RMS Scythia Passenger List - 14 September 1935

Front Cover of a Tourist Passenger List for RMS Scythia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 14 September 1935 from Liverpool to Boston and New York via Cobh

Front Cover of a Tourist Passenger List for RMS Scythia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 14 September 1935 from Liverpool to Boston and New York via Cobh, Commanded by Captain G. R. Dolphin, R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 175043434c


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. R. Dolphin, R.D., R.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer: J. Pattison
  3. Chief Officer: C. M. Ford, R.D., R.N.R
  4. Surgeon: H. Archer
  5. Purser: E. C. F. Moore
  6. Chief Steward: J. Rigby
  7. Tourist Purser : J. A. Earley
  8. Second Assistant Purser : E. G. Thomas
  9. Tourist Class Steward : D. Pearce


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Mr. F. Allart
  2. Lt. T. De Witt Allan
  3. Mr. T. Ariga
  4. Mrs. A. L. Ashurst
  5. Mr. Harry Atkinson
  6. Mr. D. Banahan
  7. Mrs. M. A. Barnard
  8. Mr. F. W. Barnard
  9. Mrs. L. Barstow
  10. Mrs. G. Beely
  11. Master Beely
  12. Mrs. L. F. Bellamy
  13. Mr. N. Bernstein
  14. Mr. J. Birtwistle
  15. Mrs. Birtwistle
  16. Mrs. F. Black
  17. Mrs. R. W. Blosser
  18. Mr. G. Bobry
  19. Miss M. Bolingbroke
  20. Mrs. E. Bond
  21. Mrs. H. Bottomley
  22. Miss M. Bottomley
  23. Mr. R. Bowen
  24. Mrs. N. T. Bracken
  25. Mrs. J. Bradley
  26. Mr. R. Bramhall
  27. Mrs. Bramhall
  28. Mrs. M. Brauner
  29. Miss M. Brien
  30. Mrs. R. Brookes
  31. Miss E. E. Brooks
  32. Mr. R. T. Brown, Jr.
  33. Mrs. G. R. Brown
  34. Mrs. M. Brown
  35. Mrs. F. Burroughs
  36. Miss Burroughs
  37. Miss G. M. Capes
  38. Miss S. Carolan
  39. Mrs. E. Carr
  40. Mrs. M. A. Chalmers
  41. Mrs. M. Chaplin
  42. Mr. E. Choate
  43. Sister M. Clare Cleary
  44. Miss F. Cohen
  45. Miss M. Coleman
  46. Mr. T. Collins
  47. Mrs. E. Collins
  48. Mr. A. Colt
  49. Mr. P. J. Conley
  50. Rev. M. Connaughton
  51. Rev. T. Connolly
  52. Mr. W. D. Cotton, Jr.
  53. Rev. J. Cowhig
  54. Mr. A. J. Crieve
  55. Mr. J. Crimmins
  56. Mr. W. Crosby
  57. Miss C. Daly
  58. Miss J. E. Darbyshire
  59. Miss E. Davison
  60. Mrs. M. Dellett
  61. Mrs. E. Dick
  62. Miss C. M. Dinneen
  63. Miss B. A. Doherty
  64. Miss C. Dougherty
  65. Mr. E. H. Durnford
  66. Miss C. Dwyer
  67. Mrs. R. Edwards
  68. Miss E. Falvey
  69. Miss C. Fanning
  70. Miss B. Fanning
  71. Mrs. S. D. Farmer
  72. Miss S. J. Farmer
  73. Miss M. S. Finley
  74. Miss A. Finn
  75. Miss A. M. Fisher
