RMS Samaria Passenger List - 27 July 1935

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Samaria Third Class Passenger List - 27 July 1935.

Front Cover of a Third Class Passenger List from the RMS Samaria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 July 1935 from Liverpool to Boston and New York via Belfast and Galway, Commanded by Captain J. McRostie. GGA Image ID # 1309a99f64


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain J. McROSTIE
  2. Chief Engineer: E. BARTON
  3. Chief Officer: R. T. A. ORMSBY, R.D. R.N.R.
  4. Surgeon: C. E. S. HARRIS
  5. Purser: T. L. EVANS
  6. Assistant Purser: J. HUDSON
  7. Chief Steward: F. BEATTIE
  8. Chief Third Steward: H. IREDALE


Third Class Passengers


  1. Mrs. E. Bentley
  2. Mrs. A. Breton
  3. Mrs. R. Davies
  4. Mr. N. Dillon
  5. Mrs. M. Drakatos
  6. Mr. J. Duncan
  7. Mrs. Duncan
  8. Rev. L. Fairfield
  9. Miss H. Firth
  10. Mr. J. Fitzpatrick
  11. Mrs. M. Fitzpatrick
  12. Mrs. M. Fletcher
  13. Miss Gallagher
  14. Miss Gallagher
  15. Mr. Gettings
  16. Miss M. Twoomey
  17. Mr. J. Waldron
  18. Mrs. A. Wells
  19. Mrs. E. Wilde



  1. Mrs. S. Calvert
  2. Mr. R. Campbell
  3. Mrs. Campbell
  4. Master R. Campbell
  5. Mrs. W. Denney
  6. Mrs. S. Doyle
  7. Mr. J. Graham
  8. Mr. M. Holywood
  9. Mrs. Holywood
  10. Mrs. M. Kelly
  11. Miss J. Kelly
  12. Master Kelly
  13. Mrs. M. Kerr
  14. Miss N. Mahoney
  15. Mr. P. McCarvill
  16. Mr. J. McDowell
  17. Mr. R. Mcllwrath
  18. Miss A. McLoughlin
  19. Mr. J. MeSpadden
  20. Miss S. Patterson
  21. Mr. W. Pinkerton
  22. Mrs. M. Reilly
  23. Mrs. M. Thompson
  24. Mr. A. Topping
  25. Prof. J. Weingren
  26. Mrs. Weingren



  1. Mr. J. A. Andrew
  2. Mr. J. Andrew, Junr.
  3. Mrs. E. Andrew
  4. Mrs. A. Barrett
  5. Mr. J. Boland
  6. Mr. M. Bradv
  7. Mr. P. Brennen
  8. Mr. T. Brooks
  9. Mrs. Brooks
  10. Mrs. E. Callaghan
  11. Mr. T. Callaghan
  12. Mr. J. Carey
  13. Mrs. A. Clarke
  14. Miss B. Corrigan
  15. Miss M. Cuddy
  16. Mr. M. J. Davey
  17. Miss L. De Long
  18. Mr. D. Doherty
  19. Mrs. S. Flaherty
  20. Master C. Flaherty
  21. Miss M. Flaherty
  22. Miss R. Flynn
  23. Miss B. Foody
  24. Mr. T. Callaghan
  25. Mrs. E. Callaghan
  26. Miss A. Greeley
  27. Mrs. K. Harman
  28. Master H. Harmon
  29. Mr. T. Hennigan
  30. Miss B. Hynes
  31. Mrs. M. Joyce
  32. Miss M. Joyce
  33. Miss D. A. Joyce
  34. Mrs. C. Lardner
  35. Miss C. Lardner
  36. Mr. A. Lockhart
  37. Mrs. Lockhart
  38. Mrs. M. Marsh
  39. Mr. J. McDonough
  40. Mrs. B. McGowan
  41. Miss M. McHugh
  42. Mr. J. McMahon
  43. Miss M. Miley
  44. Miss M. Millett
  45. Miss K. Mitchell
  46. Mrs. M. Monahan
  47. Miss D. Moran
  48. Miss M. Moran
  49. Miss E. Mullaney
  50. Mrs. B. Mullin
  51. Miss V. Mullin
  52. Miss A. Mulvee
  53. Mrs. B. Nee
  54. Miss M. Nee
  55. Miss W. Nee
  56. Master P. Nee
  57. Master J. Nee
  58. Master P. Nee
  59. Miss A. Nee
  60. Master M. Nee
  61. Mr. P. O’Donnell
  62. Mr. M. O’Malley
  63. Mr. P. Rooney
  64. Mrs. M. Rowney
  65. Mr. W. Ruane
  66. Miss C. Russell
  67. Mr. M. Tighe
  68. Mrs. Tighe
  69. Mr. P. Tighe
  70. Mr. R. Tully



Refund of Head Tax can be obtained provided passengers have complied with the following conditions:—

  1. Inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival that it is their intention to leave the United States within 60 days, and obtain from the Inspector “ Head Tax Refund Certificate” (Form 514).
  2. When leaving the United States to have the departure certified on Form 514 by the Purser of the vessel or by the conductor of the train upon which the departure takes place.
  3. The Immigration Authorities impose a time limit of 120 days from date of entry, after which claims for refund will not be considered. Passengers must, therefore, submit Form 514, duly completed, to the Company in sufficient time to enable the Company to make their application within this limit of time (120 days).


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