RMS Mauretania Passenger List - 6 April 1932

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Mauretania First Class Passenger List - 6 April 1932.

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the RMS Mauretania of the Cunard Line, Departing Wednesday, 6 April 1932 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain R. V. Peel, RD, RNR. GGA Image ID # 130deb5536


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain R. V. PEEE, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Staff-Captain: E. R. CARR, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Officer: K. G. Howe, D.S.C., R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: A. COCKBURN, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Staff Chief Engineer: E. Barton
  • Surgeon: G. J. Carr
  • Purser: C. G. Johnson, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Second Purser: E. E. Carine
  • Assistant Purser: J. E. Webster
  • Chief Steward: P. Biddeecombe


First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Herman L. Art
  2. Mrs. Art
  3. Mr. Henry Ashworth
  4. Mr. George R. Ashworth
  5. Mrs. C. Kemble Baldwin
  6. Mr. H. Muir Beddall
  7. Mr. Oscar M. Bernuth
  8. Mrs. Bernuth
  9. Mr. Charles M. Bernuth
  10. Mr. W. H. Bingham
  11. Mr. O. H. Bond
  12. Mr. Boyd
  13. Mrs. H. A. Boyd
  14. Mr. J. C. Brockliss
  15. Mr. F. W. Chamberlain
  16. Mrs. Chamberlain
  17. Mr. A. G. Clifton-Brown
  18. Mrs. Clifton-Brown
  19. Mr. M. Cohen
  20. Mrs. Cohen
  21. Mr. George V. Cooper
  22. Mrs. Cooper
  23. Mr. John A. Crabtree
  24. Mr. George W. Crawford
  25. Mrs. Crawford and Maid
  26. Mrs. M. Czerwinsky
  27. Mr. J. H. Davey
  28. Mrs. De Camp
  29. The Venerable Archdeacon Dewdney
  30. Mrs. Dewdney
  31. Mrs. Philip T. Dodge
  32. Mr. C. G. Edwards
  33. Mrs. Edwards
  34. Mrs. Ewan
  35. Mr. Farrish
  36. Mr. C. J. Gibson
  37. Mrs. Gibson
  38. Mr. Charles Goldman
  39. Mrs. Goldman
  40. Mr. G. W. Goudy
  41. Mrs. Goudy
  42. Mr. Groen
  43. Major A. L. C. Harrison, o.b.e.
  44. Mrs. Harrison
  45. Mr. Hatch
  46. Mrs. Hatch
  47. Mr. L. Hirsch
  48. Mrs. Hirsch
  49. Mr. Henry W. Hoch
  50. Mrs. Hoch
  51. Mr. Albert Hornberger
  52. Mr. W. G. Ince
  53. Mrs. Ince
  54. Mr. P. Johnson
  55. Mrs. Johnson
  56. Mr. Joseph Kastner
  57. Mr. Max Kaufman
  58. Miss Alice B. Kayser and Chauffeur
  59. Mr. Miles I. Killmer
  60. Mrs. Killmer
  61. Miss D. Kincaid
  62. Mrs. E. M. King
  63. Mr. Kinnicutt
  64. Mrs. Kinnicutt
  65. Mr. Albert Koenig
  66. Mrs. Koenig
  67. Dr. Joseph Krimsky
  68. Miss Elizabeth K. Lamont
  69. Mrs. F. I. La Roche
  70. Mr. Lucien Le Poutre
  71. Mr. J. McCarthy
  72. Mr. E. E. McNulty
  73. Mrs. S. D. Marks
  74. Mr. Sydney Martin
  75. Mr. J. Müler
  76. Mr. Miner
  77. Mr. A. Morini
  78. Mr. C. F. Murphy
  79. Mrs. W. M. Musgrave
  80. Mr. C. R. Myer
  81. Mr. W. La Coste Neilson
  82. Mr. William L. Nicoll
  83. Miss Alice Ottenberg
  84. Mr. J. E. Owston
  85. Mr. F. W. Phillips
  86. Mrs. Hobart Porter
  87. Dr. R. Rauscher
  88. Mrs. Rauscher
  89. Mrs. Flora Readman
  90. Mr. T. F. Reddy
  91. Mr. Robert Reeve
  92. Mr. O. W. Richardson
  93. Mrs. V. King Rider
  94. Mrs. Ida S. Roberts
  95. Mr. F. B. Sanborn
  96. Dr. J. P. Schumacher
  97. Mrs. Simard
  98. Mr. F. W. Tims
  99. Mr. James Todd
  100. Mr. R. K. Uhthoff
  101. The Hon. Adrian Vemey-Cave
  102. Mr. L. O. P. Walsh
  103. Mr. H. W. Wheatstone
  104. Dr. G. F. White
  105. Mrs. Gordon E. Wightman
  106. Mrs. Carlotta Winslow
  107. Mr. L. O. Woolrych
  108. Mr. L. E. Wuille
  109. Mrs. Wuille
  110. Mr. F. H. B. Yerbury