  76. Rev. P. A. Flavin
  77. Miss A. C. Foley
  78. Miss B. Franco
  79. Mr. G. A. Francombe
  80. Miss B. Gaffney
  81. Mr. E. Gawby
  82. Mrs. K. Glennon
  83. Mrs. L. Goodman
  84. Mr. W. Gray
  85. Mrs. I. Gray
  86. Mrs. E. Green
  87. Miss A. Green
  88. Mrs. M. Greenwood
  89. Mr. A. J. Gireve
  90. Miss L Griffiths
  91. Miss M. Hallahan
  92. Mrs. H. Hanson
  93. Mrs. J. A. Hardman-Brown
  94. Mr. J. Hardy
  95. Mrs. C. H. Hargrave
  96. Mr. D. Harrison
  97. Mrs. Harrison
  98. Mrs. M. Hart
  99. Miss M. Hart
  100. Miss C. Hart
  101. Mrs. E. Hartery
  102. Mrs. A. Hartley
  103. Mrs. S. Healy
  104. Miss J Healy
  105. Miss M. F. Healy
  106. Mrs. M. Heath
  107. Master W. Heath
  108. Miss J. A. Hembroft
  109. Mrs. F. M. Hensley
  110. Miss Nora Hickey
  111. Miss Helen Hickey
  112. Miss Lillian Hickey
  113. Miss K. Hickey
  114. Miss C J Hills
  115. Dr. S. Hollander
  116. Mr. W. Hollas
  117. Mrs. Hollas
  118. Mrs. M. H. Holt
  119. Miss N. Hourihan
  120. Miss M. E. Hough
  121. Mrs. E. Howell
  122. Rev. P. Hyland
  123. Miss M. Jennings
  124. Mrs. H. Johnston
  125. Miss M. Johnston
  126. Master R. Johnston
  127. Mrs. R. H. Jones
  128. Miss F. A. Jones
  129. Mrs. N. K. Jones
  130. Mr. P. Kane
  131. Mr. Keany
  132. Mrs. Keany
  133. Miss S. Kelly
  134. Miss M. Kennedy
  135. Miss M. Kennedy
  136. Rev. P. J. Kenny
  137. Rev. Father C. Killian
  138. Mrs. R. Kinder
  139. Mr. E. Klafstad
  140. Mr. Kutisker
  141. Mrs. Kutisker
  142. Miss S. Kutisker
  143. Mr. R. Labori
  144. Miss B. Leetch
  145. Miss M. Leetch
  146. Mrs. B. Leishman
  147. Master D. Leishman
  148. Mr. E. Levi
  149. Miss M. I. P. Lewis
  150. Mrs. A. Lister
  151. Miss S. Lomas
  152. Mr. W. H. Lumb
  153. Mrs. A. E. Manning
  154. Mrs. C. Manning
  155. Miss N. Mannion
  156. Mrs. R. Marks
  157. Miss L. Marks
  158. Mrs. H. Marsden
  159. Mr. C. H. Matterson
  160. Mrs. A. Mayer
  161. Miss C. McGillicuddy
  162. Rev. D. McGoey
  163. Miss S. J. McGoey
  164. Mr. D. D. McLean
  165. Mrs. McLean
  166. Mr. M. McMahon
  167. Mr. L. McMahon
  168. Miss E. A. McMahon
  169. Miss L. K. McNeill
  170. Mrs. E. D. McWhinning
  171. Mrs. M. A. Meadowcroft
  172. Mrs. M. A. Milbourne
  173. Mr. L. Miller
  174. Mrs. E. M. Milleson
  175. Mrs. J. Monser
  176. Mr. W. Moorhouse
  177. Mrs. Moorhouse
  178. Mrs. A. Morgan
  179. Miss M. Morgan
  180. Mrs. E. Mosley
  181. Miss G. Moss
  182. Mr. C. Mower
  183. Rev. M. Mulcahy
  184. Miss A. Mulkeen
  185. Mrs. M. Mulrennan
  186. Miss T. Mulrennan
  187. Master J. J. Mulrennan
  188. Sister M. G. Murphy
