C. F. F. Wearne
  346. Mr. J. Webel
  347. Mr. E. Webster
  348. Mrs. K. Webster
  349. Miss K. Webster
  350. Miss G. Webster
  351. Mrs. E. Wechl
  352. Master J. Wechl
  353. Mrs. S. Wechster
  354. Miss M. Wechster
  355. Miss E. Weintraub
  356. Mr. J. Weisz
  357. Mr. W. Whatmore
  358. Mr. C. H. Wilkinson
  359. Mrs. N. Willard
  360. Miss D. M. Williams
  361. Mr. H. F. Williams
  362. Mrs. W. Williamson
  363. Mr. F. Winder
  364. Mrs. N. Winder
  365. Mr. W. F. Woodhouse
  366. Mrs. M. Woolcoch
  367. Mr. D. Young
  368. Mrs. M. Young
  369. Miss K. Youngstron
  370. Mr. M. Zemanovitz

Information For Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times: — Breakfast, from 8 to 10. Luncheon, 1 to 2:00 pm Dinner, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Bars will not be open later ihan 11:30 pm. but it is within the discretion of the Commander to close them during the voyage at any time should he consider this course desirable.

SEATS AT TABLE.-Application may be made at any of the Chief Offices in advance, or to the Second Steward on board the Steamer on day of sailing.

DIVINE SERVICE on Sunday at 10:30 am

CHAIRS AND RUGS may be hired at a cost of 7/6 (or $1.50) each, on application to the Deck Steward. Each Rug is cont.ained in a sealed cardboard box, and bears a serial number worked into the material so that passengers will have no difficulty in identifying their rug.

At the end of each voyage, the rug which have been in use, are sent to the store and thoroughly cleaned, before being re-issued.

BAGGAGE.—Passengers are recommended to insure their Baggage, as the Company’s liability is strictly limited in accordance with Contract Ticket. All enquiries regarding Baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Passengers are socially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Customs Baggage Room, otherwise considerable delay and extra charge for cartage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying passengers on the Railway.

VALUABLES.—The Company is not responsible for theft if valuable or money are kept in the Staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company's form.

As no charge is made for carriage the Company can not accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect tliemselves by insurance.

PAYMENTS.—Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company’s form for any additional Passage Money. Rugs. Chairs, Excess Baggage, Freight, etc., paid on board.

NOTICE.—Passengers are informed that Professional Gamblers are reported as frequently crossing on At'lantic Steamers, and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

THE SURGEON is authorized to make customary charge, ؟ubiect to ttie approval of the Commander, for treating any passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.

LIBRARIES.-In addition to a library ot standard literature "Harrods” Library of up-to-date books is available for the use of passengers.

ARRIVALS AT NEW YORK.—Passengers are landed at the Company's Piers, 53 to 5b, North River, Foot of West 14th Street: where railway tickets can be purchased and baggage checked to any part of the United States and Canada. After landing, passengers should enquire at the desk on the wharf for letters and telegrams.

When any of the Company's steamers arrive at the Pier after 8:00 pm, passengers have the option of remaining on board over night and landing after breakfast the following morning.

PUBLIC TELEPHONES.—Telephone service with booths and operator in attendance will be found near the Customs Lines on the New York Wharf.

TAXICABS AND CARRIAGES can be hired at the New York Piers. Instructions should be given to the Purser in advance.

ARRIVALS AT CHERBOURG.—Under normal conditions passengers are landed by tender up to 1. pm, but if the ship arrives later they will disembark after breakfast next morning.

ARRIVALS AT SOUTHAMPTON.—Passengers will be landed up to 8:00 pm If the ship berths later passengers will disembark next morning after breakfast.

A Special Train will be despatched to London (Waterloo Station) as soon as possible after landing, the journey occupying about 1.5 hours.

It is notified for the information of passengers that the Cunard Company employ at Southampton the necessary labour for transfer of baggage from the steamer to the special trains at the ship's side for London.

Passengers on arrival will find representatives of well-known firms in the shed alongside the steamer, and if their special services are utilized for the handling of baggage they are authorise to charge according to tariff.