  1. Mr. J. Burke
  2. Mr. F. Crosby
  3. Mr. W. Corbitt
  4. Mr. J. Cummings
  5. Mr. P. de Laszlo
  6. Mrs. S. Fabri and Maid
  7. Mr. R. Fisher
  8. Mr. E. Garrison
  9. Mr. S. H. Menzies
  10. Mr. A. J. McMillan
  11. Mr. J. O’Hara
  12. Mrs. O’Hara
  13. Mr. H. Prior
  14. Mr. S. Reinhard
  15. Mr. I. Reinhard
  16. Mr. C. G. Stevenson
  17. Mr. R. Scrope
  18. Mr. E. Spencer
  19. Mrs. Sanborn
  20. Mrs. G. W. Trice
  21. Mrs. E. C .Van Pelt
  22. Miss M. Van Pelt
  23. Mr. L. M. Wright
  24. Mrs. Wright
  25. Mr. T. D. Warren



  1. Mr. Boyd
  2. Mrs. M. Czerwinsky
  3. Mrs. De Camp
  4. Mr. C. G. Edwards
  5. Mrs. Edwards
  6. Mr. Hatch
  7. Mrs. Hatch
  8. Mr. Joseph Kastner
  9. Mr. Miner
  10. Mr. C. F. Murphy
  11. Mrs. Simard


  • Dr. G. F. White should read Dr. C. F. White



  • Saloon 128
  • Tourist Class 142
  • Third Class 178
  • Total Passengers 448



Passengers who desire to claim refund of Head Tax are required to comply with the following :—

  1. Temporary visitors to the United States should state in Question 24 on the U.S. Declaration Form, which should be completed at the time of booking, that they intend to leave the United States within a period of 60 days from the date of entry.
    NOTE.—If a passenger states on the Declaration Form that the intended stay is to be in excess of 60 days, and later through unforeseen circumstances leaves within the prescribed period, United States Law stipulates that Head Tax is not recoverable.
  2. Application should be made to the Purser of the Westbound steamer for receipt covering the U.S. Head Tax paid. This is necessary to facilitate refund of the Head Tax after passengers have left the United States.
  3. Passengers should apply to the U.S. Immigrant Inspector at the port of arrival for Head Tax Transit Certificate (U.S. Form 514) without which form no refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Immigration Authorities, even though passengers should leave the U.S. within 60 days and would otherwise be entitled to refund of the Head Tax under existing U.S. law.
  4. Refund of Head Tax will only be made by the U.S. Authorities when completed Forms 514 are filed with them within a period of 120 days from the date of entry into the U.S. as shewn on the top right hand corner of the U.S. Form 514. No application for refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Authorities after the expiry of such period.

Although the period of time between arrival at a Canadian port and departure from the United States may exceed 60 days, this does not necessarily mean that persons in this category are prohibited from securing refund of Head Tax, so long as the actual period spent in the U.S. does not exceed 60 days. The application for refund, however, must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Authorities within 120 days of the actual date of crossing the border from Canada into the U.S.

Passengers returning to Europe in Cunard Line steamers may—on presentation of the necessary documents—viz. :— Transit Certificate Form 514 completed, and the Company's receipt for Head Tax paid—obtain refund of Head Tax from the Purser, providing the passengers have left the U.S. within the prescribed period of 60 days, and the completed Form 514 can be filed with the U.S. Authorities within 120 days of entry into the United States.

Refund of Head Tax is subject to strict compliance with the above procedure.


Back and Front Covers, Cunard Line RMS Mauretania First Class Passenger List - 6 April 1932.

Back and Front Covers, Cunard Line RMS Mauretania First Class Passenger List - 6 April 1932. GGA Image ID # 130e56331a


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