  189. Miss M. J. Murphy
  190. Mr. T. Murray
  191. Mrs. Murray
  192. Miss L. Nary
  193. Mr. A. B. Naylor
  194. Mrs. Naylor
  195. Mrs. A. Newbold
  196. Miss E. Newby
  197. Mrs. M. Nutter
  198. Mrs. M. O'Donnell
  199. Miss M. O'Halloran
  200. Rev. Father J. Oldenburg
  201. Mrs, A. Oldfield
  202. Rev. A. O'Neill
  203. Mr. J. O'Neill
  204. Mr. J. O'Reilly
  205. Miss C. M. Orlando
  206. Mr. P. J. O'Shea
  207. Mrs. I. S. Owczarak
  208. Mr. T. F. Palander
  209. Mrs. Palander
  210. Miss L. M. Parry
  211. Mr. T. Paul
  212. Mrs. Paul
  213. Mrs. A. Perrett
  214. Mrs. M. L. Perrett
  215. Miss Y. Perrett
  216. Miss S. Perrett
  217. Mr. W. Perry
  218. Mrs. Perry
  219. Mr. J. H. Pitchers
  220. Miss M. Pitchers
  221. Mrs. H. Plant
  222. Miss K. Plunkett
  223. Mrs. B. Price
  224. Mrs. H. Prust
  225. Miss Rose Quail-llama
  226. Miss C. Quinn
  227. Miss A. T. Raftery
  228. Miss E. E. Redfern
  229. Mr. M. Reilly
  230. Mrs. Reilly
  231. Mr. R. C. Richardson
  232. Mrs. Richardson
  233. Mrs. A. E. Richardson
  234. Master S. K. Richardson
  235. Mrs. I. G. Robinson
  236. Miss E. Rollinson
  237. Mr. F. Rooney
  238. Mrs. Rooney
  239. Master T. P. Rooney
  240. Mr. M. J. Ryan
  241. Mrs. Ryan
  242. Rev. T. P. Ryan
  243. Rev. T. M. Ryan
  244. Miss J. Ryan
  245. Miss A. E. Saxton
  246. Miss E. Saxton
  247. Mr. C. Schaeffer
  248. Mr. E. Schuckert
  249. Mrs. Schuckert
  250. Miss E. Scudder
  251. Miss M. Shea
  252. Mr. R. Sheehan
  253. Mr. J. Sidebottom
  254. Mrs. Sidebottom
  255. Mrs. R. Silk
  256. Mrs. S. Simm
  257. Miss A. Skehan
  258. Mr. H. Skog
  259. Mrs. A. Smith
  260. Mrs. F. Smith
  261. Miss J. Somers-Cocks
  262. Mr. G. L. Stephenson
  263. Mrs. Stephenson
  264. Mrs. J. S. Stogdale
  265. Mr. J. Stone
  266. Mrs. Stone
  267. Mrs. A. Sutcliffe
  268. Miss J. E. Sutcliffe
  269. Mr. G. Tate
  270. Mrs. Tate
  271. Mrs. H. Taunton
  272. Prof. H. A. Taylor
  273. Miss A. Taylor
  274. Mrs. A. Taylor
  275. Mr. H. C. Tennent
  276. Mr. V. L. Tennent
  277. Miss A. L. Thompson
  278. Mrs. N. Tobin
  279. Mrs. N. Tomlinson
  280. Mr. J. Troy
  281. Miss A. L. Turnbull
  282. Prof. B. B. Turner
  283. Mr. G. R. Turner
  284. Mrs. Turner
  285. Mr. J. Turner
  286. Miss E. Walmsley
  287. Mr. J. L. Walsh
  288. Miss M. J. C. Walton
  289. Mrs. B. West
  290. Mrs. B. M. White
  291. Miss E. White
  292. Mrs. A. Whitlock
  293. Mrs. L. Williams
  294. Mrs. E. Williams
  295. Miss D. Williams
  296. Mrs. S. Wilson
  297. Mr. C. Woodhead
  298. Mrs. Woodhead
  299. Mr. A. E. Woodward
  300. Rev. S. Beattie Wylie
  301. Mrs. Wylie