TOURIST AND INFORMATION BUREAU, located on "D" deck—starboard side, near entrance to Restaurant.

BANKING—FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGE. —The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited have arranged with the London Joint City and Midland Bank Limited, to establish a branch of their Bank on board the RMS “Aquitania."

The Office in question is situated on the port side of "D" Deck, near the enfrance to Restaurant.

Passengers wishing to exchange money, or transact other banking business, will receive every facility and attention.

ARRIVALS AT LIVERPOOL-TIME OF LANDING PASSENGERS.—Under normal renditions when any of the Company’s steamers arrive alongside the Liverpool Land؛ng Stage after 8:00 pm it is optional for the passengers to go on shore that night.

In the event, however, of their remaining on board, they will be landed after breakfast the following morning either at the Stage or in dock as circumstances permit.

In the same way when the vessel reaches the river but does not come alongside the Stage, to prevent inconvenience and to meet emergencies, any passengers desirous of disembarking will. on arrival of the steamer, be landed, with hand baggage only, by tender.

DOGS.—Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London.

Forms of license must be obtained by direct applicarion to the Department before the dog is taken on board. Dogs are carried at owner's risk, rate being from £3 upwards, payable to the Purser.

PASSENGERS' ADDRESSES.—Passengers' addresses may be left at the Purser's Office in order that any letters rreeived after passengers have left the ship, may be forwarded.

Passengers may have Mail, Telegrams and Cables sent to the care of any of the Cunard Chief Office.

Arrangements have been made whereby letters for passengers on board the Company’s steamers at Southampton and Liverprel can be accepted for inclusion in special bags which will be made up for the ship in London and Ports of Departure.

The letters in question, which must be registered and addressed C/o The Commander, Cunard Packet Southampton (or Liverpool), can be posted in any part of the United Kingdom up to the time at which ordinary registered letters to go by the same packets are received.

CUSTOMS.-Tobacco, cigars, etc., wines, spirits and per. Jumery are subject to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and the smallest quantity should be declared to the Customs Authorities. When required, reprints of copyright Books and music will be confiscated.

BERTHING OF PASSENGERS.-No alterations can be made except officially through the Purser.

BERTH LADDERS.—These may be obtained on application to steward or Stewardess.

The "AQUITANIA” carries an orchestra of professional musicians, which will play at the undermentioned times and places:

  • 10:00 to 11:00 am: Second Class Dining Saloon.
  • 1:00 to 2:10:00 pm: First Class Dining Saloon.
  • 9:30 to 4:00 pm: Second Class Dining Saloon.
  • 7:10 to 8:45:00 pm: First Class Dining Saloon.
  • 9:00 to 10:00 pm: First Class Drawing Room.


This Tax can be recovered by passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within sixty days (the time prescribed by U.S. law), and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the transportation company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within ninety days of passenger’s arrival in the United States.

Unless this regulation is complied with, the Tax cannot be recovered.


Hand-baggage is carried irom the steamer to the tender by the stewards. Passengers are informed that from the time their hand-baggage is on the tender, they are solely responsible for it, and they must see that it is passed through the Cusroms and placed on the special train in their carriage.

All hand-baggage not claimed on the tender or left in the Customs is collected and included with registered baggage for Paris. For these packages there is a charge of Fcs. 20.00 per package, Cherbourg—Paris.

Passengers are advised that the Cunard fompany cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by neglect on the part of passengers not claiming their hand-baggage on the tender.

All baggage registered in New York for Cherbourg only, if not claimed at the port is forwarded direct to Paris, a charge of Fcs. 20.00 per package being made irrespective of size or weight. (Heavy nailed case or bulky packages will be charged as freight).

TICKETS.—All passengers without rail tickets can obtain them from the Company's Office in the waiting room, at Cherbourg, which they pass through after clearing through Customs.

SPECIAL TRAINS—Special trains are run in connection with the arrival 0؛ steamers. Dining cars are attached to these wains, luncheons and dinners are served at Fcs. 12.00 per head, exclusive of wines.

RESERVED SEATS.—Passengers wishing to reserve first class seats in advance may, on application to the purser, book same on board ship, provided they are in possession of first class rail tickets to Paris. There is no charge made for these reservations.


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