Recovery of U.S. Head Tax.

Passengers who desire to claim refund of Head Tax are required to comply with the following :-
1. Temporary visitors to the United States should state in Question 24 on the U.S. Declaration Form, which should be completed at the time of booking, that they intend to leave the United States within a period of 60 days from the date of entry.

Note—If a passenger states on the Declaration Form that the intended stay is to be in excess of 60 days, and later through unforeseen circumstances leaves within the prescribed period, United States Law stipulates that Head Tax is not recoverable.

2. Application should be made to the Purser of the Westbound steamer for receipt covering the United States Head Tax paid. This is necessary to facilitate refund of the Head Tax after Passengers have left the United States.

3. Passengers should apply to the United States Immigrant Inspector at the port of arrival for Head Tax Transit Certificate (United States Form 514) without which form no refund of Head Tax will be considered by the Unites States Immigration Authorities, even though Passengers should leave the United States within 60 days and would otherwise he entitled to refund of the Head Tax under existing United States law.

4. Refund of Head Tax will only be made by the United States Authorities when completed Forms 514 are filed with them within a period of 120 days from the date of entry into the United States as shewn on the top right-hand corner of the United States Form 514. No application for refund of Head Tax will be considered by the United States Authorities after the expiry of such period.

Although the period of time between arrival at a Canadian port and departure from the United States may exceed 60 days, this does not necessarily mean that persons in this category are prohibited from securing refund of Head Tax, so long as the actual period spent in the U.S. does not exceed 60 clays. The application for refund, however, must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Authorities within 120 days of the actual date of crossing the border from Canada into the United States.

Passengers returning to Europe in vessels of the Company may—on presentation of the necessary documents--viz. :—Transit Certificate Form 514 completed, and the Company's receipt for Head Tax paid—obtain refund of Head Tax from the Purser, providing the Passengers have left the U.S. within the prescribed period of 60 days, and the completed Form 514 can be filed with the U.S. Authorities within 120 days of entry into the United States.

Refund of Head Tax is subject to strict compliance with the above procedure.

General Information for Passengers.

Meals will be served as follows :--

When One Sitting

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am
  • Luncheon 1:00 pm
  • Dinner 7:00 pm

When Two Sittings

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am and 9:00 am
  • Luncheon 12:15 pm and 1:30 pm
  • Dinner 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm

Morning Soup and Afternoon Tea will be served on Deck and in the Public Rooms at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm respectively.

Automobiles. In order to facilitate Customs Clearance uncrated automobiles must be included on the U.S. Declaration Form.

Baggage. Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Purser or Ship's Baggage Master.

Each package should bear initial label of surname to facilitate correct grouping in Customs Shed, also label with owner's name and address. On arrival baggage will be grouped alphabetically in Customs' Shed. Passengers are requested to attend personally at Customs examination.

It is for Passengers themselves to see that all their baggage is passed by the Customs Authorities on landing, and they are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Customs Shed, otherwise considerable delay and extra charges for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying Passengers on the railway.

Baggage Insurance. Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with the terms of the passage contract. Baggage Insurance carrying world-wide cover can be arranged through the Purser's office.

Baggage in Bond. Passengers en route to destinations outside the U.S.A. or Canada may have their checked baggage forwarded " In Bond " to a frontier point under Customs Manifest without examination of the contents by a Customs Officer at port of disembarkation. The Purser or Baggage Master will be pleased to supply information.

Barber and Hair Dresser. The ship carries a well-equipped Barber's Shop and competent Hairdresser.

Catering. Passengers are invited to advise the Tourist Steward of their preference in the matter of diet and cooking and they can be assured of every attention being given to their wishes. Cooks of various nationalities are included in the kitchen personnel.

Cuisine. Nous demandons aux passagers de bien vouloir faire connaitre au Tourist Steward leur preference comme cuisine ou regime : la plus grande attention sera apportee a leur donner satisfaction. Le personnel des cuisines comprend des Chefs de diverses nationalites.

Cheques. Passengers are respectfully advised that the Purser cannot accept private cheques.

Changes in Accommodation. The Purser alone is authorized to make changes in accommodation and may only do so on payment of any difference in fare which may be requIred according to Company's tariffs.

Checking Baggage On Arrival at New York. Facilities are now available whereby Passengers may arrange with the Baggage Master for the transfer of their baggage from the Company's Pier in New York to any point in Greater Now York, Jersey City and Hoboken, including railroad terminals, hotels, residences, express Companies or Warehouses.

Passengers are thus relieved of this detail after disembarking. Please apply at the Purser's office for rates and further information regarding this service.

Customs Examination. All articles liable to Custom Duty must be declared. Any passenger who is in doubt should see the Purser or Baggage Master who will provide the latest information available.

U.S. Customs. All Passengers are required to make a declaration of personal baggage for the U.S. Customs Authorities at the port of landing. Blank declaration forms are obtainable from the Purser.

Returning Residents must declare all articles acquired abroad but wearing apparel and personal effects taken overseas from the U.S. in the first case are entitled to be passed free of duty upon return.

An exemption of $100.00 worth of purchases is allowed each returning resident, subject to certain conditions which will be detailed by the Customs Officer. Visitors may take in free of duty wearing apparel and personal effects not intended for sale, but must declare all articles not included in this category.

Severe penalties are imposed upon persons who make false declarations as to value, ownership or use of articles or who attempt to bribe or recompense a Customs Officer.

Deck Chairs, Cushions and Rugs are available for hire and can be obtained through the Deck Steward at a price of five shillings each article.

(Each rug is contained in a sealed envelope and bears a serial number worked into the material, thus enabling Passengers to identify their own rugs).

Divine Service is held each Sunday at 11:00 am in one of the Public Rooms.

There are frequent celebrations of Mass, according to the Roman Catholic Rite, fully equipped altars being available and facilities being placed at the disposal of Priests traveling in the ship.

Dogs. Passengers are notified that dogs should be handed over to the care of the live-stock attendant and that they are not allowed in Public Rooms or on the Passenger Decks.

Fire Precautions. Passengers are earnestly requested to exercise care in disposing of cigar and cigarette ends and matches, and to make use of the receptacles provided for the purpose in the different parts of the ship. Serious consequences can arise from carelessness in this respect. Throwing lighted cigarettes, etc., overboard should also be avoided.

Fire and Lifeboat Stations. Passengers are earnestly requested to acquaint themselves with the notice in the staterooms regarding lifeboat and fire stations.

Importation of Liquor. A considerable quantity of liquor imported in the baggage of Passengers is purchased in bond " at a price below the regular market value of the country of purchase, and for that reason attention is called to the fact by the Collector, U.S. Customs Service, that the above market value must be ascertained and declared by the passenger instead of the price actually paid.

Landing Arrangements. The Purser will furnish Passengers with a small card, detailing the landing arrangements, before arrival.

Landing Cards. It is necessary that Passengers present their Landing Cards, together with Passports to the Immigration Inspector for endorsement before leaving the ship.

Library. The ship has a fully equipped library and Passengers are invited to borrow the volumes—no charge will be made.

Mail. Passengers are requested to enquire for mail at the Purser's office. Letters for despatch should be handed to the Librarian who holds supplies of stamps.

Exchange of Money. For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is able to exchange a limited amount of English, American and Canadian money at rates which will be advised on application.

Payments. Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's form for any payments made on board for additional Passage Money, Rugs, Chairs, Excess Baggage Freight, etc.

Portholes. As it is dangerous for Passengers to handle the ports they are requested to ask the Bedroom Steward to open and close the ports in the staterooms as may be desired.

Professional Gamblers are reported as frequently traveling on Atlantic steamers and Passengers are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Return Accommodation. For the convenience of those Passengers who may be returning from Canada or the United States to Europe and who have not yet made the necessary arrangements the Purser will be pleased to radio for any accommodation required. This will enable Passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the ship and will consequently save them time and trouble in America.

Special Notice for Round Trip Passengers. Passengers holding return tickets who are undecided about their United States and Canadian addresses should advise same to our nearest office in United States or Canada as soon as possible. If this is done by letter, please mention return sailing and accommodation reserved.

All Passengers holding return tickets are requested to communicate with our nearest office at least a week in advance of their sailing from United States or Canada, so that necessary formalities may be arranged in connection with their return passage.

If for any reason the holder of a return ticket is unable to travel by the sailing shown thereon immediate advice should be given to the nearest Company's Office, so that any accommodation held can be released and other reservation made.

Rotarians traveling by this ship are invited to inspect the Rotary Register at the Purser's office and subscribe their names. The Purser will be glad, providing circumstances permit, to arrange an informal Rotary Luncheon during the voyage.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges for his services, subject to the approval of the Captain.

A Registered Nurse is on board, whose services are available as necessary under the direction of the ship's Surgeon.

Travel Information. The Purser's office is at the disposal of Passengers for furnishing detailed information concerning steamer, rail or air connections and arrangements can be made for tickets and reservations to be obtained.

Upper Berths. Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of same on applying to the Steward or Stewardess.

Valeting Service. A Clothes pressing room, in charge of an expert attendant, is provided and work of this kind will be carried out for Passengers at the listed charges.

Valuables. In their own interests Passengers are advised not to leave articles of jewellery and other valuables lying about. Articles not required for frequent wear may be deposited with the Purser and will be placed in an envelope sealed in the presence of the passenger for custody in the ship's safe. A receipt will be given but no liability as to contents can be accepted.

Passengers are advised to protect themselves by insurance, which can be arranged on board on application to the Purser.

Wireless and Cable Messages. Information and rates will be supplied by the Wireless Office.


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